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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A/H] Vionora Minara (Deceased)

by Vionora » February 18th, 2015, 5:31 pm

Full Name: Vionora Minara
Former Name: Tassha Rain Minara
Nicknames: Vi, Vio
Age: 68 (young adult)
Race: Quel'dorei/Kal'dorei
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Dusky tan
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs


Vionora is a strange sight for various reasons. She is taller than the average Sin'dorei or Quel'dorei female, but has the slender physique and ear shape of one. Yet her skin is a dusky tan, much darker than typical, contrasting against her bright blonde hair. Because of this, at a casual glance, it might be possible to take her for any of the three races of elves. However, the defining feature that might be used to identify her race – the color her eyes glow – is the strangest part of her appearance: they glow gray.

Her hands are often covered by gloves, but when they are not, glowing marks are visible on the backs: on the right, two amber circles nearly overlapping, and on the left, a purple demonic rune of sealing.

Early Life
Vionora, born Tassha, was raised in a troubled environment. Her mother, Yolanta, was a Quel'dorei mana addict and prostitute who fell in love with a night elf. However, when she got pregnant, the night elf left her to raise Tassha alone. Yolanta seemed to have some support from her brother, but he was actually horribly abusive. Not only was he molesting his own daughter Shaena and abusing Tassha, but Shaena was actually the product of his assaulting Yolanta. Yolanta eventually killed herself, and in front of Tassha, only not killing Tassha first because she lacked the courage.

Tassha was outcast due to her half-bred heritage, which only exacerbated the behavioral issues she already had due to problems at home, which then resulted in harsher treatment. Before the age of majority, she ran away and joined the Rangers by lying about her age. There she met Jazziks and Sinaku Wolfrunner, a very close pair of siblings who were charismatic and talented. Tassha quickly became infatuated with Sinaku, who had no interest in her, but who was happy to manipulate her to his own ends.

The First Eclipse
After a traumatic event happened to his sister, Sinaku started studying dark magics and broke away to form the Rangers of the Dark Sun. Tassha followed, even when he drove off Jazziks by setting down a path to summon Accalia, a powerful, hungry god who wanted to prey on the entire world; Tassha was happy to watch the world burn if that was what he wanted. Sinaku rewarded Tassha's loyalty with a stronger version of Accalia's mark than any other Dark Ranger had received. She used this power to deliberately infect a good number of people in Silvermoon with the curse, and later returned under the sway of Accalia's power to kill them all. Though those actions hadn't been her own, she simply shrugged it off.

Tassha then concocted a plan to infiltrate the ranks of Jazziks' allies with a convincing story of abuse at Sinaku's hands. However, although her acting was flawless, she discovered that those she had tormented were entirely unmoved by her story... that they didn't care how much she needed them, because of the kind of person she'd been all her life. This bothered her on a level she was unable to acknowledge until she faced Jazziks and the girl turned away with nothing but scorn despite what she had actually endured. Tassha took a knife to herself and would have died if Diomades and Thoraggar had not intervened.

Many remained dubious of Tassha's true intentions, but Thoraggar began to believe there was something more to the girl than the selfishness and cruelty she had always displayed. He took the unwilling girl under his wing, and surprisingly, under his guidance she began to show promise. However, one of Jazziks' allies, Elek, had a particular disgust for her, and every time they met Tassha reverted to her former self, becoming horrid and trying to provoke everyone around her, especially him. Believing the girl had valuable intelligence on Sinaku's intentions and whereabouts, Elek demanded that Thoraggar give Tassha into his custody for a short time. Thoraggar would not have allowed it except that Tassha was compelled to plead for him to. Defeated, her let her go.

In Stratholme, Elek tortured her until her spirit was broken; but when they came back, they were both irreversibly changed.

Tassha, subdued with no sign of her former antagonistic self, abandoned her post as a Ranger and began studying to be a priestess. She was briefly controlled by Accalia's power when Sinaku was confronted, but survived. For many months after she spent her time studying the Light, practicing her magic, and cooking for Thoraggar.

However, the curse of the Eclipse was not yet over. She began to be haunted by nightmares, and the night Accalia was defeated, she awakened to find herself living one. Somehow back in Stratholme with Elek, she was trapped with him in an unchanging hell, unable to escape, change anything around them, or even die. There, both embraced the darkest within them, venturing far beyond at the point from which anyone should have been able to return to humanity or even sanity. But it was there that Tassha was able to come to the understanding that her suffering didn't help anyone else. She and Elek became very close, and together were finally able to break free of the hell Accalia had created for them.

Seven Quiet Years
Tassha returned after living two years in the nightmare world to find that only two days had passed in the mortal realm – and that Thoraggar had died to save his friend Leoren. The priestess quietly moved on, seeking her own path in life.

To get away from her past, she gravitated to the Alliance, where she was able to pass as a Kal'dorei due to her dark skin, and changed her name to Vionora Minara. For a time, she worked as a healer in relative obscurity. However, over the years, the sense of meaning in life she'd grasped upon escaping from Accalia's dream prison slipped away, as she came to realize that she was surrounded by suffering, and that nothing truly made a difference in the end. She continued her work out of a sense of obligation, but ceased to care about anything.

