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Joined: April 3rd, 2016, 4:57 pm

Valoree Hopesfall

by Valoree » April 3rd, 2016, 5:38 pm

My past is sketchy. Anytime you are raised by a Gnome sketchiness is a way of life. Not because Gnomes are disingenuous, but because the are far more literal in their world view. Honourable never explained things to me. She just did things to create the best outcome possible. Honourable did not rely on intuition. Honourable cheated. She was a time walker. She visited multiple threads of time searching for the best outcome. Always trying to correct others perceived mistakes. I guess its best to explain how a good citizen of Lordaeron ended up with an insane Gnome mage. I guess it all started at Darrowshire.
The town was overrun. Redpath had betrayed the townsfolk. I remember the clashing of the swords and the mean screaming in agony. I had Matthew by my side. Momma said," Valoree get Matthew to safety outside of town. Maybe head for Hearthsglenn."
Matthew and I ran through town to the graveyard. That is when it happened. The scourge surrounded us. I pulled my knife out and tried to keep them away. I thought he was in my hand. My head spun around as I heard it..."Valooorreee...", He screamed as the tore him limb from limb. I was sure we were headed to the Light together when in a flash she appeared. She must have cast some sort of frost bomb spell as all of the undead were frozen on second and exploded in the next instant. I fell on my knees by the remains of Matthew and began to weep. "There is no time for grief Human girl we must go NOW!" The mage must have opened some sort of port because the next thing I remember was Dalaran. We in front of some sort of council. Honourable did her best to explain but she was asked to leave. She never explained what all happened but I think it had something to do with the bronze dragon flight.
I don't see the Gnome much anymore but the years that followed I was trained in the ways of the Light. She would visit from time to time. The Gnome was ever present in my life when I needed someone to set me straight or just to listen when I was remembering Darrowshire. I often asked her why she didn't save the rest of us. She would frown and lower her head. She never did answer me. So now I serve the Light just as Matthew always wanted.


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