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How to RP an Assassin

by Aerana » March 20th, 2014, 7:05 pm

*Moderator's Note: This Guide was salvaged from the previous incarnation of the Ravenholdt Sanctum and is being copied to the new site.


How to RP an Assassin
by Lutherus » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:34 pm

Okay, this is up on WoW's offical site under The Timeless Tavern or whatever the heck that thing is. Anyways, I just thought I would share it here because, hey, I can. Anyways, enjoy.

WARNING: You most likely do not want to RP an assassin. Just like Dragon RP, you're really not going to run about bragging to people about it. We assassins are the master of deception, and that means being able to get up while you're wife/hubby it still asleep, go out and murder your deader, and come back home in your PJ's while they're still snoozing.

Again: Do NOT RP an Assassin if you intend on brooding hard in a bar flicking daggers at a wall because people will get suspicious. Assassins are NOT viewed as heroes. We're VILE in the eyes of society and even more-so treacherous. Guards do not like you in their city. They also think you smell bad.


My reason for writing this guide is because I have Role-Played an Assassin since the dawn of time, but was never quite good at it in the beginning. After a lot of tips from various Pro's who are now long gone, I decided it's time to pass my knowledge down to the small-time thugs who want to be one of the most badass characters that they can be.

We got that out of the way now? Goody! Let us begin:

"Assassin 101: You're not an Assassin."

Assassin's work underground. To some, assassination is not a life-style but simply a job. To others, assassination is something they're fascinated by and love killing with knives and gloat about it every chance they get in the city. The latter also tends to brag about being a cold-hearted snake (LOOK INTO HIS EYES) despite bouncing about madly telling everyone how they can't get it up without stabbing someone with a BIG KNIFE.

The former is the proper way an assassin would view his job, while the latter is bit of an idiot. Now, this isn't to say assassins can not be violent. Depending on the personality of your character and your subtly, you can be any assassin you want. Heck, you can be the crazed-stabby-stab guy as long as you pull it off right. But first we should get to what it means being an assassin despite your personality.

"Assassin 101: Poisons, Murder and My Little Pony."

You have chosen to be an assassin, but you're just a thug and your only knowledge of what a Black-Jack is within card games. What is there to do? How do I get contacts? How can I make a name for myself? Well slow down there, Billy. You gotta get your trousers up before you want to prance about being a badass. Here's the facts of what is common knowledge to ALL assassins:

-Picking Locks
-Keen knowledge of every race's anatomy.
-A weapon of choice (Your option to specialize in whatever you want)

Now those are the roots of the grand tree that is an awesome assassin. Now that we have the basics of what makes you an assassin, let us move to fitting personality style:

"Assassin 101: You're a bad ass."

As mentioned before, you can have any personality for your assassin as long as it doesn't reveal their shady profession.

You CAN be the crazed-stabby type as long as they keep it contained within them. This gives you a window to make a character very nervous in public, perhaps sweating all the time or wringing his hands in search of something to sate his lust for killing. These types are the most suspicious and I recommend it to those who already can handle assassins.

The second type is probably the easiest to RP. You're level-headed and act as a commoner amongst people in whatever city you work in. Perhaps you're a quiet librarian, a nasty butcher, or a simple bar-maid who is well known for smiling at folks for serving the best drinks in the city. Whatever you choose for their low-profile profession is completely up to you and I recommend that you choose it wisely. Whatever you make your character do outside of killing reflects their personality.

Ex 1: The dwarven butcher is really a heavy-set assassin who gets his job done by poisoning food and sending it to his target, and relying on his bloody cleaver incase things get messy. He's still subtle despite his bulky size because he knows how to deceive the public eye and even has some great combat skills with his hatchet.

Ex 2: The harmless elven bar-maid smiles sweetly at her people, but will poison drinks or tamper with her bar to set traps. Perhaps her target comes into the bar and sits under a loosened chandelier? When going out to do the job, her lithe and acrobatic body give her the ability to make scaling buildings with ease.

These are just two little examples of the VAST amount of personalities for your assassin. Get creative, but remember to be subtle.

"Assassin 101: You're also a wimp."

Now here comes the fun part: Limits. You have them. Perhaps your lithe assassin figure can easily sneak into a building, but should the -rare- occasion occur that you're caught or something goes wrong, you can ONLY flee. No, you're not going to fight anyone. No, you're not going to punch someone in the face. You're a pathetic worm and it's about time someone shoves a boot up your bum for sneaking around their homes and stealing their toothpaste, boy!

But seriously. As an assassin, MOST of us depending on background we're not the most well-trained direct combat types. Should you get in a scrap, you're going to rely on dirt in the face and being elusive AKA: GTFO'ing there. Our basic combat skills usually are not on par with the retard-strength hulking spiked refrigerator (AKA: Warrior) that's looking at you funny.

