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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
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Thomas Jarington

Alas, Gilneas! - A paced, leveling adventure

by Thomas Jarington » April 8th, 2014, 11:25 am

((Still digging for the original post in my documents box))

Pacer tonight! 10-12pm Server time.

Jake will be there, FINALLY. Hope to see everyone.
Thomas Jarington & Co.

Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! - A paced, leveling adventure

by Thomas Jarington » April 8th, 2014, 1:12 pm

Alas, Gilneas!

Server: Ravenholdt
Day: Tuesday
Time: 10pm-12am Server Time
Race: Worgen only
Class: Any available to Worgen at Level 1 (i.e., no Death Knights)
Current Level Range: 15 - Darkshore
Event Leader: Jacob Wakefield (Jarington/Hulkababy)
Pacer Discussion Thread:
OOC Chat Channel: /gpacer

Character Journals:

"The Waning Moon" by Jacob Wakefield
"Change in Perspective" by Abacus Oakland"
"Something Quick and Devilish" - Flis Mallory's Diary
"Chicken-Scratch" by Claire Lynn Desmond
"The Magpie's Nest-The Journal of Magdalina Crofter"

Current Roster: (wow character name)

Jacob Wakefield (wakefield)
Claire Lynn Desmond (Clairelynn)
Abacus Oakland(Oakland)
Magdalina "Magpie" Crofter ( magdalina )
Percy Bellsworth (Bellsworth)
Phyllis "Flis" Mallory (Flis)
Stanton Davington (Davington)
Ambrose Carson (Kharos)
Gerald Thomas Rhemmington (Rhemmington)
Decklyn Jesperson (jesperson)



Alas, Gilneas!:

TUESDAY, February 4th: 10pm - 12AM REALM TIME

EPISODE: Sink or Swim


PACER LEVEL IS: FIFTEEN (15) We've done about all we can do in the village and now must make a decision in regards to where we go next. I like how things just sort of happen and since it IS about RP,
that is perfect. I will also begin investigating quest lines that work with our story. Not much for Worgen, of course, but we can find something.

Perhaps the discovery of a Forsaken trying to plague Darkshore? Or at least learn new methods of plague might inspire us.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!


Previously, on Alas, Gilneas!...

Farewell and Adieu!"

After given a one night's rest in a small house along the docks, the furry five prepared to depart their beloved land for unknown lands controlled by the mysterious Night Elves. But surprises were in
store for the group, for as Jake and Lynnie made their way into the house, they discovered Abacus Oakland had changed into his human form.

Being ever the thoughtful one, Lynnie poked the man with her flower-covered staff - filling the lordling with Light and jolting him awake. Stunned, staggered and dazed from his battle the previous day
aboard the blimp, Abacus decided he, too, wanted to depart Gilneas.

So, it was with heavy heart and a bit of sadness that the group set sail for Darnassus - leaving the only home they had ever known behind them, on the horizon.

None of the five knew how long the journey took, some said moments, others said weeks. Unfortunately, the accounting was near impossible, as the pack remained below decks, suffering from severe
seasickness. However, land did arrive, as did a dock and in short order, the group was deposited upon the shores of the giant tree with the rest of the refugees and left with orders to find a "Howling
Oak" by the royal alchemist Aranas.

"Take the portal to the city of Darnassus..." Aranas said, leaving some to ask what exactly a portal was. Percy seemed fairly confident he knew and strode toward the glowing root ball at the top of the
hill. "I'm not familiar with this sort of magic," he said. "But it looks like a portal to me."

Oakland nodded and followed Percy, stumbling from lack of gaining his land legs after the horrific journey across the ocean. "A howling oak you say?" Jake asked Aranas. The man nodded, not adding
anything else. Looking at Lynnie who seemed shocked at the thought of a magical portal, he added, "I wonder what made it angry?"

At that moment, Abacus and Percy disappeared into the glowing mists. "They Disapeared!" Lynnie exclaimed, eyes filled with shock and horror. "So I noticed," Jake replied, cocking his head at the curious
occurrence. "Not sure I want t' jus' disappear," Lynnie said, sniffing the air. Smiling, Jake extended his paw toward hers. "I will go with you. We can disappear together and see what happens."

"Is it magic like th' flowers?" she asked, looking at Jake. "Perhaps," he replied, turning his gaze toward the portal they now faced. "Perhaps not." Lynnie took his paw. "You;re a witch, right? Nothin'
will happen t' a witch..."

"Perhaps we shall turn into a tree," Jake added, taking Lynnie's paw. "You're not very comfortin," she said, smirking at Jake's toothy grin.

"Shall we?"he said, tugging her paw as he lead them through the portal. "I wonder what it would be like to be a tree?"


The world they appeared in was filled with delights that none had ever witnessed. Elves rode giant cats, the sky was purple and little balls of light floated around, ringing like bells. Trees in the
shape of animals and water that sparkled so much, it rose from the surface like mist.

"This is like a garden of some richie," Lynnie said, her eyes taking it all in. "Though I bet not even th' richies could make a place this pretty!" Jake changed into a cat and jumped into the water, but
only after dashing from bridge rail to bridge rail, staring into the water and chattering with excitement.

"I wonder where I can get one of those," Abacus said, nodding toward an elf-mounted cat. "Would they ride like a stead?"

"I don't know what this place is," Percy said. "But I feel... strong here. Very... relaxed." Abacus stopped, his eyes staring wide at a person with horns and a tail. Barely audible, Percy hissed under
his breath. After she passed, Oakland whispered to the group. "That was no elf."

"Maybe a deformed Elf," Lynnie added, watching the woman depart. "They shouldn't," Percy whispered. "But here? Where ARE we?" None seemed to hear his discussion, as Abacus quickly turned his attention to
another great cat.

The pack wandered the lanes and trails of the city of Darnassus, inspecting it's corners, marveling at it's citizens and lack of beggars lining the streets. In the end, the found the Howling Oak and
discovered, to their relief, that Magpie was up and well - having been taken ahead for healing from severe seasickness.

"So this is where th' Gilneans are?" Lynnie said as the pack approached the Howling Oak. "It's not run down at all.."

"Hello everybody!" a young voice cried. It was Magpie and she dashed from beneath the oak to stand in front of her friends. "I'm better!"

