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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[H] (Kerala): Kerala "Windchaser"

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » March 30th, 2014, 1:50 am


Gender, Race, Class: female tauren druid

Age: young, about 20 (younger than Baine Bloodhoof who should be 22-25 in MoP)

Occupation: none. Enjoys searching for gem nodes in the earth and creating trinkets from what she finds, has quite the financial stash from this pastime

Languages: Taurahe, centaur version of bastardized Common

Physical Description: Kerala is a distinctly wild-looking tauren woman.

Her fur is chaos. Individual hairs are variegated colors, and as a whole her coat is many different shades of brown in no particular pattern, though generally darker on her back and lightening towards her front. The coat is smooth no where on her body- there are constant swirls waves or cowlicks which make her seem scruffy and unkempt.
Her mane is a darker brown, and the hair grows just as wildly as her coat- thick curls and fluff sticking every which way. She has managed to tame it only enough to catch bunches of hair into wavy tufts to either side.

Her muzzle and hide bear numerous scars of varying lengths and shapes. The nature of her fur makes many of these less noticeable on a first glance, but for the ones on her face.

Kerala has clear bright green eyes, calm and intelligent. Surrounded as they are in such disorder, her eyes are a startling and beautiful feature. Her face is framed in low forward-curving horns of nautural brown, with very wicked-looking sharp tips.

Kerala wears no adornments of any kind, and minimal clothing- usually a dress of a simple cloth that drapes over the shoulders, open on the sides and only kept in place with a few ties of cord. She doesn't seem to care overmuch about appearance. Her hands are often dirty in a neglectful way and her nails and hooves are often chipped or split due to carelessness.

She is an extremely skinny tauren lady.

Kerala speaks very quietly, when she talks at all. Her voice is low, almost a whisper most of the time. Her words are tainted with a peculiar accent. Her ears and eyes are usually in constant motion, watching and listening.

Kerala is introverted. She tends to be quiet and prefers to be alone. She might seem shy around others, but this tends to be more from a lack of experience in social matters than any actual desire to avoid contact. She does enjoy her time around people. She is somewhat disagreeable. She is not solely concerned only for her own well-being, but she is a survivor and will not compromise herself for the sake of others. She trusts no one. She is extremely impulsive, and emotions are involved in most of her actions. She has a short temper which almost always leads to violence- a habit for survival that she is trying to break with limited success so far. Kerala is unfamiliar with the complexity of emotions that being around others is triggering in her, so she's highly volatile. She is more comfortable with what is familiar to her than new things. She is straightforward in her thinking rather than subtle, and she appreciates truth and bluntness.

Skills: A druid of instinctive talent. Reluctant but skilled by experience in personal combat versus one or few opponents. Has a keen eye for spotting gem nodes peeking above the earth's surface and mining them with minimal impact. Can shape gems with significant precision and care, but has no real creativity when it comes to carving figurines or making the gems into jewelry.

Combat Tactics: Currently avoids fighting unless she gets angry. Fighting was a way of life for so long its habitual, but she wishes to be more. She's trying to learn to be a healer. Kerala is skilled with the use of a spear, is handy enough with a dagger, but mostly fights as a bear.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Extremely claustrophobic. Avoids caves (except the one she lives in, well-lit by crystals), small spaces, and crowds of people. She is uncomfortable almost anytime she cannot see the sky or natural light, and can often be noticed glancing at windows while indoors. She wears loose non-constricting clothing.
Kerala does not eat meat of any kind.

Pet Peeves: none

Special Possessions: Kerala owns nothing. Previously- the clothes on her back. She was rescued from captivity in an outfit of ragged hide. For awhile this was still her only clothing and she took pains to clean and care for it. Recently, she came to the realization that she had to move on from the past, and she burned the clothes at a ceremony of remembrance hosted by the Bloodfury. Only Kilgora and Stonzgrinda know why she valued the clothes.

Origin/Birthplace: born out in some grass somewhere

Brief History: Kerala is daughter of Oyohus and Wadulisi, fraternal twin sister to Agiga (Lomani).

