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[A/H] Name
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[A] Cup and Blade Caravan

by Tuuroto » April 25th, 2015, 6:49 pm



"Not all who wander are lost." - Prophet Velen

Website Under Construction:

((<Cup and Blade Caravan>
is an active, Alliance Heavy-RP guild
for mercenaries, merchants, entertainers, civilians,
and all other creative character types
compatible with the concept of a travelling caravan.

Roleplay is focused around travel.
Every week, the caravan travels on foot throughout Azeroth,
partaking in improv World RP
and setting up tentative headquarters
where guild events will take place for that week.

All levels, races, classes, and IC alignments are welcomed.
Our mission is to maintain an ecclectic mix of character backstories,
where each member has an unique reason for travelling in the caravan
and can undergo IC development from interacting with a diverse cast.

Members of the <Cup and Blade Caravan> consist of long time roleplayers
from Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt.
We have a genuine desire to promote the RH-TN community
by OOCly communicating with and fostering roleplay among other guilds.

If you are interested in joining,
please send an IC letter to Tuuroto-TwistingNether
or any other member of the <Cup and Blade Caravan>
to schedule an IC opportunity to meet the caravan and learn its history.
We highly regard mature, respectful applicants
who are eager to learn and collaborate with fellow guildies.
Previous RP experience or a consistent gaming schedule not required.))[/center]
Varm pleasure smiles, dah. Arcana guide your paaath.


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