After brief reintroductions, the group visited with various refugees and citizens under the Oak before finally making their way to King Genn. Suddenly, the Lord and Lady of Darnassus entered the oak and
spoke a few words to Genn, most notable was the 'request' that the Gilnean's help the Elves with their war as a way to pay back the debt of rescue.

Eager to agree, King Genn volunteered the furry five to fly to the mainland and take up arms in order to help the Elven plight - all without consulting the pack. This, of course, led to some serious
discussion and, after the rulers of Darnassus departed, the pack found a solitary pool in which to reflect and decide upon their future.

"It appears we have escaped," Jake said, leaning back on his arms on the gentle slope beside a sparkling pool. "It is rather nice not to be running or fighting." Magpie galumphed through the water, while
the others joined Jake on the grassy slope.

"Cept now we're s'posed t' help th' elves," Lynnie said, earning a nod from Percy. "Not sure why th' King wants us t' do it."

"He feels we owe them for helping us," Abacus added, staring into the water. "I'd say we're even."

"He could have volunteered someone else,"Lynnie said as Magpie twittled patterns in the grass. "If we don't do what th' King says, do we still get t' stay here?"

"But the King ordered it," Oakland said, forwning. "Making it high on my priorities." Magpie shot Jake an expectant look. "The Priestess mentioned an owed debt," Jake said as Percy twirled his hat in his
hand, clearly deep in thought. "For what?" Abacus added. "Houseing our refugees?"

"I think helping us fight off the Horde," Jake said as Lynnie shrugged, staring down at her flower-laden staff. "And providing safe passage from Gilneas."

"Does that mean we get t' be ordered 'round," Lynnie whispered, still inspecting her staff. "As long as we stay here?"

"They did us a favor," Percy said, finally joining the conversation. "The King offered to repay it. The Elves obviously have their own battles to fight." Oakland sat down, facing the group as Magpie
whispered into Lynnies ear -earning a nod. "In times of war... well, sometimes courtesy has to go beyond a token offer of thanks."

"The King offered -us- t' repay th' debt," Lynnie said. ""Like a sacrifice," Magpie added and Lynnie nodded. "Yes," Jake said. "Because we were the ones that made it happen. If not for us, friends,
Gilneas and all of it's people would have fallen to the Forsaken." Jake nodded. "That is the way I see it."

"Which means we've earned a rest," Oakland said. "Does it?" Jake replied. Abacus sighed. "I want it to, at least."

"Like we're heroes," Lynnie said, giving Jake a skeptical look. "But Gilneas DID fall," Magpie said. "Or, or else we'd still be there." Jake turned his gaze upon the Magpie. "Our people escaped," he
said, pointing a finger at Magpie. "Because of you. All of us saved them."

"I don't want t' get hurt jus' cause someone richie thinks we should be out helpin'," Lynnie said, earning a look from the entire group. "I think that is what needs deciding," Jake said. "What do we do

"I mean...," Lynnie said, continuing her thoughts. "If it's easy n' it gave us food...I'd do it." Jake nodded with a smile. "Do it for Liam," Magpie said. "So he didn't die for nuthin." Percy snickered
to himself. "Yea," he muttered. "That's gonna work.

"Look," Percy said. "The way I see it...The Elves wouldn't have asked for help if they weren't hard-pressed enough as it is. So... we don't really have a guarantee that this place will stay the safe
haven it is forever, or even for long." Everyone nodded. "I s'pose...," Lynnie said, frowning.

"We've done a lot of things since we met in Duskhaven," Percy said, his voice growing stronger - capturing everyone's attention. "Some of it because we had to. But there were points when we could have
melted away and hidden in the countryside."

"We didn't because we knew that was wishful thinking, I think. That's why we took back Gilneas City, is it not? We didn't have to fight that battle. And even though it did not work out in the end, it
opened us the way to escaping Gilneas."

Percy paused, his eyes turning out toward the water. "I think if we had not taken the city, we might be dead now."

"Or worse," Jake muttered. "The Plague," Percy said. "Indeed."

So..." Percy said. "How long before we look back to this day and think, "if we had gone out, we would be alive now?" He shook his head. "I thought the world had ended outside the Walls. I see now that it
has changed, but there is... amazing beauty in it still. I want to stop, I want to write it down."

" want this place to outlive anything I can write about it."

"Then stop," Abacus said. "I plan to rest before running off again." Jake shook his head. "No. We cannot stop," he said. "The winds have placed us here, at this time and in this place for a reason."

""I don't want t' go back t' th' streets," Lynnie whispered, sighing softly. "Not after all this." She plucked at one of the flowers. "Not a street rat anymore." Jake patted her shoulder. "No, not a
street rat," he said, smiling. "A wolf hero."

Lynnie laughed, but not in derision. "A wolf hero," she said, grinning. Jake nodded, then looked at the rest of the group. ""Yes, but the fires of war rage. We have earned a respite. But only to catch
our breath." He turned to Oakland.

"Abacus," Jake said. "What are your thoughts?"

"Rest and resupply," he stated. "Before we do anything." Jake nodded. "I agree," Percy said."Does that mean get food?" Lynnie said, her ears perking up at the thought. "Resupply means preparation," Jake
replied, smiling. "I'm starving," Magpie said, rubbing her belly.

"I also want to learn more about this place," Percy said. "Where we are, and where we're going.We don't have to react to everything now. We can do things our way."

"Yea, WE are Gilneas, now!" Magpie said, eyes glowing with excitement. A sly smirk spread across Percy's face as he listened to Magpie. "We are the kingdom!They can't tell us what to do."

Lynnie nodded slowly, looking around around to the small group. "Yeah...We'll do it our way."

"Best get to finding a Blacksmith, then," Oakland said, standing and stretching. Lynnie grinned. "I need t' find more flowers!" she exclaimed, standing as well. "AFTER we eat."

Jacob Wakefield nodded, turning his gaze upon Percy. "Well," he said. "It appears we have an agreement." Percy nodded, remaining silent. Jacob stood. "Last of the Gilneans," he said. "Here's to doing it
OUR way!"

Lynnie smiled, nodding. ""Yeah" she said. "But food first!"


Thus ends the first season of Alas, Gilneas! From the cast and crew of the series, we thank you for reading and hope you stay tuned for next week's Season Two premier of...

Alas, Gilneas!


For King and Country!"

