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[A] Hallowed Vigil

by Takoohi » September 4th, 2014, 7:47 am

A man cloaked in red slowly climbs the boxes located in the Trade District. With a few shuffled steps he turns about to look at the milling masses below. He seems a bit lost in his thoughts as he blinks in rapid succession before opening his mouth.

"FRIENDS!...and that guy! Hear my words or forever be deaf to the truth.
It is with great honor that I take up charge of this fallen banner formerly known as The Inglorious.
They have done great dishonor to the Alliance but I plan to bring it back into the Light."

Wetting his lips he looks to see if anyone has actually taken notice.
...A few have begun to look his way

"Do you feel lost in this fast paced world without a guiding Light to set you in your proper place?
Do you feel as if the forces of shadow and death creep down upon you and there's no one to save you?

My friends I offer you peace for a mind in turmoil, for their is always salvation through the Light! I offer you a home for those who feel threatened and have nowhere to run to! I offer you solace for those who pray to the Light every day yet see no change in the world, brothers and sisters I feel your pain! I offer you a bastion of faith and honesty in The Hallowed Vigil!"

With arms spread he heaves a great sigh at his final words. Panting he observes his crowd again.
This time it seems most pedestrians have stopped to heed his words.

With a motion of his arm a small Gnome runs out covered head to toe in armor.
Holding a bundle of pamphlets he begins to hand them out to the onlookers.

"What you hold in your hands is a promise from me to you on what we stand for.
Take this home and read from it, take it into memory if you can.
If you believe this to be the right place for you then find us at the Cathedral in Stormwind."

With his final words he steps down from the crates and heads back towards the alleyways.

The Hallowed Vigil
A Home to those that seek redemption
A Bastion to those that cry out in faith
A Temple for those who seek to calm their mind.

We are The Hallowed Vigil and our faith in the Light is pure and just.
In only faith can one find true meaning. We offer solace in these trying time through the Church.
With war raging on all fronts its up to the believers to take up a cause greater than themselves.
If you are true to yourself come find us in the Stormwind Cathedral.

Trent Wolfley, High Father of The Hallowed Vigil

What we are?
We are a guild that has varying levels of support for The Light. Be it a common sense of duty to it or an extreme faith that is what we stand for.
The Hallowed Vigil tends to run more Lawful Neutral as a whole.

Who do you accept?
We really accept any race or class as long as it makes sense character wise to be in the guild.

Other than RP what do you do?
We are a very small guild and plan to grow but not too much. We tend to be quite helpful and enjoy WPvP on a smaller scale.
We also have a few people who enjoy the PvE aspects of the game

How do I join?
Feel free to send Wolfley or Takoohi a whisper or mail ingame
As we are an extension of The Inglorious I will take over and update these
http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?20426 ... post407793


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