The most IMPORTANT thing though about our limits is our counter identity. Should we be discovered, our job is over. So never, ever choose to stay and fight. Should a real fight occur for your assassin (Make sure it's a scripted one so you both don't look dumb), you should consider your alter identity. Flee if possible. If the person in question fights you in a bar, call for help. Don't think of valor, think of your life. Remember: To the world you are just a flimsy citizen, no one expects you to defend yourself.

"Assassin 101: Doing your Shady Job"

Now you can't be an assassin without getting your hands dirty. ICly, your character can work for any underground agency that hires you. This can be totally made up by you, being that little is known of the underground crime realm. Perhaps you could ask a friend of yours to hire you as their personal assassin!

Another option is for you to post papers on an IC board or something, like an advertisement for getting things done. Don't put your name on it, just say, "If you want one less body breathing on this world, give a specific name and place it in a bag full of X amount of gold at a certain shady location." With your cunning skills as an assassin, should there be anyone sly enough to set you up for a trap you'll most likely spot them before they spot you. You can do this by posting the IC advertisement on your realm forum or something. This promotes RP, so it's heavily recommended!

"Assassin 101: Lookin' good."

There's a very mislead idea that all assassins should prance about in their death-looking gear with an arsenal of weapons strapped to them. Any good assassin will cloth themselves in casual citizen clothing and conceal their weapon, or perhaps use it for another purpose (a hatchet for a butcher cleaver, or a thin knife used as a writing utensil).

Remember, nothing gives you away more than running about with a dark hood on in broad daylight. At night time when you're on the job, but not when you're trying to lay low in the city.

"Assassin 101: The Test"

Okay, folks, that's all I really have to cover. Should anyone have comments, questions or concerns, please free feel to let me know. I would love to add more to this list to enlighten our future killers of how to pull off the perfect assassin profile.

Before I finish this though, let me do a quick recap, or a TL;DR:

The DO's of an Assassin: You're a bad ass.
- Conceal weapons. Be it hidden in clothing or used for another purpose (see above)
- Take up a citizen job. Be casual, be kind, be deceptive. You have a second life, remember that.
- Wear citizen's clothing.
- Take up a hobby to reflect your personality. Things need to occupy our cool minds in between missions.
- Actually kill people, but ONLY your targets. Make sure no one sees you. (Durrr.)
- Keep your lips sealed of what you do besides your hobby and citizen profession. Let no one know of your assassin second life.

The DON'T of an Assassin: You're stupid.
- Don't play as an assassin if you're new to RP.
- Don't run around in your assassination gear in the city with big weapons.
- Don't talk about death every chance you get in the city.
- Don't play with knives in the city. Seriously.
- Don't say you're an assassin or were trained to be an assassin in the city or public.
- Don't give your full name to people you don't trust. Give a false name, or only your first.
- Don't say you're an assassin or were trained to be an assassin in the city or public.
- Don't brag about your kill-count or how you would like to kill someone in public.
- Don't say you're an assassin or were trained to be an assassin in the city or public.
- Don't talk about your missions. Ever. Assassination makes you a tool, you are not supposed to think of the job after it's done.

I think that covers it, folks. Please, tell me what else I should add if anything at all! I'd love to do it! Hope it helps.
"It is all a balance."
~Aerana Dantay, Empress of the Twilight Empire~

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Re: How to RP an Assassin

by Fantomas » April 21st, 2014, 12:03 pm

(( I read through this guide and sigh at myself; I've made a few mistakes on here in the past, but I've also taken precautions to hide my identity. This is a good read, and I'd like to pick it back up again. ICly I've been gone for months, so I think it's safe to return to the city. Fauxpaw should have forgotten me by now. ))

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Re: How to RP an Assassin

by Tirien » April 21st, 2014, 6:39 pm

((A certain organization has not... /wink))

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Re: How to RP an Assassin

by Fauxpaw » April 21st, 2014, 8:21 pm

Fantomas wrote:(( I read through this guide and sigh at myself; I've made a few mistakes on here in the past, but I've also taken precautions to hide my identity. This is a good read, and I'd like to pick it back up again. ICly I've been gone for months, so I think it's safe to return to the city. Fauxpaw should have forgotten me by now. ))

(( Fauxpaw never forgets! (she totally does) ... But she's likely forgotten your scent, and has never seen your face. ))

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Re: How to RP an Assassin

by Fantomas » April 24th, 2014, 8:04 am

(( I haven't forgotten you guys. I've been preoccupied with Orc RP on ED, but I believe that it has come to an unfortunate end. After my ESO subscription has expired and I've completed my finals I'm more than likely to return back to Ravenholdt. I'm also saddened by the lost of the old website, but I'm looking forward to having a fresh-revamp of RP soon.))


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