The Second Eclipse
A warlock named Malhavik abruptly broke her catatonia when he kidnapped her to use her in his experiments. Vionora was once more tortured, this time with the fel, something she abhorred on a primal level, and then Malhavik's experiments led to him putting a seal on her soul that prevented her from being able to absorb magic from her environment as all elves need to do to survive. However, unaware of her past, Malhavik did not realize the potential she possessed due to bearing the inert mark of the Eclipse, and when enough power was forced into her, it reforged the connection between Accalia and the mortal realm. Vionora was made the Predator-God's new avatar, and at the same time, she came to the realization that the fact that the world was made of suffering meant that the only reasonable thing to do would be to end it all.

Vionora set about spreading the curse in order to empower Accalia and summon her to destroy the world. However, two veterans of the last Eclipse quickly wised up to what was going on and started organizing a defense, bringing in many others to resist. Nonetheless, the curse spread, and with great power granted by being Accalia's Herald, Vionora was near-unstoppable.

At the same time, she was drawn back to Malhavik, who was developing a fascination with her. He saw a potential in her to become an agent of strife and to glory in it as he did. However, Vionora only cared about the upcoming end of the world; an end she knew would come to her with either Accalia's victory or defeat, as Accalia's power was the only thing sustaining her with the seal burned into her soul. As a result, after Vionora was seriously wounded in a battle, Malhavik took the opportunity to bind her soul to a soulstone, ensuring that even when she died her spirit would survive. Vionora's hopes, such as they were, were turned upside-down, and she became convinced only Malhavik could teach her how to bear the suffering of life that was forced upon her.

Things changed when she met a human man named Tirien. He was kind, sympathetic, and didn't judge her. Though others had seen how troubled she was and had tried to reach out to her, she hadn't believed any of them really understood or didn't condemn her. With him, she finally believed. Learning to care for another, she finally found something to live for.

Vionora began trying to reverse what damage she could, although it was evident Accalia had already gathered more power than she had the last time and would undoubtedly be entering the mortal realm when the next eclipse came. A surprising number of those who had been ranged against her welcomed her change of heart, but Malhavik was troubled by her new independence. However, Vionora realized that there was a part of her that wanted the kind of relationship she and Malhavik had, and she embraced it. Malhavik decided to try to remove the seal in the moment of Accalia's breaking through to the mortal realm, the only time when it might be possible to do so without killing Vionora in the process.

In the last moments of the battle against Accalia, Vionora realized that despite what she had accepted about herself, her nature was still self-destructive and in the end would always harm those around her. Even if she survived the Eclipse, she would never be able to escape that. But the end came then when Accalia, on the brink of defeat, devoured Vionora's soul whole, ending her life.

Theme Songs
In chronological order
  • "Silver and Cold", AFI
  • "In the Limitless Desire", Megumi Hayashibara
  • "This Night", Black Lab
  • "Hurricane", 30 Seconds to Mars
  • "Shot in the Dark", Within Temptation
  • "Unbreakable", Fireflight
  • "Razors Edge", Digital Daggers
  • "Stairway to the Skies", Within Temptation

In chronological order
  1. The Curse (Sinaku becomes possessed by evil magic, and Tassha gladly aids him.)
  2. Notice (The Infection) (Evil spreads in Silvermoon.)
  3. Penumbra (Tassha has withdrawn from daily life, but is not yet free from the curse.)
  4. Reveries (Tassha finds herself trapped in her own personal hell. But she is not alone.)
  5. Legacies (Tassha lives on, though she misses those who do not.)
  6. Long Days, Longer Nights (Many years later, Tassha has taken a different name.)
  7. The Beginning of the End (Xara bumped into Vionora a year before the new Eclipse began.)
  8. The Catalyst (Finally, it's too much.)
  9. Incarceration (She chooses her allies.)
  10. Quarantine (A warlock makes her an offer she can't accept.)
  11. Curse These Old Bones (Smithe attracts Vionora's attention.)
  12. A Night of Broken Faith (Vionora ignites a conflict.)
  13. Ruthlessness (Vionora and Naheal talk...)
  14. The Mark of the Predator (Over seven years prior, Sinaku unleashed Tassha on the world.)
  15. Things to Fear (Vionora appears in Warspear, and battle breaks out.)
  16. To Wax or Wane (Vionora gains control of a powerful artifact, but the victory is not lasting.)
  17. Umbral Shadows (Vionora falls completely under Malhavik's influence.)
  18. The Fall (Vionora speaks to someone genuinely sympathetic.)
  19. The Battle at the Sunwell (The effort to destroy the black book is disrupted by Vionora.)
  20. Divergent Darkstorm (The alternate Fhenrir accepts Vionora's offer.)
  21. Battle at the Docks (The Righteous Light confronts Tirien and incites Vionora's wrath.)
  22. Time to Strike (The ritual to stop Vionora begins.)
  23. Unexpected Alliances (Vionora tries to stop Smithe.)
  24. Between Shadow and Darkness (Vionora chooses something she never knew was a choice.)
  25. Shadows Held Dear (Vionora comes into conflict with Hunter.)
  26. Just ain't the same (Tirien's viewpoint of Vionora.)
  27. The Eclipse (The final battle.)
  28. One Last Breath (Vionora's end.)
  29. Priorities (Malhavik sees Vionora in the nightmare.)



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