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This forum is used to post threads about the other aspects of World of Warcraft. Everything not RP can be discussed here, from pet battles to Warlords of Draenor.
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[H] 6.2 Fronts (Potential spoilers!)

Postby Kexti » May 15th, 2015, 8:28 pm

"Friend, thank you for attending or at least requesting a transcript of tonight's discussion in Warspear.

As you know, Gul'dan poses a monumental threat to the Horde and Alliance alike. To defend our world, we need to stand together and prepare ourselves to deal the final blow to the Iron Horde.

I have attached multiple sites of interest to gather resources and test your mettle in the coming weeks while our sappers and scouts wear away at Tanaan's defenses.

-Kex'ti Dalendala of Sanctuary"

Hello everyone, I'm trying to organize a general interest group for 6.2 RBGs and Hellfire Citadel raiding. I know a lot of you gentlemen and ladies have both of those ready to go, but if you're interested in getting together for those activities (particularly the latter), followed and interceded by RP, please contact myself or Xaraphyne to get in on this collaborative effort.

6.2 marks the launch of Warlords PvP Season 2 and Hellfire Citadel. While PvP is its own monster, and I won't be spending much time detailing it here, PvE in general and raiding is a huge part of the WoW experience, and I was hoping to facilitate both RP and participation on the Horde side. The Eclipse event seemed to be quite successful in developing RP, and I'm hoping to continue that trend using the upcoming content.


What: HFC raids will be organized and led on Fridays following the 6.2 launch. RBGs will be set up on another day. HFC will be progression oriented, but ultimately will be casual raiding on normal difficulty. RBGs will tend to the more serious side.
When: Friday nights following the 6.2 drop.
Why: RP is awesome. Active WoW stuff is awesome. Peanut butter and chocolate.

If you're interested, please contact me so I can make sure you can participate!

The rules:

All of the RPers I've met have strong mechanics, bucking the stereotype of RPers. However, to avoid frustration and burnout on current content, there are going to be some ground rules.

1. For HFC normal, a minimum iLevel of 665 will be requested, with 670+ preferred.
a. This is based on loot drops from the PTR and similar comparisons to active LFR/Normal/Heroic raids.
b. In 6.1, this is a reasonably high gear score, but be aware that 6.2 has a lot of options to get past this requirement.
b2. Methods include: New crafted tier, mythic dungeons, PvP gear, legendary ring quest, Tanaan drops/quest items, HFC LFR (eventually. In the meantime, LFR BRF or pugged H. Highmaul/N. BRF are pretty good sources of gear.

2. For limited roles (Tanking/Healing), slots will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
a. For whatever reason, we seem to have a rather large excess of healers relative to other roles, though there is certainly room for a few more with our current projections.
b. Secondary attention will be paid to frequent attendees.

3. Raiding will be on Fridays, time TBA. There is a 30 minute flex period, after which the raid proper will begin with or without you. It's absolutely okay to be a little late, but to make sure everyone has fun and people are ready to go when they say they are, showing up on time is super important!

4. Loot system will be personal loot, but a majority vote on specific bosses will allow a swap to group loot for things on farm.

5. Raiding will be set aside for two hours from start time (if everyone happens to show up at the end of the 30 minute flex, that leaves an hour and a half of raiding). People are welcome (and hopefully will want to!) continue past this block of time. As people get more geared, extending this period or opening another raid time is possible too!

Most importantly: This is an activity to get people together to have fun and experience parts of the game. Progression is ideal, but this is never going to be a hardcore experience. Have fun, and let's make the most of this bonding experience.

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Re: [H] 6.2 Fronts (Potential spoilers!)

Postby Skaedi » May 15th, 2015, 8:39 pm

I'll think about either once I start laughing from the dev saying 6.2 has the most content ever.

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Re: [H] 6.2 Fronts (Potential spoilers!)

Postby Kexti » July 6th, 2015, 1:31 pm

Update: Friday is going to be our first foray. Would love to have anyone interested come along!


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