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[A] (Grathier): Barnaby Grathier

Postby Grathier » April 4th, 2014, 8:13 am

Barnaby Francis Grathier

Age: 24

Occupation: Alliance Marine. Briefly Stormwind City Guard.

Languages: Common and a few pick-up lines in all other Alliance languages.

Description: Barnaby stands 5'11" high and averaging about 150lb with a thin and wiry look about him. Despite his age he looks closer to 35 than 25 with a charming yet forgettable face. His hair is black with a few strands of charcoal-grey scattered throughout and his eyes a dark sea-green. His hands are riddled with small scars from years of cuts, abrasions and old blisters which have also left them cracked and hard.

He generally wears old and durable clothing and equally worn boots. His belt carries a few small pouches and he often crosses a second belt with a pistol holster over it. Most of his clothing is scarred with old stitched up tears.

Personality: Barnaby is generally loose and impulsive, preferring room for improvisation over a strict plan. He drinks, smokes, gambles and swears a lot when socialising. He is quite forward and flirtatious with women and rarely passes up a chance to pick one up. His humor can be quite black at times. He is sharp, insightful and carries a natural flair of someone who could succeed at anything at life if they applied themselves to it. However, this has left him prideful, arrogant and quick to reject help from others.

When fighting or otherwise confronted with danger, Barnaby is decisive but still impulsive. He can be prone to acting without thinking of long-term consequences or implications. His military service has given him a sense of leadership, but he has shown to make a much better second-in-command.

Skills: Barnaby is highly skilled with guns, explosives, wilderness survival. He can quickly grasp the workings of most machinery in order to operate, repair or destroy it. Other minor skills include the bayonet (and by extension a spear), throwing knifes and axes. He is mechanically minded and adept at fixing things. He is also highly resistant to sickness and disease.

Weaknesses: He is average at best with swords and most melee weapons and his small size puts him at a disadvantage in fights. Due to repeated concussions and head injuries, he can be easily incapacitated with an unlucky blow to the head.

He is a high-functioning alcoholic and is quick to become frustrated when dealing with 'idiots'.

Brief History: Barnaby grew up on a farm near Andorhal, a happy and carefree childhood. When the undead came, his youth was cut short at the age of 11 when his father died and his mother took him to Theramore where he was forced to provide for the two of them. He was hunting in Dustwallow Marsh while barely a teenager to make ends meet.

After a few turbulent years, his mother remarried and just before he turned 15 and his stepfather sent him off to sea for a year. During this year, he learned of alcohol, debauchery and women and returned a changed man. He took up a gunsmithing apprenticeship for the next year and a half, excelling at the trade. When the Call to Arms went out for King Varian Wrynn's Northrend campaign, Barnaby was 17 and first in line to sign up - as a soldier instead of a tradesman.

He served with the 9th Brigade in Dragonblight and Wintergrasp before transferring to the Marines. After a lengthy stint on the Skybreaker, he was trained in tracking, scouting and jungle warfare and was quickly poached by the 7th Legion to accompany them to Gilneas (Contrary to popular belief, the 7th Legion isn't Special Forces - they simply have a higher standard of soldiering than other units and a fierce reputation to match). Upon returning to his unit, he served in the Twilight Highlands and aboard the Skyfire (post-Deathwing during its refurbishment) in the Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds. After that he was medically discharged but on suspicious circumstances.

Instead of resigning, he service transferred back to the army and joined the Stormwind City Guard where he served for a turbulent 18 months. When the Call to Arms went out to combat the Iron Horde, Grathier transferred back to his old unit and marched into Draenor under Admiral Taylor.

After becoming one of only a dozen or so survivors of the mutiny and subsequent slaughter by all things hostile in the Spires of Arak, he was dumped in another Marine battalion and fought at Grommashar where he was wounded in action. He is currently stationed in Nagrand.


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