After a decent night's rest under one of the crumbling stables outside their beloved and beleaguered city, the pack of ragged and weary worgen prepared for the citizen assault upon the entrenched forces
of the Forsaken. Led by the great Prince Liam, the militia formed rank upon the bridge and listened to his brilliant call to arms.

Therefore, motivated and inspired, the army rushed the Forsaken behind the mounted Prince of Gilneas.

All attempts to stay together were crushed as the madness of battle overtook the pack. Swords and claw alike tore through the Forsaken forces like they were mere zombies without much will to fight. The
Trade district was cleared and soon, the group came face to face with the walking constructs the Forsaken threw into the fray.

However, Crowley's canon were wheeled up from the cellar and in moments, the monstrosities were blown into bits of rotting flesh and goo. With the Miltary district taken, Liam pushed the pack toward the
Cathedral district, where they cam face to face with King Genn, who was fighting with the Forsaken commander herself: Sylvannas.

With certain victory apparently at hand, the heroes threw their weight against the Commander - using every method at their disposal to dispatch the Forsaken's wicked witch and send her back to the grave
for good. Then suddenly, she cried for all to halt. Thunder cracked and bones froze in place - leaving every man and woman of the militia helpless. Where victory had once appeared complete, now despair
reigned supreme:

Prince Liam fell to the Queen's poisoned arrow.

Wthdrawing with a chuckle, Sylvannas left the King to wail in misery at his fallen son - all while the pack joined him in his loss. Hope had become hopelessness and all felt that they had indeed, lost
the day.

Lord Crowley had other plans. Ever the hero, he and his daughter Lorna sent the group on a spying mission into the cathedral where their very lives had originally been changed. They learned of the
plague, of the Horde and how Orcs under Garrosh Hellscream had ordered Sylvannas to attack the city; as well as her plans to disregard any orders and force the city to fall to the plague.

Armed with the horrifying news, the pack raced back to their king to report their findings. For the trouble, they were handed bombs and the reigns to a giant flying bat from which they would blown the
Forsaken forces to pieces from the air, thus allowing the remaining refugees to escape the city to the distant docks.


After blowing the corpses and their machines of war into tiny pieces, the pack winged their way back to Genn to learn if, indeed, the assault had worked well enough for the refugees to escape from the
fallen city of Gilneas. It had; at least enough to cause the Forsaken to regroup and the pack to slip through rat infested tunnels toward a new hazard:

A graveyard filled with the restless spirits of Gilneas. In other words, more undead. To appease said spirits, the pack gathered lucky charms to present to a special tomb atop the hill - one soon to be
dedicated to the fallen Prince Liam. A solemn occasion it was, yet the group couldn't gather to mourn. They had to move on to the docks, where freedom from the frightful Forsaken awaited.

With the docks came more Night Elves, as well as a ship to safety. Yet, once again, they would be required to do some work to be rescued. So, while other refugees gathered along the docks, the pack
saddled up in machines called glaive throwers and rolled into battle against a different threat: The Horde and Hellscream's Worg-mounted Orc Battalions.

Having never fought Orcs before, the group never the less laid into them - scattering the creatures and chopping them into bits with massive bladed saw blades, flung through the air by the throwers.
Surprisingly missing the giant walking (and fighting) tree creatures, the pack finished their battle and rolled onto the docks in victory.

Yet, much to their dismay, it was STILL not enough. One more threat existed: a giant airship and Lorna wanted the group's assistance in bringing the ship to the ground. Mounted on griffons, the pack flew
toward the ship - leaping from the creature's back just as it hovered over the ship.

Another battle against previously unseen Orcs raged in the sky, led by Lorna and her special forces. Orcs easily fell to blade and claw - even the giant monster Orc the ship's commander summoned to toss
the boarding party into the sky. Once dispatched, Lorn placed a bomb and screamed for the group to mount the griffons and flee before the explosion.

As the ship crashed to the ground in a blaze of fire-filled glory, the pack had little time to celebrate their luck and life - Oakland was missing and had not returned with the assault team.

Magpie ran around the docks, screaming for the lordling - asking anyone if they had seen the wolfman. None had and the group prepared for the worst: Oakland had not survived.

Though the clouds were dark and filled with rain, a bit of light shone through in the form of a yell from Percy: Oakland had been found.

And he was alive.

Now, the group sits on the dock, waiting to board the Elven ship and leave the only land they've ever known. Surviving the plague, the walking dead of the Forsaken, as well as the loss of their young
Prince, the group is at their wits end. What will happen on the high seas, a place none had ever ventured? How will the Elves welcome them? How will the rest of the world receive them and just how many
forces are arrayed against the last peoples of Gilneas?

Stay tuned, as these questions and more will be answered on next week's episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!


"It Takes a Village."

The pack made their way from the comfort of the tree and headed back to Stormglen to see what new task their good friend Gwen had in store for them: a journey to find King Genn. This time, instead of
running, they got to ride horses and soon found themselves galloping up the hill and through the woods, though it wasn't grandma they found - it was the Royal Alchemist.

And he had dire news - King Genn had been kidnapped by the dastardly Lord Godfrey and his goons.

And he had a task: assassinate the kidnappers and free their king. WELL, this set the pack to howling - some in anger, others in horror. Oakland and Stanton charged across the bridge to do what needed
done, while Magpie and Lynnie considered it richie business and felt no need to kill anyone. Wakefield was caught in the middle.

The decision was made for them when Jacob was attacked while trying to discuss the situation with said lordies. Once slain and bodies disposed of with a toss form the cliff, the three joined the other
two (who had done as requested) and they rescued their King.

Genn had another task for them and in short order, the pack was racing once again on horseback - this time to the mines just outside the city. Mines filled with Forsaken and their prisoners. The refugees
were rallying to battle, yet before they could join the fight, meat was needed to feed the freedom fighters. Also, their family members needed rescue from slave labour inside the mines.

The pack, much stronger than the last time they faced the walking dead, dispatched the corpses quite easily - even the large creation called the slavemaster. Once completed, the heroes returned to the
camp where all should have been grins. They were going to retake their city.

Yet, trouble had been brewing within the ranks and once Percy arrived, the Magpie had a meltdown. Being the youngest in the group, the pressures of responsibility had taken it's toll and in moments, she
had disappeared to a solitary rock overlooking the ocean.

