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[H] The Eversong Elite ((RP/PvP/PvE))

Postby Nanori » June 10th, 2016, 4:21 pm


[size=18pt]The Eversong Elite[/size]

Does the fire of the Sin'dorei people run through your blood? Are you looking to stand with your brothers and sisters against the threats that rise up against the might of the Horde? Are you tired of not quite fitting in with the Orcs and their crude structures and their lack of chairs? Well perhaps that means it is time for you to make a change.

The Eversong Elite, a group of adventurers made up of the best of the Sin'dorei people. A place where we work and fight together to improve the group as a whole, one individual at a time. This is where you belong if you believe in the teachings of our leader Lor'themar Theron the Reagent Lord of Quel'Thalas.

Join us today by contacting our leaders Nanori Windstalker or Selash Gustblade.

The OOC Stuff:

First and foremost this is a Blood Elf centered guild. What this means is the character that you FIRST apply on MUST be a Blood Elf, no exceptions. The character you first apply on should be your main ideally. And it would be the character we ask that you bring to guild hosted events. Your alts if you choose to bring them here, are welcome to be any race that you please. However, as this is primarily a Blood Elf organization, a character who has issues with Blood Elves, would not be a good fit here.

We are an RP/PvP/PvE guild based on Twisting Nether. We are looking to recruit all through Legion and even before hand. Our goal is to build at least one strong PvP team and one strong PvE team for the upcoming expansion. After that we will build on future teams to try and give everyone a place to raid or pvp if they so desire.

Our RP goals are simple. Give Blood Elves of the Horde a place where they fit in and write the stories that Blizzard has been ignoring for many years. Those who know Nanori both IC and OOC know that I only play blood elves. So I have been kind of annoyed that there hasn't been much story coming from the developers since Burning Crusade. My goal RP wise is to come up with stories for the Sin'dorei that we can build on and make our own over the coming months.

If you wish to join us as we build this guild and these stories you may whisper one of Nanori's many characters (Nanori, Nanorii, Kailei, Kaiilei, and Darynthis) or you can also whisper Selash for an invite to get started on your quest today. Hope to hear from you soon.

More information on the guild can be found on our website located here:

IC vs OOC:
Our guild chat will be considered IC, officer chat which everyone will be able to see will be used as our OOC giggles chat. You are not expected to be IC all the time when out and about in Azeroth, but it would help the guild as a whole if you were.

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