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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A]-Miss Takoohi Stray

by Takoohi » September 3rd, 2014, 7:22 pm

Full Name: Miss Takoohi Stay
Nicknames: Tak
Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Hair: Long and Silver
Skin: Pale
Eyes: White with one eye patched
Place of residence: Dwarven District, Stormwind
Place of Birth: Outside of Darnassus
Religion/Philosophy: The Light
Occupation: Engineer, Healer and Formerly part of the Alliance Military
Group/Guild affiliation: Hollowed Vigil
Guild Rank: Legate
Enemies: Warlocks, the smell of them drives her nose crazy
Likes: Everything else but particularly anything to do with tinkering.
Favorite Foods: Noodles
Favorite Drinks: Milk
Favorite Colors: Blue
Weapons of Choice: Staff
Dislikes: The smell of warlocks
Hobbies: Tinkering, cooking, reading.
Physical Features: The most notable is the eyepatch over her right eye
Special Abilities: Humour
Positive Personality Traits: Always curious in a comical way, has no shame in prodding other creatures to figure them out.
Negative Personality Traits: Unknowingly honest about everything and sometimes her faith can get in the way of her understanding things.
Misc. Quirks: She's a walking ball of quirk.
It had been quite some time since Takoohi was in Darnassus, she barely remembers much from her homeland other than she never quite fit in with the other elves. For some reason she never felt comfortable with the idea of Elune, although she didn't doubt her existence she just never felt at home with her. When she was old enough she ventured off to Stormwind to escape a life of frolicking about in nature in a perpetual state. Once there, she took up residence in a house full of Dwarves in the Dwarven District, she did her chores and helped them with their duties but she never considered them family but she did care for them. While there she would watch the gnomes tinkering away and found that she had a great ability to put together different inventions that would make her chores a lot easier for her, of course she had a few issues and often she would be covered in soot and powders from things backfiring. During her days off from duties she would venture to the the Cathedral and gaze in wonderment at the sheer size of the building and when one day she gained the courage to step in she was greeted by a priest who directed her to old books that told the tales of the former glory of the Scarlet Monastery. He taught her how to properly pray and the history behind the human race, even giving her a token of her new found faith with a ruby inlaid rosary which she could use during her prayers.

When the King pronounced that he was sending off his military to find his son she quickly signed up to join, with no other skill other than engineering she was placed with the other engineers and kept the sky ships and other flying contraptions in tip top shape...especially since she was usually one of the taller engineers. However, she wanted to be in the front lines but she had no combat skills...so when the initial fighting ceased and people were starting to return back to the mainland she opted to stay and help the natives of Pandaria rebuild. With her curious mindset and an ever present smile on her lips the natives quickly warmed up to her and showed her the many aspects of their fighting they had to offer. They took her to the main training grounds for their monks and it was then that she realized that all this time she was meant to be a healer. It wasn't easy for her, she had to learn how to calm her mind and focus her connection to the land but being a Night Elf did have its advantages, she was born to commune with nature and use it towards a greater purpose. With her training to become a Mistweaver one of the elder monks suggested she take up farming, so that she could feel how the soil gave nourishment and life to the plants and for the last few years before Garrosh ventured into the land she became secluded, almost forgetting what it was like to be around others besides Pandarans.

Then came Garrosh, she could feel the sheer pride and anger he had reverberating through the land and she knew the Alliance would not be too far behind to bring to his knees. With her new abilities and appreciation for the land she took her old military uniform out and blew off the dust, she would not sit by watching her friends come to harm. When the time came to battle it out in the fields she performed exemplary, managing to also deal a few good licks of her own with her crafted engineering and the offensive tactics she learned from the monks and while she was always so swift and nimble she made the fatal error of not watching her back for one moment. It was then that a rogue sprung from the shadows to drives a shortened dagger into her right eye, almost reaching deep enough to become fatal, but her natural instincts kept it from driving further and her abilities worked hard to rapidly heal what they could. Unfortunately it meant the loss of her right eye, but Takoohi only viewed it as an opportunity to get something to match her outfit, and indeed it fit perfectly with the blue, gold, and leather uniform.

When Garrosh was finally taken to his knees and forced to submit she returned to her humble farm to be greeted by a letter from the priest who taught her. It was a message that it was time to come home and re-enter the world that offered so much more variety and to re-learn what Takoohi had long forgotten, what it felt like to be around others and to be close to the Church she so desperately missed. So with that, the village bade her farewell and she boarded the next ship to return to Stormwind, finding it much changed and bolstering with new life that made her feel both nervous and excited and right on the docks waiting for her was her old teacher, Wolfley.


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