When she was 11, Kerala and her father, as well as several other tauren from their group were captured by Magram centaur. In an attempt at escape, Kerala's father was killed and Kerala was desperate enough to remain and challenge the centaur instead of continuing the likely-futile attempt to flee. Magram value strength above all, and Kerala was kept captive instead of eaten. She fought for their entertainment for years. It was during these dangerous fights that Kerala learned to shift to animal form through intense fury. Eventually, malnourishment and improper care led to impaired fighting ability and she was sent to the tunnels to mine gems. Kerala was well on her way to death by starvation or infection when she was rescued by the Cenarion Circle.

Kerala intends to become a healer.
Her goal is to revive the Horns of the Shuhalo, a group of elite tauren who work for the greater good of the people. The tauren are rooted in Thunder Bluff, but the unity that was sought by Cairne when he brought the tribes together to survive against the center has been diluted and forgotten. The tauren must be strong now more than ever, and the Horns must set the example.

“Chasing the wind” tauren phrase meaning to doing something that is without purpose or virtue, meaningless or impossible.

((The name "Kerala" came about on my second attempt at a druid toon. Having healed, I wanted to learn how to tank, if only to say I've done it, and because I wanted to know if healing was the ONLY role I enjoyed. Still planning to convert to a healer at max level, I googled "Tree of Life" I think. I found out that a coconut tree was often refered to as a Tree of Life because it is invaluable as food and general survival resource. Kerala is an island, that I think has a main export of cocnut goods, or was somehow related otherwise. I thought it was pretty.))
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Re: [H] (Kerala): Kerala "Windchaser"

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » March 30th, 2014, 1:51 am


If Everyone Cared - Uyohus loves Wadulisi

CHILDHOOD before Warcraft
(Don't You Worry Child - Kerala's dad reassures her)
Counting Stars - Kerala comforts Agiga
Stand Up - Kerala's mother stands
In The End - Agiga blames herself

CAPTURED before Warcraft
Dragula - Kerala battles scorpids
Sahara - orc runs from centaur
Desolate Prisoner - Kerala in a cage
Enough - centaur worries about Kerala
Time of Dying - dying Kerala hallucinates

Wrath of the Lich King

RESCUED circa Cataclysm
(Rescue - Keth saves Kerala)
So Far Away - Kerala weak and free in Glade
Everybody Talks - Keth gives Kerala a flower
Moves Like Jagger - Keth tries to win Kerala
Higher - Kerala takes Silverwing on a joyride
Faint - Keth talks with Kerala
Wasting My Time - Kerala leaves the Glade
Fake It - Kerala overlooks TB
Bank - Kerala makes a deposit to TB bank
Rescue - Kerala remembers

CURRENT Mists of Pandaria
Rage (RP) - Kerala meets Wolfskycloud
Honoring The Lost (RP) - Kerala attends a “funeral”
Don't You Worry Child- Kerala reads, remembers
Don't Trust Me - Kerala closes a book and goes to sleep

() indicates flashback portion of a story

Oyohus- adapted Cherokee word for "dead"
Wadulisi- Cherokee word for "honey"
Soquili- Cherokee word for "horse"
Agiga- adapted Cherokee word for "beloved", what my real name also means.
Words from this website
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Tauren: Lomani, Kerala, Anura, Coqui, Chanchu, Pipapipa, Heget
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Re: [H] (Kerala): Kerala "Windchaser"

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » July 8th, 2014, 4:49 pm

I hope I did this right.


Something old: A trait typical of the race, hardwired into his ancestry.
Kerala is strong in the general sense of the Shu'halo people as a whole. Physically, she may not have the muscles to lift heavy things like another female of her size, but she had the stamina to withstand years of torment and malnutrition at the hands of the Magram. Additionally, the Shu'halo people are strong mentally- they had to have the cunning and adaptivity to hunt the creatures of the first dawn.

Something new: A way in which this character is a bit of a "rebel" or stands out from what you'd expect of the stereotype.
While arguably this could be a stereotypical trait for a druid, I don't think it would be for a tauren druid, who would be primarily interested in preserving balance and respecting nature and the Earth Mother. Kerala only spent a small part of her childhood with her own people, and so she still has that impulsive drive that mellows out of maturing Shu'halo. She acts on raw emotions far too frequently, and she does it NOW, not later. A typical tauren is known to take time to think things over, to ponder different courses of action, or the repercussions of those actions. Kerala, not so much.

