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[A/H] Name
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[A] Order of the Redblade

by Lenah » September 2nd, 2014, 1:05 pm


Leadership: Admiral Tuuroto the Starseer and Quartermaster Rosepha Anderson
Location: Homebase - Surwich, Blasted Lands
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Alliance
Server: Twisting Nether
Type: Heavy RP

"The Order of the Redblade is a neutral-faction organization focused on representing and serving the needs of the powerless and voiceless populations of Azeroth through any means necessary. Its mission is to uphold justice and provide philanthropic aid to those deemed as "lesser races" by the political and societal elite in Stormwind. Our service is towards a higher calling: a moral beyond blind factional loyalty and racial bigotry. The vows to take whatever means is necessary in order to protect those whom Azeroth have forgotten and left behind."

Our guild mission is to preserve the tradition of WoW roleplay within our server and to introduce and teach players interested in RP. We welcome veteran and new RPers alike, as well as exceptional in-character Horde members. We also love to collaborate with other RP guilds in our plots, social events, etc. We're happy to have our new Ravenholdt friends and this boost of RP and are excited to collaborate and bring in new members.

How to join: http://redblades.net/join
Full site: http://redblades.net


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