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[H] (Kexti): Kex'ti Dalendala

by Kexti » December 21st, 2014, 2:31 am

Kex'ti Dalendala
Male Blood Elf Monk, Aged 86 (Human Equivalent 27)

Description: Kex'ti's red hair shows many small grey streaks, and is kept short, if styled. His beard is patchy, and somewhat ill-kept. His armor is well-worn, and incorporates numerous Pandaren designs, although it is obviously tailored to him. He carries himself well, but has a notable reliance on a walking staff for a limp. His monk training was designed for stouter, rounded bodies, and has made him strong and somewhat bulky, albeit with a bit of a paunch. He smells medicinal.

Residence: Frostfire Garrison
Family: Student, Wei Xo (Orgrimmar)
Affiliation: Thunder-Pan mercenary company ('Derpan colloquially)
Occupation: Wandering historian/combat medic
Faith: Holy Light, emphasis on Pandaren geomancy

Known Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, Pandaren, Draenei phrases
Weapon of Choice: One-handed swords, but commonly uses a staff, and proficient in many weapons.

Kex’ti was born to an innkeeper and a spellbreaker. A sickly child who showed little aptitude for martial skill nor magical prowess, Kex'ti spent most of his youth listening to stories in the corner and watching his siblings squabble over esoteric texts and wooden swords. He learned how to attend to people, and to make sure their linens were clean and meals warm. His siblings learned to hunt monsters.

His family died in defense of the Sunwell, and Kex’ti inherited the inn. After the sin’dorei joined the Horde, Kex’ti was approached by a Forsaken apothecary named August Krown regarding a possible remedy for his illness. The pair fought in the Steamwheedle Cartel’s arena circuit. When bolstered by Krown’s concoctions, Kex’ti reveled in racial agility he’d never known before. His blossoming confidence allowed Kex'ti to adopt a showy combat style reinforced by dirty fighting he’d seen in his family’s Murder Row inn.

The Arena certainly promised new challenges in the exotic remains of Outland, but seeing a cure to his people’s magic addiction (and perhaps his own illnesses) was what inevitably drove Kex’ti to Outland. When his journey to Shattrath revealed Kael’thas’s duplicity, he joined the Skyguard in hopes of protecting the city of light from the traitor’s fel magic. While the Skyguard did little to diminish his Horde patriotism, it nevertheless tempered his views towards the races of the Alliance.

Alongside other Sha’tari factions, Kex’ti journeyed to Quel’danas. The draenei in particular fascinated Kex’ti, a curiosity only bolstered when the Prophet Velen awoke the Sunwell with the Light. Although his body was still in dire need of Krown’s philters, the coursing power of the light renewed his will, and Kex’ti promised to fight against the darkness of Azeroth however he could.

The duelist-come-soldier traveled with the Hand of Vengeance to Northrend, and served as a scout among the crevasses and ravines of the Howling Fjord. His service was relatively low-key, and found the pull of the arena ever more tempting under cold stars. With the organization of the Argent Tournament, his experience allowed him to continue to serve the Horde and to slake his competitive spirit. To his misfortune, Arthas’s forces overwhelmed the tournament grounds. The forces of the Crusade rallied, but Kex’ti’s friends, who he’d fought and loved beside for so long, did not survive.

Kex’ti left the Expedition, and attempted to return to civilian life as a cook in Ratchet. Without Krown’s alchemy or the thrill of combat, his illness began to consume him once again. Arthas, who’d taken from him so much, fell. Deathwing the Destroyer shattered the world, and too was slain. And throughout it all, Kex’ti cooked at a dockside tavern, and wasted away. It was summer when Wei Xo arrived in Ratchet, and over a meal, Kex’ti became his combat instructor. Pouring his experience into the young Pandaren’s sword arm, the promoter and his student traveled between the same arenas that Kex’ti had fought in, a decade past. The two grew together, and Xo and Kex’ti parted ways as the blood elf boarded Garrosh’s fleet to the Krasarang Wilds.

Seeking healing from the mystics of Kun Lai, Kex’ti wandered to the Peak of Serenity. In the thin mountain air and steaming pools, Kex’ti, for the final time, started over. Over the year, he hid away from the war. He meditated, trained, and focused. He threw away his daggers and his poisons, and in their stead learned to use his own body and common herbs. While the path of the mistweaver was a new one, Kex’ti found that, after decades, he finally appreciated his siblings’ affinity for arcane magic.

As the Dark Portal turned red, Kex’ti finally decided to leave Pandaria. Joining up with a mercenary company which had formed on the Isle of Thunder, Kex’ti joined Thrall and Khadgar’s assault through the portal. Now, in a new world steeped in his old memories, Kex’ti seeks answers to questions he’d long since stopped asking.


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