Something borrowed: A personality trait "borrowed" from his class or profession. Not exactly accurate, since the personality trait is inborn, and they probably chose the profession based on their personality, rather than just adopting this trait because of their profession, but hey, it's a mnemonic, so sue me.
It seems to me that most definitions of this word apply to Kerala. Gems and minerals would generally be considered deeply hidden in mines or the earth, so it fits the profession of a miner/jewelcrafter, and the colors of gems are often a rich hue that often gets referred to as intense or deep. The word applies to Kerala's main fear- intense and penetrating. It refers to her emotional reactions- losing one's temper is called going off the deep end. Deep can mean mysterious or obscure- and many things about Kerala should be that, if I've RPed her properly.

Something blue: This is something just for "color." This should be the trait that makes the character most interesting to others, that draws others to them - the one they'll remember most. This is often one of their most likable or at least interesting traits - the reason people choose to spend time with them. It can be something related to race or class OR something a bit unusual, but its main purpose is to make this character *interesting.* It differs from the "something new" in that a person can be unusual for their race/class without being interesting or likable.
Kerala is unrefined and uninhibited. She says what she thinks, often being blunt or tactless. Her views on nudity are unconventional (I can't be naked, I'm covered in FUR!), and she's not embarrassed by common things like appearance or making mistakes.
Tauren: Lomani, Kerala, Anura, Coqui, Chanchu, Pipapipa, Heget
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Re: [H] (Kerala): Kerala "Windchaser"

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » July 8th, 2014, 6:16 pm

Character Development Questionaire

1. List four things you like very much.
Flying, Rain, Green places, Wind

2. List four things you dislike very much.
Meat, Centaur, Cages, Anger

3. Did you have a happy childhood?
I did, yes...

4. Describe the incident in childhood that you think most affected you.
I disobeyed my father for the chance to save the rest of my family, and was captured by centaur.

5. Describe your mother and how you feel about her.
I don't remember her well. She was beautiful, I think. She was kind-hearted.

6. Describe your father and how you feel about him.
The bravest man I've ever known. Strong, honorable. A protector. Stubborn idiot. I miss him terribly.

7. What are you favorite pastimes?

8. What person do you think has most influenced you?

9. How do you feel about sex?
Necessary for procreation.

10. What are your people's religious beliefs?
The Shu'halo believe they are the children of the Earth Mother, a benevolent deity that created the world and themselves. The sun and moon are her eyes and she watches over them.

11. How far do you go along with these beliefs, and how important are they to you?
I may use the phrases common to the Shu'halo to wish someone well in a way they appreciate, but I do not believe.

12. How are your people organized and led?
Once we were travelers, led by wisemen and elders, and the strongest hunters and warriors we followed. We grouped by families or tribes. Now, we still have tribes and family names, but the Shu'halo recognize Baine Bloodhoof as leader and choose to follow him and his guidance. His father allied the Shu'halo with the Horde.

13. How do you feel about the leadership, and how important is it to you?
Baine's father Cairne had the idea to bring all of the wandering tribes together, differences or not, to unite and stand strong against the centaur- our biggest threat. I feel that is a wise decision and is the only way that the Shu'halo people can survive and thrive against any hardship now or to come.

14. What is your philosophy of life?
Live it, I guess.

15. If you could have any tangible thing in the world you wanted, what would it be?
It is impossible.

16. Have you any physical difficulties?

17. What kind of education have you had, and how did you feel about it?
I recall one or two songs and stories from childhood. I've recently learned to read. Spelling is just ridiculous, it is entirely too complicated.

18. How do you think other people react to you as a person?
Why are you asking me? Go ask them.

19. What are you proudest of?
I can fly.

20. What are you most ashamed of?
Several things, none of which I wish to be public knowledge.

21. What is your deepest fear?

22. How do you feel about food?
Necessary for survival. I like apples. Also mushrooms. Cooking is mostly optional. The spice bread favored by the Shu'halo is wonderful.

