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The Obsidian Elves

Postby Roziell » February 8th, 2015, 12:43 pm

Micarraen and Laelarra waited behind the barricaded doors of Micarraen’s bedroom, listening to the shouting of soldiers as they await their final battle. Micarraen arms her staff and casts spell after a spell at the door, repairing the damage magically that the men on the other side caused, until her magic began to weaken. She stared at the staff with confusion and fear. “The Queen has forsaken me.” She whispered to herself but, loud enough for Laelarra to hear.

“Sister?” Laelarra asked attempting to cast magic in Micarraen’s stead but, to no success, for her magic no longer existed as well. The two sisters looked upon each other in horror as the doorway was pounded again and again until it finally gave way.

Elves, and orcs with them, stood in the archway slowly pouring in. A quiver shook the house as a mighty roar echoed in the hall. The two elven sisters, as well as their attackers, looked around as another quake shook the room and dust and debris fell from the ceiling. “What was that?” Laelarra asked but, before an answer was given a hole cracked loose on the opposite wall from the bedroom door and the ceiling gave way crushing the attackers.

“Run!” Micarraen yelled grabbing Laelarra and sprinting down the newly created tunnel.

The cave they found themselves in was cold and new. Neither had been down this route before nor, have they even heard tales of this cavern system. Hunger began to set in as well as fatigue. “Where are we?” asked Laelarra looking around at the cave walls that have slowly gone from loose stone to well crafted mine shafts.

“I don’t know, sister,” responded Micarraen. “I hear something ahead, though.”

Laelarra looked in the direction Micarraen pointed towards and shifted her ears to hone in the sounds. “It sounds like mine workers,” she claimed, more to herself than to Micarraen.

“Let’s hope their master’s are weak.” Micarraen armed her staff, if only out of habit, and marched with more enthusiasm than either of them have shown in the last few days.

When Micarraen walked around the corner she saw a multitude of Dwarves, digging in the mine they have crafted, as well as laughing and joking with one another. Supervisors gave commands with warm requests, something the two elven sisters were not familiar with.

“Dwarves?” Micarraen asked out loud, apparently loud enough for the Dwarves to hear. Micarraen stood confused, looking at the underbelly mine system of Iron Forge. The Dwarves became startled seeing the Elf standing in the open shaft of the mine alone.

“Blood Elf!” One shouted as the multitude of Dwarves grabbed their shovels and pick axes, slowly walking towards Micarraen with both anger and fear.

“What the hell is a Blood Elf?” asked Laelarra, now just catching up to her older sister, showing herself around the corner of the mine. “Dwarves?” she asked and then noticed them getting closer and closer. “Dwarves!” She shouted as the Dwarves tackled both of them to the ground, capturing them both and rendering them unconscious.

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The Obsidian Elves

Postby BarryNot » July 13th, 2019, 10:30 am

It you have correctly told :)


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