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[A] Twilight Empire

by Aerana » March 20th, 2014, 9:44 pm

<Twilight Empire>
Founded: August 6, 2007
Leadership: Aerana; Officers: Donnelly, Erber, Katelle, Pralea, Rednaxela, Tinox
Allied with: <The Outriders>
At War with: None at the moment
Restrictions: None (except adherence to guild PvP policy)
Guild chat in-character (Y/N) : Y
Focus (RP / RP-PvP / RP-PvE): RP, RP-PvE, Limited RP-PvP
Website: http://www.twilightempire.org
Wiki: http://ravenholdt.kaaosa.com/wiki/Twilight_Empire
Recruitment Post:

“Oi? This ‘ere?” The weather-worn dwarf asks, pointing to the royal blue tabard he wears. Two rampant golden lions shine across his breast, unmarred by the dirt that seems to smudge every other inch of the man. “This ‘ere is teh tabard o teh Twilight Empire. I’m not bein’ teh best with words ‘n such, but this piece o’ paper might be help’n you out if’n yer want ta know more.” He reaches down and shuffles through his tattered pack, muttering softly to himself.

“Ah! ‘Ere tis! An if’n you have questions after yer finished readin, jest let me know,” he exclaims with a smile and a quick nod. He hands you a folded piece of parchment with elegant writing on the outside addressed “To all who seek knowledge of the Twilight Empire.”

~Hail and well met, friend;

It warms my heart to know that you seek information about the Empire. The Twilight Empire is not an order of one land, one race, or one creed. We hail from all corners of Azeroth, standing together under the banner of Twilight in hopes of a better future. Those of the Empire know that we can stand stronger unified than divided along superficial lines. We encourage any and all who hold our vision to seek us out.

The Twilight Empire stands strong, organized into two branches in order to better bring about the manifestation of our vision. The two branches within the Empire, the Citizen’s Branch and the Military Branch, embody the characteristics of Twilight. We seek peace and yet we must prepare for whatever challenges lie before us. We are not afraid of the most dangerous places in Azeroth or Draenor. We pursue diplomacy when we can and battle when we must. The Senate combines the two branches in diplomacy and is lead by Empress Aerana.

Formed as darkness lies ready to consume Azeroth, we are the Twilight Empire and we stand as a bastion of hope in the ever-darkening world. Stand under our banner if you too would answer the cries of the innocent, if your seek peace before war, if you fear not the darkest depths of Azeroth, if you judge the individual before the race.

If you seek to know more of Twilight, please contact any who wear the banner of Twilight.~


The robed woman inclines her head graciously in your direction as she answers your question, her sapphire eyes startlingly bright.

“Yes, I am Aerana Dantay, Empress of the Twilight Empire,” she says, her voice quiet. She lifts her head slowly, gazing into your eyes as she asks her own question.

“Do you seek to stand under the banner of the Empire?”

(( The <Twilight Empire> is a large roleplaying guild on Ravenholdt. We invite any who are interested in roleplay and agree to abide by our policies to join the guild. If you are interested, please check out our website.

The "About Twilight" section should hopefully answer any questions that you might have. If not, please feel free to contact me via the TE website or the Sanctum site!

Thank you! ))
"It is all a balance."
~Aerana Dantay, Empress of the Twilight Empire~


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