23. What makes you feel good?
Being a bird, flying. Rain falling in Un'goro. Not being alone, but sometimes, being alone.

24. What do you dream about?
Mostly nightmares.

25. What do you try hardest to avoid?
Getting angry. Fighting. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.

26. What makes you angry? How do you react when you're angry?
...Too many things. Unusually I react physically, which is bad. I'm working on that.

27. How do you react to your people's relationship with the world around you?
I'm not sure what you're asking.

28. What one person had the greatest affect on you as a child?
In childhood and in general, I think the answer remains: myself.

29. How athletic are you?
Athletic? I am no athlete.

30. How methodical are you?
I'm not, really.

31. What are your chief taboos?
I don't know what that word means.

32. How much traveling have you done?
Does flying count as traveling? If it does- a lot. If not, I have not traveled much at all. I've been in Desolace a lot, and Mulgore. Un'goro. I've visited a harbor in Azshara and the ruins of Lordaeron.

33. Describe a situation in which you behaved courageously.
I diverted the bulk of a centaur raid from killing my friends and some of my family.

34. Do you see yourself as a self-centered person?

35. Do you see yourself as a loving person?

36. Do you see yourself as a popular person?

37. Do you see yourself having a potentially important influence on the world?
No... but I hope to have some influence on it.

38. What is the purpose of your race?
The Shu'halo believe they are the Earth Mother's children. They hunted and tamed the wild beasts of the first dawn. I suppose they still believe in that purpose.

39. How artistic are you?
I'm not, really. I'm not creative enough. But I like to shape gems so that they sparkle.

40. How do you feel about material things?
A person needs some things to survive- shelter, warmth, food. The rest is extra.

41. What are your plans for the future?
I hope to find the Horns of the Shu'halo or, if I cannot, to recreate it. My people have many threats to face and we must stand united together in order to survive.

42. How idealistic are you?
I would say I am optimistic.

43. How realistic are you?
I dream of great things, I suppose, but I do not expect miracles.

44. How successful are you?
So far- not.

45. Name the four things you object to in other people.
People should not be mean, they should not use others. If it doesn't hurt anything, don't judge others or their actions. Being rude counts as mean... hmm. I can't think of a fourth just now.

46. Name the four things you object to in yourself.
I'm not very good with people. I get angry too much. And the other things I cannot change.

47. How gullible are you?
I don't think I am.

48. How intelligent are you?
I may be ignorant of many things, but I'm not stupid.

49. Does the end justify the means?
I think so, but it doesn't make anything easier.

50. How attractive are you physically?
I'm not.

51. Do you believe there is anything worth dying for? What experiences led you to this conclusion?
I would have died to protect my family.

52. What do you worry about the most?
There is a lot about the world I don't know. I cannot protect anyone if I don't know what to protect them from.

53. What makes life worth living for you?
It just... is.

54. What is the difference between good and evil?

55. What kind of person would you like to be?
I want to help others. I want to protect them, but I don't want violence anymore. I'm learning that a druid can heal others, it's not just about becoming an animal. I hope I can be good at that, I think.

56. What ideas in the history of the world as you know it should be forgotten?
I see no reason to be merciful to evil people or things. When did the Shu'halo, who think they used to hunt savage beasts that hid in shadows, become people who allow evil creatures to thrive, to HELP them? Erm... next question?

57. What changes taking place in the world as you know it should be encouraged,
which discouraged?

Centaur are NOT our friends. The Cenarion Circle has made a disastrous error in not only saving a tribe from extinction, but also in UNITING all the tribes. I cannot fail in doing the same for the Shu'halo people. I can't help but believe that the events in Desolace will cause much grief for my people...

58. What ideas now popular among the people you know do you consider
potentially dangerous?

I don't know very many people yet.

59. What do you think is worth knowing?
Isn't everything worth knowing? That is the purpose of learning.

60. How do you feel about violence?
Trying to avoid it.

61. Do you have any children? Describe them if you do.
I had one. She was beautiful. She is dead now.
Tauren: Lomani, Kerala, Anura, Coqui, Chanchu, Pipapipa, Heget
Undead: Aziris


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