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Professional Photography and Magical Artifact Appraisal

Postby Delenay » October 14th, 2015, 2:55 pm

Arcane Images

Offering Professional Photographs and now, with new technological advances, the appraisal of any magical artifact!

Arcane Images is available to fulfill most any requests. Want a photo of Storm Peaks for your wall? A small picture of your loved one for a wallet?
Photos are available in multiple sizes and cuts allowing them to fit in most any sized frame.
From large photos up to 20 x 20 inches to small personalized cuts for items like lockets or wallets.
Prices are rarely more then 20g a photo. (Dependent on size, cut, location request)

**New** Magical Artifacts Appraisals **New**
Appraisals can accurately detect the type of magic on any item photographed.
While any enchanted item shows its magical property very distinctly, some items do not. Some magical auras are invisible to normal sight.
Costs for appraisal is the cost for ONE 5 x5 photo and ten minutes of your time.
Bring that old sword on the mantel piece down to Arcane Images to get it appraised today!
(Even works on ghosts or haunted locations)

((With the current Silver Sickness rp arc, I finally got around making a new flier for some of the things Delenay has been working on. It's timing could be seen as very coincidental but shes just been putting it off >.> If you would like to see some of the photos Del has taken ICLY each screenshot goes to her twitter https://twitter.com/A_Delenay. Think of it as asking to see her portfolio most of her photos.))

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