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[A] Blackcroft: Verin Blackcroft

Postby Verin » April 22nd, 2014, 9:11 pm

Verin Blackcroft

Physical Description –
Verin is average for a Human. Just barely above 6’ with a decent amount of muscle for a wielder of The Light, he still is not very imposing at 180 lbs, especially with his shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, neatly trimmed beard, round, light viridian eyes and soft features save a nice jaw and cheek bones. He likes to dress with an overall color scheme usually around the color blue, sticking to decent quality cottons and linens. He always wears a blue hat, not caring if it looks weird or is totally inappropriate for his environment. For his duties as a Stormwind City Guard, he’s had to train to be able to wear heavier armors if only just to cover his torso and shoulders. Even then they are sparse enough to wear under his robes or lined in other pieces of garment. In addition to his hat, he is rarely seen without his staff or the prayer book and notebook chained to his belt.

Personality –
Verin is a little quiet and prefers to listen, not really minding what the topic is about. He keeps to himself and usually has his nose in some book or another for recreation or study. He doesn't have it in him to actively seek out violence, but can readily bring himself to respond to whatever challenge is presented. What he does have is a restless spirit he has only recently started following. Optimistic and cheerful, Verin enjoys life and good company and slowly has come to rediscover a love for being outdoors. A crippling self-doubt underscores his enthusiasm, determination, and friendliness however. He blames himself for anything that may happen to his friends or colleagues and falls into a downward spiral, often becoming depressed. This is something he is clearly aware of as he’s gained a knack for maintaining the appearance that nothing is wrong. He’s only opened up to two close friends and as far as he knows, no one else is the wiser.

Major Skills & Abilities –
Observation, first and foremost, is his greatest skill. His knack for getting down all the details, major and minor, from any given environment has helped immensely in his duties as a Guard as well as keeping himself out of harm’s reach. He excels in the study of the Mind and its workings, often being called upon for interrogations and advice within the Stormwind City Guard. He has a firm grasp of the teachings of The Light and the various ways in which to wield it for healing, defense, and offense and has practical knowledge of The Shadow as well. Other skills include knowledge of Arcane and Druidic magic, gem cutting and Geology, basic tracking and forest survival skills (though rusty), basic tailoring and cooking.

Shortcomings –
He has a penchant for being unable to grasp ‘the bigger picture’ and often gets caught up on the details. When depressed he all but shuts out nearly everyone and has been known to lash out with Shadow Magic. His strength in The Light is directly connected with his state of mind and its use becomes difficult and lessened if his self-confidence and will is compromised. He has next to no knowledge of combat other than staff-fighting and The Light.

Brief History and Current Whereabouts –
Before the Purge, Verin lived in Stratholme as an Initiate for the Silver Hand, aiming to advance to the rank of Squire under a Knight to further his training to become a Paladin. He befriended another Initiate, Stanford, and quickly warmed up to the veteran about ten years his senior, looking up to him as a mentor. Their relationship advanced as their rivalry shot them to the top of their class with Stanford being Verin’s first love. About a year later, Stanford was killed in a collapsing watchtower as he and Verin aided the small band of refugees escaping the burning city. It is a loss he carries with him to this day.

Once the dust settled, he and the refugees met with Jaina and from there sailed to Kalimdor. He offered his services in the healing arts to tend to wounded soldiers and the sick. His travels took him all around the new continent, ending up at the Battle for Mount Hyjal where his skills in The Light made him a valuable asset in battling the Undead there. He met another individual who he held dear, a foot soldier assigned to help guard non-combatants. He too was lost defending the sick and wounded from an ambush, his injuries proving too great for Verin to heal.

From there Verin spent nearly a decade in Theramore with the broken and downtrodden, the war and its price taking too much from him. He refused to touch the compensation for his efforts, feeling as if he was somehow unworthy of it, and left the funds to sit in his account. Another year and he would have perished in the gutter, though through the efforts of a few old acquaintances returning from the Northrend campaign he began a slow path to recovery. He made a hesitant return to the Kingdoms after efforts in Pandaria were well under way and still strives to find some sort of peace with the events of his past. He chose to join the Stormwind City Guard to aid his efforts.

Currently, he spends medical leave in the Jade Forest. His goal is to rest until he is deemed stable enough for active duty again as the near loss of his friends to a rigged shipment of drink smuggled into Elwynn Forest exploded, nearly taking out two other Officers, himself, and a Sergeant with it. The event and his inability to aid Barnaby, one of his closest friends in the Guard, struck a serious blow to his mental stability. Thankfully he travels now in good company with a war veteran by the name of Marcus Fenwary, an ex-paladin who has more in common with Verin than he thinks.


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