The pack, concerned about their youngest member, went to console the little wolf who was in the midst of a mental breakdown (or tantrum, depending upon one's perspective). Jacob used his bear form to
lighten the mood, yet failed, only managing to make the others laugh - which made matters worse.

In the end, the little Magpie calmed down and decided she DID have a family (however wacky as it might be, according to Lynnie) and the night ended with a swim for some in the swirling waters below.

Will the group decide to join the fight for Gilneas? Will they actually survive and run the Forsaken from their beloved city? Might they learn if life exists beyond the wall? Can Oakland uncover the
method to finally regaining his Human form?

Stay tuned, as these questions and more will be answered on next week's episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!


“It’s Never Sunny in Gilneas.”

The day started slow enough with the rag-tag team of ‘Street Wolves’ waking from what could be the most restful night they’ve had in a while. While some might say otherwise (namely Oakland’s fitful
nightmares and Lynnie’s personal agenda) the group as a whole enjoyed the brief reprieve from the constant advances from the Forsaken.

However, before setting out to see exactly what Gwen had been on about as of late, Magdalina, Claire Lynn, Oakland, Stanton and Percy chatted the morning away over leftover Spice-Bread.

The rising shoreline had swept Stanton away before he managed to get out of Duskhaven, though according to his tale, he managed to make his way through the waters and catch the last caravan just as it
saddled up to depart. The group was glad he made it and brought him up to speed on the state of the pack.

Like the rest of them, Stanton was struck with surprise upon hearing of Wakefield’s escapades as a Bear, then as a Great Cat who nearly tripped up the group as they fled from a large Mountain Ettin two
days prior. The topic of ‘men turning into animals’ struck a sensitive cord in Magdalina, clearly upsetting the young girl. Still, after a few jokes at Oakland’s expense (as well as a few more few bites
of slightly stale Spice-Bread), the Pack gathered to deal with the growing problem: exceptionally large spiders occupying one end of town looking to make a feast of the local refugees.

“What about Mr. Wakefield?” Magdalina asked as the group headed out to deal with the mastiff sized arachnids. “He’s off in the woods, I bet. Talking to goats or something…”

“Probably talkin’ t’ a tree.” Claire Lynn chimed in with a laugh, followed by giggles from Magdalina.
Oakland confirmed the harvest witch was off doing some soul-searching concerning his recent discoveries of the forgotten side of his Order. With those issues now settled (and with some direction from
Oakland), the Pack managed to kill off several of the creatures and secure a few journal pages for Lorna Crowley as well, even meeting up with Flis on their return, much to Magdalina’s excitement.

With that out of the way, the group was tasked again with ending the spidery threat, their target now being the massive brood-mother. The brood-mother gave quite the struggle, even going so far as to
play dead in hopes to catch someone off-guard, though the constant beatings from staff, sword, claw, mace and dagger saw to her permanent demise.

With adrenaline on their heels, visiting a dark and ominous mill in the woods seemed trifling by comparison. Though the Pack soon discovered that what awaited was something none of them were really ready

A Night Elf.

A female night Elf who stared awkwardly in silence at the Pack of Worgen, who in turn stared back in much the same manner. That is until Oakland and Magdalina finally decided to approach, thus creating a
tidal wave of questions from from the inquisitive wolf people. Though, none had the nerve to state the obvious: "My, what big ears you have."

The Night Elf's statement that they were being followed by a Forsaken Assassin stopped their ramblings. A hasty plan to ambush the thing led to a swift death for the would-be Assassin, though her 'not
quite Undead appearance' had Magdalina hyperventilating that they had just killed someone like them: "a refugee or just someone who wasn’t dead to begin with!"

Oakland’s usual penchant for saying the right thing fell short this time and only the epically poetic efforts of Percy, after Claire’s prodding, helped ease Magpie's fears.

The Elf’s mentioning of other Worgen like themselves helped to lift the collective spirit of the Pack, and the mention of finding a way to deal with their Worgen form helped to hasten their journey to a
magic tree named, Tal’Doren, where an ancient race of Druids had once held sway.

Half the Pack charged directly to the tree while the rest took their time, easing the trembling Magdalina into the massive hollowed tree trunk. Inside, they found former criminal (now released by said
pack) Crowley, Lorna’s father, along with several dozen in-control Gilnean Worgen awaited their arrival.

Somehow, the Night Elf who had sent them to the tree beat the pack there - ready to issue more orders: Gather magical flowers. And, along the way, clear out some of the roaming Banshees that once
fascinated Percy. Soon, the tasks were completed their round of killing Ghosts and hurriedly scraping together the precious ‘Moon Leaf’ required by the Elves.

Yet, another task awaited them: Oakland and Magdalina went to return the goods while the rest waited in silence just out of sight of a large force of Forsaken Dark Rangers. The Rangers had found the
location of “The Scythe of Elune” and the Pack was tasked with calling in reinforcements to distract them while they retrieved it.

Once Oakland and Magdalina regrouped with the rest, horns blared, fang and claw clashed with steel and leather, and the Scythe was spirited away under the confusion, though the flight wasn’t without
danger. A sizable amount caught on and assaulted Stanton as he carried the artifact from the door. The man suffered several cuts, though thanks to the efforts of his Pack mates, he made it out in time to
avoid the onslaught of the entire force.

Safely back at Tal’Doren, the Pack watched with bated breath as the Elves prepared the ritual that promised them a return to their Human form. If Worgen had tails, there would be uproar of wags. One by
one, each member of the Pack drank from the sacred stone bowls - each receiving a blessing from the Elves.

As each finished, moments passed where nothing happened. Sure enough, however, each wolf doubled over in varying degrees of pain as their bodies cracked, shifted and morphed until fur was gone - claw had
retracted and fangs shrunk away. After the excruciating moment had passed, each looked to one another in shock - slow relief creeping along their faces as they examined themselves.

A sense of hope and happiness welled up as they had finally put to rest that fear of reverting back to a Feral crazy.

Except for Oakland.

Oakland stared longingly at the others who changed so rapidly. He pleaded with himself to change back, voice growing more frustrated with each passing second. Others offered advice to no avail; his
urgings refused to work. Anger sent him to confront the Elves,demanding why the ritual didn’t work.

