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Re: Horde never wins AV

Postby Draxonicar » August 17th, 2014, 5:22 pm

Alliance lose more often in every other BG besides AV and IOC, both of which they crush at disgusting rates.

http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/370 ... ts-DLC-424

That said, there's still ways of maximizing your chances of winning these BGs. According to Drax's stats panel I have a 51% winrate in AV and a 48% winrate in IoC, which are both significantly better than the Horde averages of 21% and 15% respectively. That said, the apparent horde disadvantage is still present in that they're a hell of a lot worse than his 82% Deepwind Gorge and Eye of the Storm winrates

A 5 man premade that bothers to actually back cap and defend the boss can do wonders in AV, but it is by far the most chancy BG to actually premade since rather than being 50% of the team, you're only 12.5%. 5 great players can carry 5 bad ones, maybe not so much 35.

I just wish there was a third blacklist choice because seriously who enjoys Strand its so boring and even zergier than Horde AV. All the vehicle achievements are such a pain in the ass to get and you can't be a passenger as melee and seriously just fuck that boring BG why can't I just have a playlist of WSG AB EOTS and Temple


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