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Quorum Recruitment (A/H Storyline)

by Kexti » December 25th, 2015, 2:41 am

Quorum: Prelude to Legion Plotline

*Cross-Posted from TNG*

Official Start Date: January 16th, 2016

If you want me to develop some plot points for your character (either you come up with them and I bend them into the plot, or you want me to use your character for a focal point, please let me know soon! I'm a person who likes to overwrite things a lot, so if I can have a general idea of a plot web, and how you tie into it, that's ideal for me. You don't need to come as a guild, and either faction is great. Let me know how I can make this fit *your* needs for RP or Legion-setup!

I'll primarily be tracking this through TNG, so the link is hosted there.

Group Link: http://wow-tng.org/group.php?groupid=286
Btag: Glycobiology#1908

Five years spent holding our breath, and for what?

Friends new and friends old, welcome to the introductory post for my Legion tie-in plot. Beta invites are going out, and the beginning of Legion is upon us. I’m hoping to have this story serve two functions: First, to sustain people’s RP through to the Broken Shore event and Legion launch, and second, to provide an immediate avenue for returning players to get involved with RP.

The first RP I’d ever really gotten involved in was Eclipse, all the way back in February of this year. What an experience, and one I’m hoping I can live up to! I’ve run a lot of smaller scale stuff under the Anthem banner, but this is my first attempt at a plot-driven WoW RP. I’ve run a bunch of long-term DnD campaigns before, so I’m hoping this is something people want to be a part of.

This story is called Quorum, and combines a bunch of my favorite topics: conspiracy theories, lurking horror, and, of course, our lovely RP community. Right now, I’m mostly planning on running this for Horde on TN/RH. That said, I’ve also recruited some friends cross-server, and I’d be super stoked to have someone from the Alliance help me spread the conspiracy further…

Who watches the watchmen?
Brief Overview and Premise:

Everyone knows that guy. The journalist who’s always writing about the alligators in Stormwind’s sewers. How Sylvannas is planning another Wrathgate, and the Royal Apothecary Society has already marked out several key settlements to disperse the plague on the wind…The preacher on the corner calling for repentance, for the Legion comes. That guy.

But what happens when the journalist goes missing? The doomsayer is found dead, clearly victim of foul play?

Who wanted him dead? And where is all of his “evidence” now, once so easily dismissed?

What happens when those strange theories start to take on some semblance of truth, and somehow, you find yourself drawn into a position where action might cost your life; or your silence, the world?

You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose…

What this is:
1. A chance for you to update your community on the things your character’s been up to since the end of Warlords in character.
2. An opportunity to develop more background lore in a community context.
3. A conspiracy-oriented plot rife with paranoia, subterfuge, and multiple competing interests and villains.
4. A way to get back in the swing of RP if you’re returning after a hiatus.
5. An opportunity to add new characters to your RP roster, or prepare your existing characters for the Legion Invasion!

When is this going to run?
The current plan is to have rolling events twice a week for two to three months. There are three acts, each of which marking a transition. In addition to those plot-centric events, everyone is welcome to RP the story like they’ve done for Hollow, Eclipse, and other stories.

I’m going to try starting this (in an ideal case) immediately after new years with Act 1. That said, I’ll be working on an

Act 1: Time update for your characters, what they’ve been doing the past few years, and the introduction to the events which push this plot forward.
Act 2: Climax and culmination of the events of Act 1, and the segue into Act 3.
Act 3: Loose ends remaining from Act 2, and new avenues of inquiry for Legion.

How can I get involved?
Initially, I’ll be reaching out to several players to help their characters drive various subplots. If you have some ideas for how your character(s) can be involved, please let me know so I can have an event planned! Overall, the conflicts and events should evolve pretty organically, but at least in the beginning, I want to reward the people who’ve stuck it out with a lot of emphasis.

There are certain conspirators behind the scenes working towards their own ends as well. If you’d like the challenge of taking an NPC and making her your own, I would love to give you the chance to play a villain!

Where lies the end goal?
There are several competing interests which will come into being throughout the campaign. For example, the Legion’s presence and efforts to infiltrate Azeroth will be one plot point competing with inter-factional politics. Your involvement, and how you address certain key plot points (and sub points!) will determine what happens in Acts 2 and 3, in the style of a Bioware game. [I made a plot web!]

For instance, perhaps you decide to investigate a lead given to you by a career criminal associated with an infamous Alliance terrorist. It might lead you into a trap, leading to immediate combat. OR, it might give you a chance to spy a deeper angle into the conspiracy, allowing you to spring a trap during a later event.

