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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A] (Rosepha) Rosepha Anderson

Postby Lenah » August 2nd, 2014, 4:56 pm

((Greetings from Twisting Nether!))

The Basics:

Full Name: Rosepha Anderson

Nicknames: Rose

Titles: Houndmaster, Quartermaster, Captain

Age: 22 (Roughly. Born around the time the Greymane Wall was erected, according to the old unofficial timeline.)

Date of Birth: January 23rd

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Faction: Alliance

Outward Appearance:

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130

Hair Color: Dark brown/maroon

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Caucasian

Face: Soft

Body: Average and fit

Hair Style: Loose and wavy

Piercings/Tattoos: Tattoos, yes

Scars: Hidden

Distinguishing Features:

Clothing Style: Usually dark leather/mail armor. Formal wear is authentic Gilnean robes. Also sometimes her Redblade garb.

Mounts: A sturdy mountain horse named after his chestnut color.


Place of residence: Surwich or Hinterlands

Place of Birth: Gilneas

Known Relatives: It’s unknown where her parents are after the events in her homeland, and her last known friend of her childhood hasn’t been seen in over three years.

Occupation: Pirate, Captain, Houndmaster, Gunslinger

Group/Guild affiliation: Order of the Redblade

Guild Rank: Quartermaster

Military: Some family members were part of the Gilnean military, including her mother

Education: Learned to read, write, and everything else in a Gilnean school

Religion/Philosophy: Curses at the light when upset but doesn't talk about religion otherwise.

Combat Skills:

Class: Ranged Hunter and Rogue-style melee

Specialization: Dog training, stealth, survival

Weapons of Choice: A sword and a gun

Magic Proficiency: None whatsoever

Combat Style: A swing of the sword if odds are in her favor, but if not, then she keeps as much distance as possible and uses her ranged skills.

Special Skills: 1. Training. Back home, she was a shepherd and trained sheepdogs and hounds alike. Her dogs are trained through a series of whistles, with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of commands. 2. Rose is Azeroth's version of an Eagle Scout. Knots, first aid, fires, camping, taking orders, the likes. 3. From recent experiences and her time as as pirate, she has moved closer to melee combat rather than ranged.

The Character Within:

Persona: On the outside, very polite and well-spoken and a true Gilnean. Sometimes she'll blurt out something that's seen as rude if she's not being careful.

Goals/Ambitions: To explore the world!

Alliances: Friends and fellow Redblades

Enemies: Rude people, forsaken, scourge.

Likes: A nice glass of wine or rum and good story by the campfire.

Dislikes: Extreme climate, shouting, flying, undead, worgen, magic.

Hobbies: Whistling, camping, hunting.


The moment she arrived to lands outside her home, she vowed to see every corner of the world that she had missed out on. She immediately signed up as a swabbie of the Redblade Corsairs with hopes of venturing out and discovering new lands and gaining riches. As the oldest active member, she has slowly worked up to the title of Quartermaster of the Order of the Redblade.


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