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[A] Tirien: Tirien 'Michael' Forewell

Postby Tirien » April 22nd, 2014, 3:02 am

Tirien ‘Michael’ Forewell

Physical Description –
Tirien is on the upper end, size-wise, for a Human with an above average height of 6’ 3” and a weight dancing around 215 to 225 lbs. He’s not too lithe or too bulky, just somewhere in between, though his broad skeleton makes him appear larger than he actually is. A long pony-tail keeps his dull gold hair off of his face, though he keeps his bangs cut short enough to not get in the way. Likewise, he keeps a full beard, trimming it enough to be presentable. The rest of him is covered, reasonably, with short, blonde hair as well. He has a cheerful face with a nice set of golden eyes the color of a wheat field in summer. He carries himself in a relaxed manner though an expert eye can see it’s a deliberate ruse; his movements are not wasted and he always occupies a spot with the best view of wherever he is.

He sticks to tough, durable clothing for everyday use and has a few pieces of dark colored armor for when he’s traveling, usually of hardened leather along with a balanced sword and heavy dagger. Being naturally left-handed, his weapons are reversed when wielded. The scent of wood smoke, leather and whatever ore he’s taken a contract to gather cling to him almost always.

Personality –
Tirien loves to have fun with as little responsibility to weigh him down as possible. As such, he prefers to keep a large distance from most folk with only a few he considers acquaintances and even fewer as friends. He’s quick to follow his suspicions, logical or not, to a tee and jump to conclusions, to his detriment, more often than not. He has a thick enough skin and can be stubborn, though when something manages to get past that wall he’s quick to lose his composure and follow through on whatever emotion it happened to trigger. He has a lot of inherent potential, though lacks any real ambition beyond achieving his major goals. Though the effort put toward the things that matter is substantial. Cross him and you’ll have a dangerous enemy, laugh with him and you’ll have an excellent drinking buddy, love him and you’ll have a hard time finding a replacement.

He prefers to face obstacles head-on and always looks for a way to gain the upper hand. Rarely does he resort to tricks when smart movement, intelligent swordplay and a cool-head would suffice. That said, he knows when he’s been beat and has no qualms over retreating to live another day.

Major Skills & Abilities –
Tirien has extensive training in swordplay and subterfuge, preferring the former. He’s naturally left handed which made training fairly difficult. He’s quick in internalizing the flow of conflict and accommodating to move with it to gain advantage. While not as adept, this bleeds into social conflict as well. Other skills include raising livestock and horses, fishing, basic hunting and tracking (utilizing traps instead of ranged weaponry), and prospecting for ore.

His single greatest skill is in disappearing without a trace, an ability refined and perfected after nearly a decade of avoiding his father’s efforts to locate him. Basic survival skills in most moderate climates and terrains fall under this category, though rarely was he forced into truly extreme environments.

Shortcomings –
Stated before, Tirien’s emotions get the better of him to good or bad effect once something gets past his defenses. He has little to no knowledge of Magic and how to counter it beyond specific methods unique to avoiding his father. He relies on alcohol to loosen up and to keep a solid footing socially.

Brief History and Current Whereabouts –
Tirien lived in/around Westfall growing up but left after his home burned to the ground around the age of seventeen, taking the lives of his mother and younger brother, Michael, with it. He presumed his father perished as well, though a year later found out otherwise. He also discovered his father’s involvement with events leading up to the fire specifically to the death of his brother, hence his determination to subvert and evade the man at every turn.

His childhood was spent causing mischief and generally making things difficult for the citizens of Westfall, particularly in Moonbrook. Most of that ended when he began lessons in swordplay and academics, caring much more for the former. His younger brother, Michael, participated as well but relied on Tirien’s natural abilities to help him keep pace though outclassed him in his academic studies. Where Tirien excelled in the practical, Michael excelled in the abstract, and often came up with creative solutions to avoid head-on confrontation. Folks who knew them considered them to be a part of the same coin; one was rarely seen without the other.

Recently, his travels ended in Elwynn after dealing a large enough blow to his father’s network to warrant letting his guard down, at least temporarily. From there, he became familiar with the regular patrons of The Hearthstone Bar and Restaurant inside the Lion’s Pride Inn, most notably with one of the co-owners, Shana Catai. His brief relationship with her ended after her disappearance and despite his best efforts he lost track of her shortly after finding her in Dalaran. Her location has since eluded him, mostly due to being locked inside the Westbrook Garrison for the better part of four months. He is confident she can handle herself and hasn't resumed a search.

After his release he sought out old contacts to once again mask his presence, feeling his time in prison was enough for his father to build momentum again. While the bulk of his connections are gone, enough remain to keep his efforts funded, primarily through fulfilling mining and ore delivery contracts for the Human provinces of Westfall, Duskwood, Elwynn Forest and the Redridge Mountains. He has yet to be contacted for illegal activity and prefers to keep it that way for as long as he can.


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