Men in coats always run the show/Save me from the ghosts and shadows/Before they eat my soul

Timeskips and RP

Due to the immediacy at which this plot is going to unfurl, ambiguity of Blizzard, and the general feedback from the community, I'm opting to begin Quorum very soon. If you'd like to use this storyline to set up RP and give your characters the chance to do something they haven't gotten to in preparation for Legion, by all means!

Careful what you're sayin'/Who you're saying to/When all is said and done/You need to tie your tongue

Affiliation, Conspiracy, and Combat

Combat for NPCs will be done using the Gold Standard system.

a. /roll 100 for Offense/Defense
b. Top 10% is a crit (two successes), bottom 10% is a fail (two failures)
c. One failure=One wound. Wounds reduce /roll by 10. If wounded to below /roll 50, barring logical buffs, your character is KOed.
d. Cooldowns last for two rolls, and add +20 to roll range (not base roll).

For in-character combats, duels or skirmishes (for group PvP) are preferred, but if you’d like to use /roll, that’s more than okay.


Combat alone cannot possibly unearth the conspiracies or solve the problems your characters will face during the plot. Whenever you post a story relating to the plot, or engage IC in an event, you score points for affiliations of your choose. Between events, affiliations with higher scores will receive new plot points and information to investigate.

Try and diversify your RP! Unlikely allies make for all kinds of interesting stories. Anything can count as an affiliation. Guilds, canon organizations, families, and new groups are all fair game.
Before we depart let’s make a mark/’Cuz light shines brighter in the dark


This will follow the great example left by Xara and Cobrak in recording events as they transpire.


-At the behest of Mal’ganis, the necromancer Kel'thuzad gives rise to a great plague which scourges the living from Lordaeron and beyond.
-Lady Katarina Prestor is found to be the Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight, Onyxia.
-A great corrupted ancient, Accalia, threatens to rise during an event called the Eclipse.
-The Scarlet Onslaught succumbs to plots of the Burning Legion.
-Years later, Accalia once more loomed on the verge of total materialization.
-Accalia’s Touch was a curse spread by contact, which slowly drains the sufferer’s mana back to the creature.
-Accalia’s defeat created a psychic vacuum, exposing those associated with the phenomena to waking nightmares and horrific psychological trauma.
-A journalist begins to slowly lose his sanity. [url="http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?23608-The-Truth-is-Out-There"]http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?23608-The-Truth-is-Out-There[/url]
-The Faceless Cult adopts a campaign of poisoning and replacement in order to remove important, if low-key, figureheads throughout numerous Alliance magistrates.
-Efforts to summon Heralds of the Old Gods are stymied by canny adventurers uncovering both complicit and unknowing pawns in the Cult’s schemes. Psychosis similar to the events induced by Accalia is observed.
-A Titan facility in the Storm Peaks is sealed by the Explorer's League.
-The Shado-Pan struggle to contain lingering Sha taint in Pandaria.
-An Alliance terrorist known as Morinth begins to harvest a rare Bleeding Hollow poison called Hollowrot, endangering thousands.
-The Reliquary's excavations in Ashran yield several important Apexis technological discoveries.
-Morinth is found to be working for the Great Beast Serinar, who lashes out in vengeance at the adventurers who wronged his plans, threatening a tenuous peace within the Horde.
-Rhomanos Glenholm engineered a disease-like curse and let it loose from a prevailing leyline reaching from Karazhan to Silvermoon.
-An organization called the Silver Grace worshipped the Silver Sickness, and sought to spread the disease by a heretofore unknown means.
-Glenholm and the Grace alike were defeated by Alliance and Horde adventurers, and without continued administration of the pathogen, alleviated the transient disease.
-The Long Autumn campaign inadvertently releases several dark spirits.
-Continued research into Fel Corruption takes place in Tanaan Jungle, long after the fall of the Hellfire Citadel.
-Wreave, a new drug of troll origin, begins to circulate in isolated outposts. Within weeks, settlements fall silent, the entire populace of the town gone without a trace.

Act 1:
Scene 1: Enjoy the Silence
Scene 2: The Sharpest Lives
Scene 3: All Nightmare Long

Act 2:
Scene 1: Mercy
Scene 2: Keys to the Kingdom
Scene 3: A Gentleman’s Coup

Act 3:
Scene 1: Stardust
Scene 2: Beast and the Harlot
Scene 3: Dead Flowers


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