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[A] Blackwald Syndicate

Postby Fauxpaw » May 11th, 2014, 3:53 am


Blackwald: The Black Forest of Gilneas. Syndicate: A self-organizing group of individuals and other entities formed to transact some specific business/goals.

The Blackwald Syndicate is a Ravenholdt-Alliance "RP first"* guild accepting associates and informants to join in on its spy network, with a theme of keeping corruption and authority in check through the use of shadowcraft. On the surface, we are a corp of mercenaries that work in concordance with the Alliance and her motives, but underneath is a group of dedicated agents that maintain a network of contacts to keep an eye and ear on the movements of others, in addition to taking on contracts with clients.

*RP first means RP-related goals and events come first. As members are recruited, PVE/PVP will be accomplished.

Even though we carry the title of 'Syndicate', we are not evil.. It is a technical moniker. Some might even consider our intentions quite noble, albeit our methods are notably grey. We focus on providing people of all walks of life the tools to protect themselves and those they care about, and earn money in the process, working with the poor, the vulnerable and the downtrodden and teaching them the ways of shadow.. while also increasing the size of our network.

To learn more about us in depth, head to:


The Blackwald is looking for people to join as either an in-guild associate, or an out-of-guild informant. Associates join the guild fully, and either become a member of the mercenary corp to help protect our assets, or act as one of our agents to work with our network and clients. Informants, however, are not required to join the guild -- they get added to a roster of people, and access to a *secret channel*, where they may share information with the Blackwald and cooperate with us to meet our goals.

If you're interested in joining or just learning more, then talk to me, Fauxpaw (Vandell#1561), Pencer, Sverget, another member of the guild, or head to our website and fill out a "Recruitment" form @ http://blackwaldsyndicate.enjin.com/contact


The Blackwald offers a variety of services to those that seek it. While we mainly perform investigative and intelligence gathering contracts, more is available upon request. Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do to help. Alternatively, go to http://blackwaldsyndicate.enjin.com/contact and fill out a Consignment/Retainership form!


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