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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
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Thomas Jarington

(A) The Righteous Light - A Reformation.

by Thomas Jarington » August 27th, 2014, 5:25 pm

<The Righteous Light>
Alliance - Level 12

The Righteous Light is based loosely upon the Children of the Light, created by author Robert Jordan in his Wheel of Time epic. We are a group of fanatical, religious zealots (not unlike the Scarlet Crusade) who feel Darkness has grown too powerful and seek to eradicate the Shadow from the lands. They see the Church as having failed in it's mission and feel that they can fill the void left behind.

The Reformation has shown us that the Guardians need to be more open with the citizens of the Alliance, welcome all races into the Light and even show Compassion to those Horde members who also follow the Light. They now recognize (believe) that Mages use the Righteous Light's mind as a source of power, and that Druids also use the Light, no matter what they choose to call it.

GOALS: To eradicate Shadow wherever it lurks. The Righteous Light stands above the petty politics of the Alliance and Horde, instead using their power to strike at the heart of Darkness by slaying the Shadow. To convert those unsure about the Light and to provide redemption for those Darkfriends who walk in Shadow.

Stepanos (GM - Lord High Commander); Officers: Nineeve (Co-GM: High Inquisitor), Astraea (Guardian), Emmeran (Guardian)

LOCATION: Ironforge, a building near the portal

AT WAR WITH: The Shadow. Meaning all Forsaken, Horde Warlocks, Shadow Priests and Death Knights are KOS

RESTRICTIONS: No Warlocks or Shadow Priests. Death Knights allowed depending upon character focus

FOCUS: Medium to Heavy RP with a focus on hunting down the Shadow (World PvP). We have members who raid and who do PvE content. We are more concerned with RP than we are the gear grind, though fully understand that to face the Shadow, we need gear to do so. We will do BG's and Arena as needed, as well as participate in Wargames with other guilds as In-Character battles against Shadow.

GUILD BANK: Yes, overloaded. Please feel free to use.

WEBSITE: under construction!

Join the fun! walk in the Light and slay the Shadow where it lives: everywhere.

Feel free to contact me in game via Battletag: Jarington#1261
My Alliance characters are: Stepanos, Jarington, Moryarti
Horde side I can be found on: Huatha

While the RP sounds serious, we, as players are pretty silly and have lots of fun. We'll roast a forsaken and have cake afterwards. GC is OOC and we'll even bake cookies. Coconut Macroons, anyone?


In Character Recruiting Post:

Somewhere within public spaces inside Stormwind, Iron Forge, Darnassus and the Exodar - men and women stand atop crates, spreading the news about a Reformation...

You find yourself in one of these spaces and notice a small crowd has gathered around a person standing atop an overturned crate. Dressed in tailored, yet average clothes, they capture your attention and draw you closer. You see they wear a tabard of pure white, outlined in gold and emblazoned with a golden flame.

The speaker's voice is as pure as the tabard, yet powerful and filled with passion. You turn to leave, thinking them just another sales person trying to tempt you with the latest in Gnomish cooking technology, when they point a finger directly at YOU.

You stop and look, feeling as if YOU were the only person to which they speak. You listen...

"Citizens of (City Name)! Gather around and hear TRUTH as it's never been heard before. The truth about Darkness! About Shadow!" the speaker pauses, searching out every person's face and dragging their pointing finger around the square. "The truth about eee-villllle!"

The speaker nods, as does the audience. "Yes, Citizens! The Shadow is HERE! It walks among us, lives among us and tempts us with it's vile and wicked ways. Demon lovers walk the streets openly, acting as if the Legion ruled these lands. Priests of Shadow haunt our hallowed halls, our dreams - seeking to corrupt us with their dark words and nefarious magics!"

"Yes, People of (city name)! That is the truth!" The speaker thrusts their hand into the air to emphasize the point, earning cries of agreement, as well as dissention. Some even call the speaker a loon, though the speaker continues undaunted. "You know of which I speak. You, as well as I, have SEEN these demons, these Shadowspawn, walking with their masters upon. this. very. STREET!"

Hisses come from the crowd, earning nods from the speaker. "Yes, Brothers and Sisters! You know it to be true!"

"Yet, the Church does NOTHING!" The speaker shakes their head and their finger. "Not a thing."

"While your husbands, your wives, and your children fight AND die for the Alliance, this so-called sacred institution, this CHURCH! Created to protect your very soul from Darkness, has instead allowed Shadowy minions to slip behind the walls of Righteousness and into the soft underbelly of civilization to poison us from within."

The speaker continues, empowered by the crowd's reaction. "Yes, brothers and sisters, the Church has done nothing."

