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[H] (Breygrah): Breygrah Ragetotem

by Breygrah » March 3rd, 2015, 3:38 am

Breygrah (or just Brey)
Female Shu'halo Warrior
Age: Late 20s, born in the Spring
Languages: Taurahe, not-quite fluent Orcish; She sounds awkward at times.
Affiliation: Horns of the Shu'halo

Breygrah is short, strong, and lean. Her eyes are pale blue, and her skin and fur vary in tone from a rich brown to light beige. She keeps her fur and mane soft and smooth obsessively, not for others but for herself as the single thing she's really vain about. Her mane could still often be described as an organized mess, and it's usually pulled into two bound or braided tails on either side of her head. There are no strong physical characteristics that could make her stand out, outside of her size and a snapped and chipped horn she looks like a perfectly average tauren woman. She most often carries the scent of a mix of wildflowers. She wears heavy plate, and regularly maintains it herself. One would only find it scuffed, beaten, or worn after a particularly long tour out in the world. She carries a large and almost cumbersome shield on her back and sword on her side.

She feels at home in Mulgore, and now also in Highmountain, but there is nowhere in particular that she claims to be her home. Brey was born in Desolace near the border, and raised in Stonetalon and the Barrens. Her parents still live, as well a many other family members, but she is only in sporadic contact with them, as they have never come to accept her choice to carry the shield.

Breygrah was born to the Thunderhorn Tribe to a family of hunters. When time for her training had come, it took her a great while to figure out how to properly aim a bow or rifle. When she was at least satisfactory, her mastery over beasts was even more lacking. Since she had heard the whispers of the spirits since she was young, the family attempted to mentor her under the guidance of the greatmother shaman, but these training attempts fell even more flat than the previous.

A representative of the Ragetotem tribe, Ortel, was visiting her settlement when he observed Breygrah sparring during her free time with her friends. While she didn't win each bout, the trained eye of the warrior saw her quick eye and agile strikes. He saw that she could indeed have won easily every time, but chose not to, perhaps for humility's sake. The fighter put in great effort and time to convince the family to allow her to leave with him. They argued that she was too small to possibly ever fight safely, but as she was nearing adulthood quickly, she ultimately did gladly go along in hopes of finding her place among the warrior tribe.

Her travels took her across the continents, and into the Dark Portal. She somewhat worked for the Aldor in Shattrath, only fleetingly with the Shattered Sun, but she mainly kept solitary and never name a great name for herself. It wasn't until the journey into Northrend neared that she found herself among the ranks of the Horns of the Shu'halo, who spurred her into becoming a great defender and let loose a fount of confidence from her meek spirit. She was eventually popularly voted guild Matron, and helped lead the assault against the great ziggurat Naxxramas. The Horn's successes were swift, but events in Icecrown would cause her to suffer a great loss. Breygrah felt compelled by the spirits to wander the lands so she could grasp at their wisdom, but she also perhaps wanted solitude to grieve. She took her leave from her Horns with their blessings to live in seclusion, trekking the continents of Azeroth once again. Mourning passed after a time, but whether it was to keep away from people or prevent being a burden, she wandered still.

The quickening rumors of the Dark Portal flickering to life again greatly piqued her interest, and Brey made her way to the Portal once again, almost as meek as she had been the first time years ago. Between the wild, primal lands and the tumultuous events of the next few months, she has been at odds with herself while futilely trying to maintain peace between others. She has earned herself a few cherished friends, as well as few enemies, which is strange for her. Until now, she can't remember having one enemy in her life.


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