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Huli Jing
Huli Jing
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Huli Jing

Huli Jing the Fox Master

by Huli Jing » October 19th, 2014, 3:49 pm

Hello everyone. I thought I would post a more detailed background on Huli for your entertainment as well as enlightenment. I have always enjoyed reading characters background because I believe it helps me RP better in this kind of environment. Having an idea of where they come from may help interpret actions that this kind of media stifles. So, sit back and enjoy.

Huli Jing was born on the Wandering Isle. Huli was a most unusual child. His father followed the path of the Huntsman and the way of the Tushui. His mother was a Spirit Talker (shaman) who followed Huojin path. This was indeed a most unusual combination in life long mates. As a result Huli was encouraged to find his own path picking only the traits of both disciplines to serve him well.

It was uncertain initially if Huli would follow the path of the huntsman. As a child he exhibited early traits of a spirit talker. He had a high affinity for nature. There were several times the spirits of the Isle would protect the child when he had inadvertently placed himself in danger. Many times he would wander off to the Wood of Staves only to be found deep asleep in the protective embrace of one of the ancient spirits. Yet, as he grew, there was no doubt of his abilities as a beast master. His ability to commune with the beasts of the Isle became legendary before his eighteenth year.

It would appear that not only did his instinct apply to nature but to things mechanical. His family came from a long line of engineers. His ancestors that had settled on the isle had brought with them the knowledge of the machine, particularly of the technology the Mogu had used. It was said that the originators, those who had created the four guardian spirits of the land had been the originators of the technology. A technology that was a life span of study. This had aided him greatly in his duty as a huntsman. Detection, trapping and transportation grew to be his specialties.

Huli was one of the youngest Huntsmen to be promoted to the title of Master of Hunts. The huntsmen of the Isle were in charge of keeping the animal populations in check and control. To assure all species flourished and investigate reports of any new creatures that may arrive. In his fiftieth year he was promoted to this great honor and titled “Huli Jing the Fox Master. This was not only attributed to his sly usage of hunting arts and technology but to his amazing connections with Islands foxes. It was this affinity that once saved the island but that is a tale for another day.

Huli was teacher, mentor and friend to many students of the hunt. Thus he spent the next thirty years dedicated to serving his community. Even when the the three monks that had Shen-Zin Su from great harm and opened the path to the outside world, he staid to perform his duties. He kept abreast of the knowledge of the outside world. He had no desire to go there. Yet fate would intervene to send this wry old panderan into the world of Azeroth and into adventures unknown.


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