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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[H] (Ninorra): Ninorra Bloodstone

by Ninorra » December 31st, 2014, 11:02 am

Full Name: Ninorra Gitana Bloodstone
Title(s): none
Nickname(s): none

Race: Sin'dorei
Sex: female
Age: 23
Occupation: Warlock

Notable Physical Features:
Ninorra has red eyes, rather than the usual green of the Sin'dorei

Slightly more "curvy" than most Sin'dorei, Ninorra has an easily recognizable silhouette. Black hair, red eyes, and a dark tanned complexion, she tends to favor her features by wearing black and red, even accessorizing with magic as a master of destruction.

Place of Birth: Silvermoon
Current Residence: Bloodstone Manor
Family: Vicailde Bloodstone (husband), Damian Bloodstone (son)
Affiliations: none
Religion/Philosophy: keep your friends close, and your enemies burnt to a crisp

Known Languages: Thalassian, orcish
Weapon(s) of Choice: staff, fire
Skills: jewelcrafting
Hobbies: singing

History: Born to a less than well-to-do mother with a shady history, Ninorra was raised with the understanding that she was gifted. Her singing voice could summon not only emotions from those around her, but also demons and fire. Eventually she learned to master this skill, and as a young woman, met a wealthy older Blood Knight named Vicailde. They were married, and eventually had a son, and live together in Vicailde's family home in the forest outside of Silvermoon.

After the fall of Sanctuary, Ninorra and Vicailde used sorcery to hide their home and raise their son safely. Not long after, Vicailde was called on a mission of great importance by Lor'themar Theron himself. Ninorra remained behind to raise Damian, but eventually became impatient and left her home to find him. She employed Steinburg, the former bank master of Sanctuary, to care for Damian in her absence.


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