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[H] (Lomani): Lomani Greydawn

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » March 31st, 2014, 1:07 pm

Lomani Greydawn

Gender, Race, Class: female tauren Priestess (Seer)

Age: young, about 20 (younger than Baine Bloodhoof who should be 22-25 in MoP)

Occupation: seamstress

Languages: Taurahe, Orcish

Physical description: Lomani is a petite tauren woman.

She is both a bit slimmer and shorter than average. Her movements tend to be surprisingly fluid and graceful without conscious effort, and this combined with her size makes her seem somewhat delicate, for a tauren.

Her fur is a smooth and short silvery gray, fading to a lighter shade towards her front- no mottling of colors, no whirls in the texture. She looks shiny and sleek.

Lomani's lighter silvery hair is VERY long, the ends if let loose would reach down to her hocks. She usually keeps it in two braids, looped double to either side of her neck. There are small iridescent green feathers and polished green stone beads woven into the braids and shorter sections of her mane, but spaced so that they do not make noise when she moves. The shiny stones catch light and shine prettily.

Hidden in her long mane is a long and ugly scar, traveling from center at the base of her skull all the way forward on the right side to base of her horn. The horn on that side has been brutally broken and is almost completely gone. The jagged bits remaining are silent testament to what must have been a truly horrific injury. Lomani's head is usually tilted to the left due to the uneven weight.

Lomani's nails and hooves both are generally kept clean and smooth, and perhaps a bit longer than usual.

Lomani herself is bright-eyed and interested in the world around her. Her sparkling green eyes are like fresh grass after a rainstorm, shifting about in an observant sort of scanning rather than a nervous one, as if she's simply trying to see as much as she can. Her eyes reflect emotions without any sort of filter- they are the windows to her soul and she completely lacks for guile. What you see is what you get with Lomani.

Small things delight her, and she is easily pleased.

Lomani is not particularly outgoing, but she enjoys being in a crowd. She likes to meet and find out about other people, and she is generally calm and tolerant of all types. She knows very little about her self, and so she stays quiet, preferring to hear others' stories.

Lomani is a very nice person. She is generous if she can be, friendly and helpful. She is optimistic and usually happy. She is honest and trustworthy, and basically believes that most other people are too.

Lomani tends to stick to what is known and comfortable, especially with her injury. So much is new and strange, that these small activities such as sewing, sitting still and calmly, bring her comfort. She may follow others to something fun or adventurous, but she is not a thrill-seeker on her own.

Lomani strives to maintain a calm exterior, but that does not mean she isn't prone to emotional upheavals. If she is angry, it shows, or sad. She tends to be quick to get over or bury emotions like these to return to a happy calm state, though.

Lomani is very curious about almost everything. She appreciates art and pretty things, natural beauty. Her curiosity is a strong contrast for her hesitance to experience new things, and would usually be the reason why she would visit new places or try new things in the company of others. Never alone.

Lomani has an extremely low opinion of herself, though even she is not certain why. She may accept praise gracefully, but she does not believe it.

Skills: Lomani is very skilled with a needle and thread.

She has discovered the art of enchanting as well, and likes to see the puzzle of how things are made unravel before her eyes, the basic dust or shards able to be reformed at will.
She is good at cooking, but dislikes it very much.

Lomani seems to be a natural talent with the Light of An'she.

Combat Tactics: Lomani does not fight.

She has not tested her abilities in the area of physical combat skill and does not particularly wish to. She has been taught to use An'she's light and supposes she could use it to battle enemies if she had to, or more likely run away.

Phobias and Weaknesses: none known

Pet Peeves: Lomani dislikes messes and being dirty. She generally avoids bugs because they live in dirt and are creepy-crawly. Very much dislikes spiders.

Special Possessions: none, really.

Origin/Birthplace: unknown

Brief History:
Lomani was found in Northrend with a near-fatal head wound. She was brought by the nomadic and far-spread Snowfury tribe to Horde holdings. The aloof Snowfury tribesmen did not offer explanation.

Lomani spent almost 2 years in recovery, first at Dalaran. Once she could be transported, she was sent to continue healing in Bloodhoof Village. While there the seers took her under their tutelage, and all the healers have helped her in finding a new path of life to walk.

Lomani is actually Agiga, born to Oyohus and Wadulisi, fraternal twin sister to Kerala
Tauren Skytotem tribe healers may recognize Agiga, but almost no one knows of her family relations.
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Tauren: Lomani, Kerala, Anura, Coqui, Chanchu, Pipapipa, Heget
Undead: Aziris

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Re: [H] (Lomani): Lomani Greydawn

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » March 31st, 2014, 1:26 pm


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Tauren: Lomani, Kerala, Anura, Coqui, Chanchu, Pipapipa, Heget
Undead: Aziris


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