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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[H] (Adei): Adei Blazemaker

by Adei » May 19th, 2015, 10:47 pm

Full Name: Adei Blazemaker (nee Adei Moore, but that surname has long since been abandoned)
Nicknames: "Is not Adei short enough?"; Blazemaker ('Awakening' was a startling transition...her very first task was to aid the Undertaker to find more corpses to replace the neighbors Adei incinerated in fright)

Age: 23
Race: Forsaken (originally Gilnean Human)
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Skin: Appropriately 'deathly' pale
Eyes: Sockets picked clean by fish
Height: 5"
Physical Features: The Moores were simple proud folk. Like most Gilneans, they were strong, stout, and hardy. Adei is the polar opposite. Even more so in undeath, her body is oddly sinewy and waifish. Leather strips drape across the empty sockets that were her eyes. Her black hair dangles loosely around her face, streaked with soot and grease.


Being Human

Adei doesn't mention much regarding her life before death...except to chuckle and say that her father failed in saving their family from the threat that was the Forsaken. But all's well that end's well!


After awakening, then next two years were something of a blur. It seems that the outside world ended up coming to Adei.

Despite Ser Moore's "solution" of keeping his family from the invading Forsaken, Adei now finds herself quite comfortably among their numbers. The cataclysm that drove half of Gilneas into the sea was quite the fortunate even as it kept the last of Ser Moore's plans from coming to fruition. It took only a few hours before the bodies of the dead were being 'harvested' by the Forsaken, eager to keep filling their ranks.

A pile of burned corpses and some time figuring out how to see the world (in all meanings of the phrase) later, Adei was quickly shuttled off to the front lines of the Forsaken and then the Horde’s conflicts. Having spent much of her life unerringly following orders, she transitioned in ‘unlife’ quite smoothly as she continued to follow orders as a foot soldier, more than eager to pay back the Alliance that had “abandoned” her nation in life.

Battle after battle, skirmish after skirmish, it took a war zeppelin crash onto the misty shores of a new land to ground Adei. Nursed back to wakefulness by the cautious and curious Pandaren, Adei spent most of the Pandaren conflict removed from the war and instead wrapped in a sleepy mountain village that she loathed to leave.

But as always, the outside world always had a way of peeking its head in. Some of the Pandaren in her village, curious about the world that the outsiders have brought in, decide to leave. Anxious to keep her new family safe, Adei bids farewell to the elders and leaves with them. (“Never final good-byes, Ms. Adei. We expect to have you all back again!”). They leave Pandaria a neutral party of explorers. The Dark Portal is red--ever enthusiastic, her Pandaren volunteer to aid the effort and save Azeroth.

When she joins Sanctuary in Draenor though, she is noticeably alone.

Place of residence: Sanctuary Garrison
Place of Birth: Outskirts of Gilneas in a village near the shores of its closed off harbor
Known Relatives: All deceased that she knows of
Religion/Philosophy: She would claim to have none, but she does find a childlike hope in the safety of the 'Light'. On the flip side, since her time in Pandaria, she also has developed a good faith in their geomancy.
Occupation: Simple soldier of the Horde—but now part of an exploration company of Pandaren.

Group/Guild affiliation: Recently coaxed out of isolation by Kexti into Sanctuary
Guild Rank: Initiate

Enemies: "Out there? Out there they don't care. Gilneas saves itself." - Ser Moore Born after Gilneas shut itself off from the world, Adei carries an ingrained disdain for the Alliance. This disdain grew to outright hatred as war against the Forsaken grew more and more dire. Then there were the worgen. Growing up being fed tales of ravenous wolf-men, Adei has a great fear of the worgen.
Likes: Light and warmth--a rare commodity in an undead world--but easily rectified with fire magic.
Dislikes: Chaos, turn-coats, not knowing her place in the world, uncertainty, being put on the spot, decision making--

Weapons of Choice: Fire. Lots and lots of fire.

Special Abilities: Adei has an uncanny gift with flame. It might as well be so since that is near her only perfected talent. Funny enough, she has some working knowledge of boats and sea travel.
Positive Personality Traits: "Is there anything I may aid with?" Loyal to a fault; stubborn and headstrong with her tasks
Negative Personality Traits: "Undead! I need someone to fetch me and my boys more weapons from the camp. Go gettim'!" Tends to lack her own agency and does not question orders much when given. She also tends to require a lot of affirmation from those she deems as 'authority figures'.
Misc. Quirks: Even though she is trying to be more engaging, she tends to wallflower and even at times might slip into invisibility while observing. Some might find her eavesdropping habits to be slightly...unnerving
Hobbies: People watching, exploring, wandering, being useful

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Re: [H] (Adei): Adei Blazemaker

by Jenasis » May 21st, 2015, 8:53 pm

As a long time Forsaken fan I can't stop myself from replying to this.
I LOVED IT! If only there were a hundred more of you running about.

This was my favorite part:
Adei wrote:her father failed in saving their family


Thank you for posting this!

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Re: [H] (Adei): Adei Blazemaker

by Adei » May 27th, 2015, 2:30 am

Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely having fun playing her!


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