"Why, you ask?" The speaker shrugs as they say it, earning nods from the more members of the crowd. They are listening. "Why do they allow your minds to be poisoned? Your children to be eaten? Your wives to be raped and your Husbands murdered?"

The speaker sees the horror in the crowd's eyes and sympathizes, matching their expressions.

"I will tell you why!"

"It is because that they are pitiful old men tasked with taking your hard earned COIN! They are tasked with pilfering the pockets of the POOR! They are tasked with making you BELIEVE that your eternal soul is SAFE, when the exact opposite is true.

"All so that they can lead fat, comfortable lives they call Holy, safe and secure from the Shadow that haunts this world."

The speaker points a finger directly at you, anger clearly showing on his face. ""They are more concerned with power and politics than they are of YOU!"

"They care not for your soul! They care not for Righteousness! They care not for the Light!"

The speaker shakes their head. "They care for only themselves, for the power they hold and the gold they gain. You?" the speaker asks, shrugging again and showing pain upon their face.

The speaker chuckles. "They care NOTHING for you!"

The speaker sees they have the audience's full and complete attention, even the nay-sayers, and the voice adjusts accordingly - softer and pointing their finger at the appropriate subject as they continue.

"Yes, Citizens of (City Name), Brothers and Sisters - times indeed look bleak. Darkness grows deep while it's Shadow seeks to swallow us whole. Look around the world and you will see what I say is true! War, famine, disease - all tools of Darkness, used by the Shadow to sow seeds of discord and lure us into despair."

"HOWEVER! There IS hope!"

"A REFORMATION is at hand!" The people in the crowd look at one another, their faces suddenly uplifted by the word of hope and reformation.

"The Light's own Righteous Fist has reached out to gather you in, to fill the void left by the profiteering lot called Church - to protect you from the Shadow that lurks behind your door."

"You no longer need fear the Darkness, cower from the Demon Masters or listen to the Priests of Shadow!" The speaker shakes their head. "You need not fear the walking dead who seek your soul to make you one of them!"

YES!! For the Righteous Light's very own GUARDIANS are here to keep you safe, to save your souls from the slithery Shadow and cast Light onto the damnation called Darkness!"

Cheers rise from the crowd and the speaker acknowledges them with smiles, nods and open arms.

"YES!, Brothers and Sisters. Salvation is at hand. And these Guardians need YOU!" People mouth the word and touch their chest, as if asking if the speaker meant them. The speaker nods, leaning close and points. "Yes, you!"

The speaker stands tall, straight and thrusts a strong, pointing finger right at you - preaching with a strong and powerful voice:

"Do you believe that the Righteous Light requires Respect?" the speaker cries. "If so, say YES!" the crowd responds with a loud "YES!"

"Do you believe that the Righteous Light is Compassionate?," the speaker asks, this time with more passion and power. "If so, say YES!"

"YES!" cries the crowd.

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE RIGHTEOUS LIGHT CALLS FOR TENACITY?" the speaker cries, their eyes closed and finger thrust into the air. "If so, say YES!"

The crowd bellows, "YES!!!" and some people are in tears. The speaker leans close, narrowing his eyes and scanning the crowd.

"And do you believe that the Righteous Light requires RETRIBUTION against the Shadow, for all of it's dark deeds and wicked wayssss?" The speaker stands tall again, practically jumping as they say the words. "If so, SAY YES!!!"

The crowd cheers. "YES!"

"RETRIBUTION!" cries the Speaker, looking to the heavens and pumping a fist high.

"RETRIBUTION!" answers the crowd, mimicking the speaker's motions.

The speaker nods, sweat pouring across their brows, which they ignore. "If you said yes to these things, then the Righteous Light needs YOU, brothers and sisters."

"It needs YOU to be it's Guardian. It needs YOU to bring hope and salvation to the world." The speaker points a rigid finger right at you. "IT NEEDS YOU!"

"If you desire to serve the Light and push Darkness from the world, then it CALLS you to the alter of Righteousness."

"It CALLS you to raise the Banner of the Righteous Light!"

The speaker pauses, letting the anticipation linger as the crowd leans forward. And with their most powerful voice, the speaker concludes with:

"It CALLS you forth to be it's GUARDIAN!!!"

The speaker lets the words sink in, then steps off of the crate and lifts a leather-bound book from behind the crate.

"Step forward, Brothers and Sisters," the speak says, holding the book open where a feathered-white quill lays waiting. "Heed the call and raise the Banner of the Righteous Light!" the speaker says to you.

"Become one of it's Guardians and bring Retribution to the Shadow!"
Thomas Jarington & Co.


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