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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A] (Serramine) Serramine Waverly

by Serramine » June 22nd, 2015, 11:42 pm



Name – Serramine Waverly
Nickname – Serra
Birthplace – Gilneas


Race – Worgen
Gender – Female
Age – 27
Height – Tall
Build – Muscular
Skin Color – Tan
Hair Color – Burgundy

Physical Description:
Serra in her human form has tan skin, richly colored burgundy hair, and bright brown eyes that shine gold in certain light. A grin and a laugh are almost always ready no matter the situation. While she stands above average height and has the wide-shouldered build of a boxer, there's nothing masculine about her with the form-fitting leather armor she wears. Daggers are sheathed at each hip and she walks with the swagger of someone not afraid to use them. In worgen form, she is even taller, dark-furred, and more likely to grin, though the sight trends to be a tad more threatening that way.


Personality – avaricious; flirtatious; manipulative
Strengths – quick-thinking; intelligent
Weaknesses – self-serving; untrustworthy

Family – none known
Friends – Jaume Fynne
Contacts – none known
Enemies – various goblin cartels; the Bloodsail

Get rich but don't die trying.

As she tells it, after the curse befell Gilneas and the secluded kingdom opened up, Serra wasted no time getting the hell out of there and exploring the world. She fell in with a privateer fleet and succeeded in rising in the ranks swiftly to command a ship of her own. However, recently, while at the open sea, the ship was attacked and destroyed by a kraken. Serra was the only survivor. Rather than return to the fleet, she has decided to find a new crew with which to sail for adventure and wealth.

In reality, while she was on a crew, it was Bloodsail, she wasn't the captain, and the ship didn't go down to a kraken – it went down due to a fire, springing from a mutiny in large part instigated by Serra herself. Due to fear that there were other survivors who might spread the true tale, she has avoided the Bloodsail since.


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