Magpie, being the helpful helper, putherself between him and the Elf, while the others became aware of their leader's actions. Attempts to soothe the Lordling were met with claws and growls, some more
painful than others (Percy being met by three claws embedding into his forearm, for example). Oakland's actions set the group into argument over what should or shouldn’t be done.

Finally, Oakland sank to the ground in resignation and even a wack from Stanton's staff failed to rouse the desolate Abacus.

Frustrated and fed up, the group split. Lynnie wandered into the woods, while the rest went to distant corners of the hollow tree to rest, or just calm down. Oakland, finally aware, attempted to leave as
well, though his path was stopped by a strong grip on the arm from Crowley. Trying to shake off the grip, Oakland's small pack split its contents to the ground. With a sigh Crowley let the young Worgen
go and glanced down at the spilled ink, broken quill and open Journal left on the grass.

Will the splintered pack survive yet another drastic change? Can Oakland replace his spilled ink? Will Percy be lost to the wail of the Banshees? And where in Azeroth is Jacob Wakefield or will Lynnie
discover what bears really DO in the woods into which she has wandered?

Stayed tuned, as all of these questions and more will be answered in next weeks episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!


Previously, on Alas, Gilneas!...
"Rest and Relaxation!"

The non stop rain kept most of the pack snug in their beds, dreaming of better days, better meals and what the new day might bring. Wakefield and Oakland found themselves inside the pub, breaking bread
and discussing Jake's new found shapeshifting abilities that came with a Harvest Witch being a Wolf.

""I can be an entire menagerie it seems!" Wakfield exclaimed. "Or play jokes," the more serious Oakland added. "I wonder if there is anything else?"

The pair finally ventured into the dreary rain, standing along the village's defenses and gazing into the dark, mysterious forest. "Have you had any insights?" Jake asked, noting the noble's silence.
""Life outside of high comfort. As ... bad as that sounds."

As Oakland tossed rocks at the trees, discussing what the villagers might think of them being wolves, Bellsworth loped out of the pub and joined the pair, thus creating a trio - therefore, a pack.

"Ah! Percy!" Jake said. "If ever there was a man... or wolf made for a dreary moment like now, it is our poet. Regale us with poetry. Lighten this dreary rainy day with your brilliance!"

Oakland turned, rolling one shoulders, "Evening Percy."

After hellos to the pair, Percy turned toward Jake and added, "Listen, I think you have the wrong idea about my poetry. I'm not really an improviser."

Discussions ensued around Jake being a dancing, flower-sprouting bear at a circus, as well as the proper name of the town they had found themselves resting. After inquiring inside the inn, it was
discovered that they were in Stormglen Village.

Percy, being the ever inquisitive sort, convinced the pack to hunt for the ghosts they had seen on their flight to Stormglen; though Oakland had reservations which soon would be come relevant.

After a slow jaunt along the road and Jake prattling on about talking to squirrels, Percy found his ghosts and without so much as a second thought, he was sliding down the rocky cliff and into the woods
below. Jake followed, then called up to Oakland, "Come on, Abacus," he said. "It is easy. Completely safe."

Wakefield then decided it might be interesting to learn why the howling ghosts were there, so, using his newly learned mountain lion form, he slipped into the shadows and went in search. Sniffing proved
useful, as the wailing spirit's attention was quickly turned on the cat and in moments, purple balls of light began pelting Jake as he scampered away in pain and horror toward the hill.

"RUN!" Percy cried, scrambling up the slope with Jake the Cat, lolling tongue and all, hot on his heels. "Run, Abacus!"

But the poor noble was frozen - sword out, flickering ears and shivering behind a tree. "Psst!" Jake said. "Abacus, Up here!"

Bellsworth looks back to the ghost, thinking. "I think they can't leave the forest, but they seem to have ignored him." Suddenly, Oakland shakes his head as if in a daze and runs for his life, clawing
his way up the hill in horror. "It's alright, Abacus," Percy said. "They can't follow you. They are attached tot he forest it seems."

To calm poor Oakland's nerves, Jake went in search of peacebloom and proceeded to introduce the young noble to the benefits of the local herbs. Soothed and pacified, as well as a bit hungry, the three
wolves gathered around a fire and discussed life, the universe and everything - or at least what MIGHT be their future.

Quite apparent that Oakland was not a fan of ghosts, spirits or anything else from that realm, the conversation turned toward the Forsaken and what THEY might be.

"Those Forsaken, as they call themselves, certainly seemed to know what THEY were," Jake said, shuddering as he finished his peacebloom - tossing the remains in the fire.

"I don't know what they are," Percy Bellsworth said. "But they certainly do. They had pride. That's not something I've ever seen in undead."

"Could you imagine?" Jake replied. "Walking around, rotting away?"

"I can imagine cleaving them in two much easier," Abacus said, staring into the fire.
"I wonder if they sleep in coffins?" Jake said, wrinkling his nose at the thought.

Oakland chuckled, "Those are vampires," he said. "It would be more accurate for them to just fall in a hole and sleep."

"They might not sleep at all, really," Percy replied, stoking the newly created fire with a stick. "How dreary," Jake said, leaning back on his hands. "Walk the land forever without sleep?"

"With the way we have been running," Oakland said. "I can relate."

As Jake brought forth possibilities of the Forsaken, such as squirrels and babies, Oakland talked about ways to see them destroyed - mainly wriggling over a fire. Percy, deep in thought, looked toward
the forest and stared.

"All we know is they're here," Percy whispered. "They want Gilneas, and they have a fleet."

"Yes," Jake replied, nodding. "Rather bleak outlook for us when you put it that way."

Percy looked to the sky, continuing his dire thoughts out loud. ""The capital city is overrun. A huge chunk of the coast fell into the sea. The dead are coming for us, and they have war machines."

"Bleak is a rather good word for us."

"Could they be what's beyond the wall?' Oakland asked thoughtfully. "What if that is all that is left of the world?" Jake added, clearly distraught. "All walking dead, everyone has turned into Scourge.
Perhaps the wall WAS a good thing."

"Much good that did us," Percy said, poking the fire with a stick - sending sparks into the drizzling night sky.

"Then it's our job to put them back into the ground," Oakland said, nodding with affirmation. Jake nodded. "So long as we live, there is hope. I shall not give up, even if a walking corpse awaits me

"We have now and that is worth having, in my opinion."

"We'll just make do with what's left" Oakland said, leaning back on his paws.

