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[A] (Myaka) Myaka Winterborne

Postby Myaka » April 1st, 2014, 1:22 am

Myaka Winterborne

Nickname: Mya

Gender, Race, Class: Female Human Warrior.

Age: 28

Occupation: Soldier of the Twilight Empire, Blacksmith

Languages: Common, basic orcish

Physical Description:
Myaka is at the average height for a human, and she has a lean but lightly muscled build.

Her hair is dark brown that when its not pulled back into a messy ponytail extends just about to her shoulders. She's very rarely seen with her hair out of its ponytail, because that is normally when she's not in plate armor.

The plate armor she normally wears is a blue and gold set that matches the tabard of the Twilight Empire. She is very rarely seen out of armor, and even rarer still is the tabard missing. The only adornments on the armor that stand out are two things: An etching of the snarling tiger of the Shado-Pan on her left shoulder, and an piece of leather cut into a shield shape is attached to the plate underneath that.

She has an old scar that runs up the right side of her face, from the middle of her neck, to an inch or so above her jaw.


Myaka is an introverted person to most strangers, but to those who get to know her she's a warm, teasing person. She doesn't like large boisterous crowds of people, as such she tends to avoid taverns. If she's ever found in one, she tends to sit in a corner away from the main groups, making sure to see the entrance so she can take note of who is coming and going. Mya is a reckless person who will often rush into battle without thinking too much on strategy, preferring to adapt as she goes. The only difference to this is when she's there as a guard for someone, then she tends to be a lot more cautious to ensure her charges get through what ever they are doing safely. Its very easy to see when she's guarding someone or some event, because she can always be seen leaning up against something so she can easily respond to any threat.


Myaka is skilled with sword combat, the two handed sword is her preferred weapon, though she can fight with one handed sword as well. Mya is very skilled in metalsmithing, she understands the different properties each metal can bring when used in weapons or armor and how they interact in the smithing process. Mya is more focused on weaponsmithing then armorsmithing. She does create armor for clients as a source of income, but weapons are made only for a select few.

Combat Tactics: Explaining combat to one not familiar with her fighting style is a strange concept. Mya's 'battlerage' as she calls it makes it so she can see and understand the fight in a very quick manner. She goes through the fight in her head, discarding tactics every few seconds. (For those who have seen them, think Sherlock Holmes in the new movies.)

Phobias and Weaknesses:

Mya does not like taverns at all, or large group of people. She doesn't like large crowds of people and will tend to be on edge when in a large crowd, only relaxing when the group thins out. The use of her surname 'Winterborne' alone will make her flinch back from who ever says it, especially if it is said in anger. She is also allergic to coconut.

Pet Peeves:

None of special note.

Special Possessions:

Mya has a few special possessions, her two handed claymore is a very important item to her, it was forged out of an unfinished sword she used in Theramore against someone who wanted to hurt her. The other item is her father's shield, she recently received this and its hung in her home in Stormwind.

Origin/Birthplace: Stratholme

Brief History:

By luck Mya avoided the Culling of Stratholme due to her and her brother visiting Lordaeron when Prince Arthas ordered the city put to the sword. When she and her brother were on the way home, they came across the survivors that were on the way to Kalimdor. Mya, hearing of the destruction of Stratholme felt that her parents would want her to go with the survivors. Her brother on the other hand didn't agree and went on to Stratholme. He was not seen again and is believed dead.

Mya then found herself in an unfamiliar place, alone. When the Burning Legion attacked and the Horde and Alliance joined forces to fight the demons she could not risk fear ripping another home from her and signed up for the Alliance army, even though she had no combat experience. The actions of the Horde convinced her that the Horde deserved a chance at peace as well.

After the fighting was over and Mya joined the Theramore Guard, violence did not disappear for Mya. Her radical views on the Horde put her in direct conflict with another guard, Dominic Sanders. Sanders was a violent sadistic man that only got worse when he was drunk. For years Myaka was abused both physically and mentally by him, and believed that attempting to tell anyone would lead to an even worse situation. Her interactions with Dominic colored many of her later traits and it is hard for people to work their way past her protective shell in regards to him.

Myaka left Theramore after another guard turned on her, giving the scar on the side of her face. Fearful of what would happen if she stayed in the city longer she worked through getting herself honorably discharged from the guard and getting her affairs in order to leave. After she left she joined the Twilight Empire, where she has been very happy since.
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