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[A] The Blue Recluse Agency is Hiring and Looking for Work!

Postby David » July 21st, 2015, 2:48 pm

(IC recruitment is posted below)

The Blue Recluse Agency is a RP guild on the Twisting Nether-Ravenholdt server of a nontraditional sense. You don’t have to be a RPer to join or find yourself a home here! As long as you’re willing to put up with good company, good gold, and good times, anyone is welcome to join!

The biggest thing is even if you’re NOT looking to join, the Blue Recluse Agency is there for you as well! We can and will take on any job you require (for a price) from helping fill those last couple raid spots, carrying you through Arenas so you can hit your cap for the week, gathering those profession materials you just don’t have the time to get or camp the auction house yourself, to even helping out with RP events so that you don’t have to spend your entire time at the event catering to the little details and can still enjoy yourself!

If you’re looking to hire the Blue Recluse Agency for absolutely anything, contact Davíd-Twistingnether or David-Twistingnether (no worries I own both names if you can’t find the alt character) to dicate what type of job you want done!

Once we’ve reached an agreement, the job will be listed to our Available Jobs board to be undertaken by one of our members. And, luckily for you, payment is not required in full until the job is completed!


Stormwind, capital of the Alliance and home to most of the human civilization, is a bustling center of enterprise where even the greenest of travelers can uncover adventure. From energetic Trade District, where everyone seeks their fortune, to the reticent Old Town, work can be found anywhere. However, in the festive Mage District, where magic users from all over the world come to train, hone their skills, and (hopefully) not get blown up in the process, sits a quiet tavern at the base of a grand tower. Here at the Blue Recluse, mages and adventurers alike come to escape the frenzy of the Alliance hold so that they can study in peace or swap stories over a pint of ale. Quieter than usual as of late, a lone rogue comes to find a home within where he enjoys the abundant stores of alcohol and food provided by the proprietors.

However, all is not well as the rogue stares incredulously at the parchment handed to him by the bartender, Joachim Brenlow. Plainly written upon it is the tab he’d managed to run up over several years to the tune of over three hundred thousand gold.

Coughing and sputtering, David looks at the tab as he chokes on the ale that was just brought to him as well, “How the bloody hell did I manage to run up THIS MUCH?!?!”

With an embittered sigh, Brenlow begins to tick off on his fingers, “You come here and drink almost every night, you hold most of your business dealings here, you’re constantly telling me to put other people’s drinks and food on YOUR tab, and let’s not forget the numerous parties you’ve thrown here. With all that added onto the fact that you haven’t once paid your tab in seven years adds up to a whole lotta gold.”

David continued to stare at the paper; sweat beading on his forehead as he realized the tab would cost him nearly everything he owned. Trying to compose himself… and buy time so he could make a run for the door, he looked up at the bartender with an indefinable smile, “How about a deal? I spend enough time here that I pretty much live here. What I’ll do is take over the day to day costs of running this place and we’ll run it as partners from now on? In addition, I’ll start running an Agency out of here. It’ll bring in more customers and, because we’ll be running off the Blue Recluse’s premises, you’d get a cut of the profit as well. Sound good?”

Joachim, with the bedraggled look of a defeated man just shook his head as he walked away muttering to himself, “Well at least this way I’ll get some of the gold you owe me.”

The next day, hung on message boards through-out the capital and on the doorframe of the bar, a handwritten note is nailed in the center.


The newly formed Blue Recluse Agency is now looking to hire anyone looking for work. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how horribly incompetent you are, we can find work for you!


The Blue Recluse Agency is now taking on jobs as well! Need someone to escort you through a terrifying dungeon? How about bartenders for your next event? Feeling too lazy to go out into the world an collect the resources needed to hone your trade?

Whether its Bounties, Escorts, Mercenary needs, Basic Services, or Even Professional needs, no job is too small or too great for us to take on!

For Business Inquiries, Please send all mail via Post to Davíd or come see us personally in the Blue Recluse conveniently located at the base of the Portal Tower in the Mage District of Stormwind!

Visit us at bluerecluseagency.gamerlaunch.com for more information!

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Re: [A] The Blue Recluse Agency is Hiring and Looking for Wo

Postby Katelle » July 21st, 2015, 6:26 pm

(( I like the way you've got things set up, David! Sadly my free time will be cut short very drastically so I cannot plug a character in, but I definitely look forward to seeing where this Blue Recluse Agency goes. ;D ))

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A The Blue Recluse Agency is Hiring and Looking for Work

Postby BarryNot » July 12th, 2019, 7:45 am

it is removed

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