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[A] (Aerana): Aerana Dantay

Postby Aerana » March 20th, 2014, 5:04 pm

Aerana Dantay - A brief overview.

The basics:

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130lbs.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Falls to her shoulders

In Depth:

Stance: Aerana's stance is one of grace, though not the inherent grace of one born to nobility. Instead it is the grace that comes with years of leadership, years of making mistakes and learning from them. She is neither short nor tall, but rather average in both her height and her weight. Her deep sapphire eyes often exude a calmness, an inner tranquility that comes with an unshakable conviction in one's values and vision. However, though the occasion is rare, Aerana's tranquil demeanor has been known to shatter, leaving in its place a young woman dealing with responsibilities that are sometime overwhelming.

Hair: Falling to her shoulders, her deep brown hair is lustrous enough to be attractive, but not immaculate enough to suggest that she spends much time paying attention to it. Oftentimes during battles, her hair sways with her body as she channels her powers, leaving her a slightly frazzled appearance afterwards.

Attire: She can often be found in a long robe, elegant in its simplicity. During formal ceremonies, her robes are often of much higher quality, more elegant and befitting someone of her station. On such occasions her robes are most often a brilliant white or a deep sapphire trimmed in gold - the colors of the Empire. Her battle robes are also a sapphire colore, spotted with various gems that serve as additional conduits through which to channel and augment her power. An intricate pattern of woven golden threads surrounds the gems in a series of runes.

Voice: Her voice is quiet, carrying with it a hint of authority when the situation calls for it. Some might think that it seems overly formal at times or distant at times, reflecting her position within the Empire. At times, though, the timber of her voice greatly reminds the listener that this is only one young woman, thrust into a position that she may not have been ready for.

Overall:Overall, Aerana's appearance is a balance between the young woman she is and the leader she is expected to be. Depending on the specific time that one speaks with her, that balance may or may not be more of a struggle to maintain.

Personality Quirks:

Aerana often turns the conversation to another person instead of talking about herself. Very few people, even those she considers friends, know much about her or her emotions.

She purses her lips when she's thinking deeply about something (unless she's consciously trying to appear expressionless). She even has a tendency to bite her lower lip when she's unsure or nervous about something.

She greets almost everyone with a small incline of her head.

While she tries to remain impartial and calm, there are times when her anger gets the better of her. In these instances, she's been known to make rash declarations or even give in to violence.

Few people know a lot about Aerana. Most accept who she appears to be and neglect to delve deeper. Her closest friends are the people she works with the most - her Senators and her Chancellor. Yet even they know little about the woman they call an Empress.


Aerana's personality is as versatile as her many roles in life. She is able to adapt to numerous situations, usually in an attempt to put those around her at ease. Depending on the situation she's in, a person might observe one or more of the following personality types (and there are even some that aren't enumerated here).

As Empress: Empress Aerana Dantay commands easily with an air of authority. Her voice projects a confidence throughout the guildhall, even if she may not feel such complete confidence. She understands that as a leader, she must be a person that others have faith in and respect for. Thus she maintains a professional air at all times, slow to anger and quick to mediate. Her speech is often formal and she often gives extensive and impassioned speeches. As head of the Twilight Empire, her vocation is her passion and its a subject on which she never tires.

As an Mage: As a mage of the highest order, Aerana is confident in her powers but continually seeks to learn more and delve deeper into the Arcane. In the rare moments of spare time that she has, she can often be found sitting in the Park, an old tome resting on her lap as she sits and contemplates the words she just read. She is more than willing to share what she has learned in her travels and during her long with her younger Magi brethren.

She's progressed rather quickly through her training, which can be attributed to her voracious appetite for learning combined with her passion to do what is best for the Empire. Knowing that the Empire deserved an Empress knowledgeable in her field of study, she devoted herself to the arts of the Magi with a single-mindedness that surprised many.

As a Friend: Despite her many duties, Aerana strives to maintain the many friendships that she's made over the years. She can often be found sitting outside the Blue Recluse, catching up with an old acquaintance. Being very understanding and empathic, she finds herself a friend and confidant to many. As such, she bears their burdens on her shoulders, which, added to her other duties, can be quite wearing. Yet she does not complain and instead asks that others feel free to speak with her at any time.

Because of her role as a leader and caretaker of the Empire, she often assumes this same role in her many friendships. She rarely complains to those she speaks to, instead keeping her emotions largely to herself. Perhaps this stems from her perception that she should always be seen as a leader, as the stronger person. But the listening ear that she provides to others, along with the willing advice and offers to do what is necessary to help them nevertheless make her what many would term as "a good friend."

As an Enemy: Though Aerana can claim few enemies, being a leader it is inevitable that many will stand against her. Those who stand against her vision or harm those who stand under the banner of Twilight will find Aerana an implacable foe, capable of many harsh and stinging assessments. But words are not all that Aerana has against her enemies; she also has power and the willingness and intelligence to employ it wisely. She is not easily swayed by pretty words or false pretenses, though there are times that she has fallen prey to such tactics. However, much as she attained her power, she can hunt her foes with a single-mindedness that astonishes those around her.


"It is all a balance."

Aerana's philosophy is truly one of balance. She continually seeks to understand the psychological mechanisms behind a person's behavior. She is a leader who believes that all people make mistakes and thus deserve the chance to redeem themselves. Some might call her soft or weak, but she would ask of them why they allow the harshness of the world to warp their perceptions. There is a balance to maintain in all things: Peace and war, love and hate, compassion and strength, mercy and discipline.
"It is all a balance."
~Aerana Dantay, Empress of the Twilight Empire~


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