"Yes, make do and make well, I should think," Jake replied. "We have a noble, a poet and a witch. And a few street wolves, too."

"They've done well enough in the circumstances," Percy said, smirking as the fire began to die.

"We all have, I should say," Oakland stated.

As the fire faded low, the group's conversation faded with it. Yet, the group's hope remained high as Jake brought forth his wickerman charms, handing one to each of his friends. Percy Bellsworth waited
until the last, holding the figurine in the embers until it caught fire.

Oakland smiled at Percy, watching the wickerman slowly light and burn.

"I'm glad to have met both of you," Oakland said, smiling at Percy, watching the wickerman slowly light and burn
"All of you."

"Well," Jake said, standing and staring off toward the ocean. "If there was ever a time to believe we will make it out safe and alive, now is it."

"Let's do our best, gentlemen," Percy Bellsworth stated, standing and looking at each of his friends - placing a large paw on each man's shoulder.

"For us and for those that follow us."

Stay tuned for next week's episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!


Previously on Alas, Gilneas...

Having been given evacuation orders by the gallant and friendly Prince Liam, the pack awoke from a restless night’s slumber and wandered toward the town plaza - looking for other ‘friends’ who were eager
to “do their chores like good little rescue mastiffs,” as Flis put it.

Once Abacus Oakland emerged, packed and ready to go, Wakefield asked (in a most serious voice, as required by Magpie) if he “was ready to lead them to glory! Or at least to freedom.”
To which Oakland replied, "To higher ground. Though first we need to see about those tasks from Gwen."

Words of a true leader!

While Magpie and Lynnie discussed a ring that Magpie had created and why she would give it away, Flis tried to gather the group into some cohesion. “Lorna Crowley, or Grandma Wahl?” she asked, then
added, “or the Hayward gent at the Fishery?”

“The Fishery is probably the most at risk, right now,” Bellsworth poetically saud, thus prompting the group into a run toward glory...

...straight to Lorna Crowley’s horse farm.

However, rescue would come with a price, as Crowley gave terms for her evacuation: gather her horses. “Decklyn would love this!” Oakland said, grinning a toothy smile. "Richies n' their pets," Lynnie
muttered while Magpie added her take: “I don't like horses...” Wakefield asked a fox for directions while Flis, being ever eager to BE a rescue mastiff, ran off to actually perform the task.

Others followed suit as Wakefield picked flowers, leaves and other herbs found along the way. Hearing the group scream in horror at the giant chasing after the horses, Jake decided to step up and try to
talk the thing out of its actions. He earned a kick and near squashing in return.

Finally, after gentle urging from Percy, the pack DID finally venture toward the fishery, prompting Lynnie to mutter something about, “always runnin.” Here, they encountered MORE Forsaken, and this group
appeared to be sailor-types trying to capture a rickety boat the poor fishermen were protecting.

While Oakland led the charge with, “Back to the Grave,” Wakefield stopped beside Lynnie (who was complaining about always running and why she had to) and gave her a peacebloom flower. "Try this,” he said
as he handed her the flower. “Makes the world easier to bear"

“Don't see how holdin' flowers changes much,” she muttered, brandishing her flower like a sword as Jake joined the fray.

The brothers needed to make repairs and they, too, placed conditions on their evacuation: gather their supplies while they fought back the Forsaken Castaways. “Ah, the wonders to be discovered when we
get in touch with Nature,” Bellsworth said, while Oakland cried once again, “Back to the Grave!”

“I GOT THEM!!!!” Magpie said, hoisting a bundle of lumber into the air. “Good girl,” Fis replied, gathering her own batch.

As the walking dead were beaten back to the grave, the pack gave the supplies to the brothers. Eternally grateful, they rewarded the members with tokens of appreciation, best summed up by Flis, who said,
“You can tell times are hard when we get paid in clothing.”

“Let’s find this Grandma Wahl!”

So off they ran again, much to the chagrin of Lynnie, who still preferred to walk.

But things weren’t all warm and fuzzy for the pack of worgen heroes. Magpie, having had a close encounter with the Forsaken, was visibly shaken from the experience. Therefore, just below the Wahl
cottage, she crawled into some bushes to hide. No matter how hard the group urged her to go, she refused to budge.

Therefore, being the kindly witch he was, Wakefield handed Magpie a stem of peacebloom. “Try this,” he said. “It will make you feel better.”
“The witch has magic flowers!” Lynnie said, eyes wide and waving around a white flower. "I know so! See mine?"
“W-w-w-w-what do I do with -i-it?” Magpie asked, eyes darting between Jake and Lynnie. “You eat it,” Jake added. As Magpie began chewing the tiny flower, Lynnie seemed dumbfounded.

“Wait,” she said. “You eat it? I've just been wavin' it around....n' things...happen."

“FORSAKEN!” came the cry, thus sending Jake running up the hill. “Or smoke it,” he called back. “It’s even better that way!”

Stay tuned for part two of tonight's episode of...

Alas Gilneas!

<TBC with Part II>


Previously, on week two's episode of, Alas, Gilneas!

The weary band of reformed Worgen awoke to rain in Duskhaven, wandering it’s streets in search of food. Oakland worked for his, toting crates for the locals and learning his new form brought massive
strength along with the fur. Jacob Wakefield, Harvest Witch and esteemed vegetarian, tried asking a rat for directions, yet instead ate the poor creature – discovering rat tastes vile.

The group gathered in the wind and drizzle washed street to gawk at some new arrivals - fresh from Godfrey’s pen. One was a poet named Percy, who howled incessantly about the tremors. The other was a
street urchin named Magpie who, interestingly enough, had latched onto the noble Oakland as a protector.

Lynnie seemed pleased with her change from street rat to street wolf, eyeing her claws and using them to cut gouges in the village wall - muttering to herself about, “Richies, crazies, witches, and

And that is was all the dream of some fellah named Johnny.

The pack’s attention was soon gathered by another arrival, a rather youthful-looking pup named Decklyn, whom Oakland immediately knew. Seemed the lad was missing his horse and while others considered
suggesting he might have ate it, everyone held the thought to themselves.

As conversation waned and Decklyn went looking for his certainly eaten horse, the Royal Alchemist summoned them to perform an epic & heroic task: gathering more crates. Oakland, clearly delighted by the
job, motioned the gang forward to find the fabulous box of treasured salve.

