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Re: Writing Challenge February 2014 - Myaka

PostPosted: March 30th, 2014, 6:39 pm
by Myaka
((Fully Alive-

The pen tapped out an absentminded rhythm on the paper in front of her. The various sketches laid out in front of her, each discarded for some reason or another. She couldn't help a slight grin, she had not felt like making her own designs in a very long time. The creative drive had long since left her as Dominic's attacks grew more frequent and violent. But now...

Now she was safe, away from Theramore, away from the demons that prowled in the night. She knew she didn't need to create her own armor and weapon. The auctioneers in Stormwind and the various other capitals of the Alliance were quite good at ferreting out any item someone may wish, for the proper price of course.

But, it seemed fitting in a way, now that she was finding herself in situations where her chainmail didn't protect as well as it should, to make her own plate armor. She had the plate mostly figured out, there was just something not right. what was it? She hummed slightly in thought as she thought back to the Tol'vir of Uldum. The armor they wore was easily able to adapt to the unique shape of their bodies, she had found that was due to the properties of the Elementium metal that could be found in Uldum, this was also helped by most of the armor being made of a series of interlocking plates, with heavier larger plates over important areas.

Her pen started moving again over a blank sheet of paper, drawing out an idea based on that property, glancing over the finished sketch.

This could work...She thought to herself, she would need to see how it worked in actual practice, perhaps tweak the design as she went. She grinned to herself, she had all the time she needed now, she was more alive then she ever was.

Pushing the completed armor design aside, she pulled a few sketches of different swords to herself. These had the same problem that the initial armor sketches did. She wasn't happy with any of them, even though to most trained as a smith, they were well done designs.

An idea hit her and she went over to a cabinet in the corner. It was not the cabinet itself she wanted, but an item propped up against it.

It was a simple enough item, an unfinished two handed claymore. The rough item had been created before she had decided to leave Theramore, and she had never attempted to finish it. The sword had sat, unnoticed until that day in the armory when she was getting ready to leave. The fury at Dominic trying to stop her from leaving had dissipated almost as fast as it appeared and she had been so preoccupied in her thoughts of what might happen that she hadn't noticed she still had the rough blade until the boat undocked. Even after she had reached her destination, she couldn't bring herself to dispose of the blade.

She eyed it with a contemplative expression, the pummel would need to be completed, the edge ground out and smoothed. But it had already been heat treated and tempered, and she'd be able to carry it with a proper scabbard with her plate armor.

"Perhaps you are due a new life as well." She murmured with a chuckle. The blade had served her quite well unfinished, and she had a feeling it would serve even better as a finished blade resplendent in Empire colors, just like her new armor. She brought the sword to her work station, eager to plan out the new weapon. She grinned as she picked her pen up, she'd never felt so alive in a long long time.

Re: Writing Challenge February 2014 - Myaka

PostPosted: March 30th, 2014, 6:42 pm
by Myaka
((Fantine's Death: Come to Me-

He could smell the smoke, hear the cries of those trying to run from the risen dead and the force of Prince Arthas that were killing risen and living alike. He continued his prayers that his children were still far from Stratholme. Myaka and Nathan should still be on their way back from Lordaeron, but what if they had started home early? Or, Light forbid, what if they had come across the group with the Prince and he had them executed.

"They are dead, aren't they?" Victoria's voice was weak with fear and dread. "Even if they aren't home yet, unless they find out about this...they'll come home to corpses, and that is if they are lucky."

"Nathan will protect his sister." Micah said, trying to soothe his wife's worries. "Nathan will not let anything happen to her, then they'll find Mervic and he'll look after them."

Victoria fell silent then, wringing the cloth in her hands like she had for so long since the what would later be known as the Culling began. "The day is dying," She muttered softly, looking through the window. "We were not...they were almost here, without us while we were safe in Lordaeron." Coughs started again, a remnant of the sickness that had left her home and sent her children to Lordaeron in her stead.

Micah watched the outside from the window, seeing the flames jump higher and higher as those Culling the city got closer and closer.

Please keep them safe He wasn't sure if the prayer was to the Light, to Mervic or to some other deity that could protect his children. He and his wife were dead, they may still be breathing now, but the risen dead, or the purgers would get to them. all that is holy and good, keep my children safe

His son, his first born that was so dead set on following in his shoes. His precious boy that was his reason to change, to live his life as a man he could be proud off.

Please protect them

His daughter, his beautiful little girl that looked so much like her mother, but he could see himself in her warm brown eyes and dark hair. What would happen to her without her family. He had failed her, failed her every time he claimed her as his niece, instead of his little girl. What did it matter that she couldn't use the Light, when her brother, when her father could? She was his daughter, and he should not have felt any shame in that.

Oh Light, I beg of you, make sure she knows how much I loved her, how proud of her I was. Don't let her go through her life thinking I was ashamed of her.