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Netherholdt Horde-Side RBG Thread

Postby Leyujin » March 30th, 2015, 3:13 pm

Cross-post from HERE for added visibility.

Over the last few months I've PvPed with more than a few people who dwell upon our shared server, and at this point I want to help facilitate Horde-side organized PvP, specifically in hosting rated battlegrounds. Us RPers aren't always too great on getting organized PvP coordinated, but I'm pretty sure we have more than enough interest to start a second RBG team on this server, composed fully of RP-PvPers.

To make this effective and keep it drama-free, there's two main guidelines:

1. The group will need someone who can lead the group, a main target caller, and a secondary target caller. Preferably one or the other target caller can also give orders. Without this command structure, the group will not be effective.
2. I will be helping to assist in forming the group, but this is not a Grim group. The official Grim RBG group is my priority as guild officer, so if there are Grim in this second group that I need for our official team to run, I will pull them.

I'm offering to do this because I think there are more than enough potential RP-PvPers for an official Netherholdt team, so it would be a shame to waste that potential, and I want to provide those Grimmies who don't have a space on The Grim's official team the opportunity to skin some pinkskins. I would like for there to be at least two slots available for Grim, at least initially, however I want to stress that I would simply *like*. The only two rules I have were listed above. It is my goal that this team becomes self-sufficient without Grim assistance, as a haven for Netherholdt RP-PvPers.


With that prelude bid adieu, here is what I need from *you*.

-Your main character for RBGs
-Your main spec: Slayer(DPS), Mender/Healer, Vanguard(Tank)
-Your alt characters for RBGs
-Your alt specs
-Your gaming schedule. Give days, hours, or qualifiers like "random", "haphazard" or "ludicrous"
-Your PvP experience. Random battlegrounds, arenaes, rated battlegrounds, world pvp, etc.
-Can you lead an RBG group?
-Can you target call?
-Can you give tactical calls? (Secondary leader)

Grim RBGs run on Wednesdays and Sundays. Depending on the average schedule of the people we have, the Netherholdt team might run on different days.

Darrethy, Breygrah, Konro, I'd better see your asses in the first three posts of this thread . YOU NEED TO RBG!

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Re: Netherholdt Horde-Side RBG Thread

Postby Julilee » April 3rd, 2015, 11:17 am

Bumping this since Ley's account isn't causing squirrel errors anymore. :) We've got a number of respondents on TNG already.

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Re: Netherholdt Horde-Side RBG Thread

Postby Leyujin » April 7th, 2015, 2:45 am

Heh, thanks Xara.

I want to issue an invitation to everyone who's interested in RBGs (or just PvP!) to join us this Friday for an impromptu Community Fite Nite. This is where, depending on your disposition, you are welcome to kick back, drink some booze, and just PvP. Depending on our turnout, and whether we get 3 healers, we will be running Rated or Random battlegrounds. If we have too many people, those who aren't in the RBG group will go into random battlegrounds. There are no gear requirements; this isn't serious or competitive, it's for the Netherholdt Horde RP-PvP community to get together and pound some pinkskins into the dirt. What we do require is:

-Mumble (www.sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/)

That's it.

The Time is:

-8:00 PM Goblin Standard Time (Server Time)

The Location:


We'll have more of these in the future, and I'll put up a poll to see when are the best days for everyone, but here's the first push to get things goin'.


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