But hope faded fast as the pack discovered a dead body by the crate. Stanton summed it up best when he said, “Oh no, not more dead guards...”Percy, trying to craft an appropriate poem to describe the
event, reeled from the news (though it could have been the tremor), leading Noble Oakland to ask everyone to calm down.
Calm would not avail them, for as soon as the crate was opened, ships were spotted along the coast and a swarm of walking dead attacked the pack - crying, “Gilneas will soon belong to the Forsaken!”

Killing the ‘Forsaken’ proved a difficult chore, yet the day was won and the group took their trophy salve back to the Alchemist as Stanton continued muttering about the Forsaken being dead.

This was only the beginning of horror for the young pack, for the Forsaken had arrived en masse, forcing Prince Liam (who had been sleeping atop a rock wall earlier) to call for aid to fight back the
invading dead. Wakefield, momentarily confused (or crazy, as described by Magpie and Lynnie) by the fighting, yanked who he thought to be Percy Bellsworth from the field of battle, only to discover to
his amazement, that it was one he’d never met.

Being the friendly sort, Jake invited the new worgen to join the pack and Percy’s rousing poetry led them back into action: “Oh, for what can nature do when death is no longer true...”

The fight sent them to the farmland below, where they ran into the notorious Lord Godfrey. After enduring non-stop insults centered around being eaten by the brave heroes, the group decided to follow
Godfrey’s orders and save the farms from destruction. While half the group rounded up little farm urchins, the others fought their way through the walking dead to the catapults, which were to be used to
assault the forsaken ships.

Lynnie chose, instead, to eat the corn – mortified that dead people were attacking, even if it WAS a dream.

With limited knowledge of their use, several members of the pack hopped aboard the infernal machines, even dragging Lynnie away from her corn when Wakefield cried for her to jump in.

Muttered prayers, pulled levers and in moments, the howling pack was flying through the air toward the Forsaken Ship. “Exhilarating!” Percy bellowed, landing atop the deck. “Speak for yourself,”
Demonclaw replied, extracting himself from the rigging. “You didn’t land in the sails!”

"They're all dead...but not,’ were the words from Lynnie’s mouth. “They are now,” Percy Bellsworth replied, beating a walking corpse into mush with his staff.

The battle raged on, down into the holds of the ships as the rest of the pack, newly arrived via catapult, joined the force and made short work of the surprised Forsaken crew.

“Back to Godfrey then,” Lord Oakland cried, having taken command of the group. “We need to get there quick!” Godfrey was not finished with the hated heroes, however, for he sends them against the
Forsaken Commander - this time with dogs; mastiffs, to be precise.

Upon return from killing the already dead commander, the group beseeches Lord Godfrey for answers. Instead, they are met with a deafening roar as if the entire land around them had been blown to bits.
Extracting themselves from beneath barrels and boxes, the pack raced up the stairs to discover that, yes, the world HAD been blown up (including the forsaken) and replaced by the ocean.

Wasting little time, the heroes saved what farmers and soldiers they could from the quickly rising sea and ran for the village above, pausing only to dry off in front of a roaring fire. “The tremors have
stopped,” Bellsworth said, glancing toward the sea. “Like Azeroth itself holds its breath...”

The group turned toward the poetic worgen, listening to his dire words. “Ah... such terrible, terrible things have been wrought” Percy stated. “And yet my heart sings still, as if I was finally attuned
to its needs.”

Hurrying back to town, with all sorts of notions running through their minds, the group searched for Gwen, the mayor, to learn how they could best evacuate the population against the rising tides of the
ocean. Dark thoughts mixed with glimmers of hope followed the pack to bed - all wondering what new horrors awaited them on the morn.

Will the heroes manage to get the people out before the sea swallows Duskhaven? Can Magpie acclimate to being a monster? Will the pack come to grips with the situation into which they have been flung?
Can Oakland rise to his Noble breeding and lead the group from certain disaster?

Stay tuned for these things and more on next week’s episode of:

Alas, Gilneas!

Previously, from the pilot episode of, Alas, Gilneas!

A 'random' group of Gilneans gathered in the market plaza, discussing what to do and, most important, how to get the fel out of Gilneas. Finally finding the nerve to ask Prince Liam, Flis led the group
to see if they could all escape. However, after performing a minor task (finding a warden - dead, unfortunately), the group was quickly pressed into action to fight off the wolf-people and jumped to the
defense of the city.

After beating back the attack, they soon found themselves forced deeper into the conflict and instead of escaping, they were asked to free the rebel, Darius Crawley. Here, in one of the most intense
fights of the day, the inexperienced freedom fighters rescued the man from prison, beating off never-ending swarms of worgen fel bent on making the group dinner.

Moving onward after a brief breather, the ragtag band were sent in search of Crowley's canon, hidden somewhere in the district inside a cellar. However, when locating the weapons, they were viciously
attacked by a former rebel and bitten (everyone, amazingly enough) - saved from certain death only by Lorna Crowley and her massive worgen-slaying rifle.

The odd wound from the bite did little to hold the stout-hearted band from their duty to save the city (and escape). Soon, the group found themselves rounding up massive bands of worgen to destroy with
Crowley's canon, which somehow, had manged to roll to the steps of the cathedral. While the canon destroyed hundreds of the fuzzy beasts, they still overwhelmed the small force and soon, the group was on
the dias of the cathedral saying their final prayers.

Unfortunately, the end was nigh and in moments, swarms of worgen flooded into the cathedral and the group fell into darkness....

...only to awaken in Duskwood as the very creature they had fought in Gilneas City. What will happen next? How will they deal with the horror's of being a Worgen? Can they survive in a world changed
completely from what they once knew?

Stay tuned for next weeks episode of, "Alas, Gilneas!"

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((We will start using this thread for the episode recap. The other became to cumbersome and I ran out of characters. To be used only for episode updates, so all in all, it is closed. CHeers!))

Previously on Alas, Gilneas!

