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Silvershard Mines - Alliance Strat for a Premade or RBG

Postby LEGION » August 13th, 2014, 11:38 am

So, <The Indelibles> RBG team has been struggling with Silvershard Mines (as many folks do). After many Silvershard Fails, and weeks of discussion and analysis of What The Other Guys Did, we tried this strategy and it worked beautifully. I'm sure we'll be fine-tuning it as we go, because our team composition is fluid, but in essence the idea is to negate the Horde advantage at the Lava cart by sending it long (north), grabbing the other carts, and (hopefully) pick off their numbers along the way, so that we are never meeting them at full-strength.

Here it is in action (Indels vs. a higher-rated team from Kil'jaeden):



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