"Getting to Know Your Neighbors"

Favoring the Darnassus Inn, the Pack comes together out by the side of the comfortable building. There atop a wooden ledge sits Lynnie, busy attaching more ‘magic’ flowers to her staff while Magpie makes
small talk sitting near her. Jacob and Percy are curiously absent from the small gathering as Oakland finally rouses from his cot to join the two chatting the day away. The notable absence of the
tree-talking Jacob and poem weaving Percy becomes to topic of the evening, though upon mention of alleys and streets, the conversation switches to a very confused Oakland wondering what a ‘street crew’

Fighting through Oaklands preconceived ideas of a generous Church funded street life proved to be difficult (and entertaining) for the two Gilnean girls. Just behind the group, Percy arrives from
exploring the city in time to muffle a few laughs at Oakland’s expense. Quickly mention of the various ‘crews’, their territory, habits, and warnings shattered any notion of a peaceful underbelly to
their former home.

Once known, the group gives greetings to Percy, who was quickly questioned on his whereabouts.

“I was just on the shore, I regret not spending more time near the ocean, back in Gilneas.”

“Of the Lake? Oh.” Magpie asks while Lynnie chimes in, “Did you find any food? Or fish?”

“Oh no. I went through the portal, to…Rud’erhan, I think. That port.”

Lynnie shifts along the ledge to get a better view of the city. “What’s it like?” Magdalina shudders. "Ooh, the portal...I didn't like the feeling when they carried me through there very much."

Talk of the portal led right to talk of where Jacob was, which quickly evolved into theories of how he was spending his time. Talking to trees, animals, rocks and bushes was the general consensus to
which the group nods in mutual agreement. Easily his absence was used for the group to visit the aforementioned port, as Magpie had been unconscious from sea sickness and missed her chance to see it.
With a tease from Oakland at Magpie’s fear of deep water the group walked off in the wrong direction to be quickly set right thanks to Percy.

Lynnie looks back to Oakland who had fallen behind a little from the group. “If your head hurts, I can tap it a time or two with th' magic flowers t' see if it helps.” Her look was a bit too eager for
Oakland, though another spike of pain made him reconsider. Not a second later was Lynnie wailing on his noggin with her magical, flower-coated staff, flashes of Light and small hums of energy following
each hit. “Now the whole bloody thing hurts, stop!” Oakland protests as the shenanigans quickly escalate with a playful kick to his shin from Magpie, no doubt in return for teasing her earlier.

“Alright ladies, quit picking on our good shield.” Percy comes to the rescue, adeptly setting the Pack back on track to visit the port which stunned and amazed three of the current four. “Well, at least
this takes my mind off it.” Oakland admits. Percy makes a quip which ends with the group competing in a hasty race to the portal, each Pack member shifting into their bestial forms for an advantage save
Oakland who jogged along at a steady pace.

One, two, three, four. Each member races through the portal to find the somewhat busy port of Darnassus. A quick search yielded no luck as Jacob still wasn’t anywhere to be found, though Percy certainly
found his inner prankster after scaring Oakland after jumping out of the city portal. The Pack made the rounds of the area. Magpie ran all about in awe, especially at the giant tree Teldrassil from which
they just came. They exploration leads to the discovery of an aerie (housing some of the hipogryphs), several ships (one even being from Stormwind), and finally, to Oakland’s amazement, a pair of Night
Elf fisherman.

The group watched as Oakland bought a fishing rod and immediately went down to the water’s edge. Close behind, Magpie follows with her own recent purchase. Together, the two stand as she fishes up weeds
while Oakland catches fish after fish, dropping them into a bucket. In no time each Gilnean looked to each other, and back down to the heft catch of fish.

“Who can start a fire? Don’t you jus’ put th’ fish over th’ fire t’ cook them?” Lynnie asks.

“Speaking of whome, he’s not here. I’ve been around this rock, no sign of Jacob.”

Lynnie turns to Percy, “He’s not anywhere ‘round here?”

The group falls silent for a moment as they realize their cook is missing.

“Let’s get a fire going…” Oakland speaks out.

The two Elf fishermen offered their tinderbox to help the Pack get started, as well as offer quick and easy instructions, just in case no one knew how to prepare the food. Luckily, Magpie proved capable,
securing a large, flat rock where she quickly gut the fish and set them to cooking. Each member stared hungrily at the sizzling meat with Lynnie being quick to accept the bite portion. Two fish for each
of them, you’d think they thought it a feast.

Except for Oakland, who only had to complain once about missing his dinner gloves to get Magpie and Lynnie staring in disbelief. Percy, wisely, chose to opt out of what was about to occur.

Oakland frowns lightly and just holds the fish, "Never thought I'd miss gloves this much." Lynnie stops eating altogether, staring at the former Noble. “Gloves? For what?”

“Eating,” he states bluntly.

“You're on your own, buddy.” Percy smirks.

Oakland glances to the two of them, "Uh, gloves, for eating…Eating gloves.”

Thinking it a joke, Lynnie continues. “Special gloves for eatin'? Did you have different colors for different meals?


Clairelynn snickers, then suddenly stops while Magpie peers at Oakland, trying to see if he is joking.
“Really, Abby?” The young wolf speaks.

Oakland clears his throat. “Generally, the ones used for breakfast are the same ones for lunch, but a lightly embroidered pair is used for dinner.”

“Seriously, richie? Eatin' gloves?” Both Lynnie and Magpie bore into Oakland with their stares.

Oakland takes another bite of his fish, chews, and then swallows, "What? It's not that strange."

Magdalina 's brow furrows. "What?" Lynnie pipes up, “We're fightin' in th' streets for food and you had pretty gloves t' eat with so you didn't have t' touch the food?!” Her tone flabbergasted.

From there the conversation jerked back and forth as more and more of the delusions suffered by the upper class come to light as Oakland spouts how he thought the city worked. Quickly, harshly, and
relentlessly, the actual workings of their former home were revealed as Lynnie and Magpie nearly got lost in the wretched conditions they had no option but to take.

After a time, it was only Magpie who continued to share her experiences, ones which appeared to have been buried under memories of recent events. The girl’s demeanor turned inward as she seemed to ramble
about her time at the monastery and the people who had seen to her safe journey into the city. The group remained silent with Oakland moving to sit closer and help console her while Lynnie spoke to calm
her down.

After a teary eyed apology, the Pack found comfort that they had found each other among all the chaos of the recent past, thoughts likely dwelling on the events looming on the horizon.
(Recap courtesy of Abacus Oakland)

Stay tuned for next week's exciting episode of...

Alas, Gilneas!
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Re: Alas, Gilneas! - A paced, leveling adventure

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