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[H] Nolzog: Nolzog Demonbreaker

Postby Nolan » July 22nd, 2014, 10:25 pm

General Information

Race: Orc
Faction: Horde
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 325 pounds
Skin Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red-orange
Class: Warlock
Specialization: Demonology (RP), Destruction (PVE)
Professions: Enchanting, Tailoring


Nolzog grew up amidst the various conflicts since the rise of the new Horde and the Scourge. During his childhood he saw war after war ravaging the Horde in its struggle to survive and eke out an existence in Kalimdor. His parents were both Shamans who served in Orgrimmar, helping the wounded and the refugees seeking sanctuary within the sprawling canyon city. In his youth Nolzog helped out in various tasks throughout the city but it was not until he wandered into the Drag that he learned of his destiny.

On a dark, thunder-filled night, he snuck into the Cleft of Shadow and stumbled upon a ritual of summoning. The demonic creature was being bound with fiery chains and howled with anger as the warlocks struggled to bear the creature’s fury. His fascination got the better of him as he interrupted the concentration of the acolytes and the Beholder broke free. The enraged void demon gnashed with blade-like fangs and roared at the acolytes, seemingly primed to attack. Before it could savage one of the frightened acolytes however, it turned its multi-eyed gaze upon the young intruder.

The demon charged at the young Orc, its violet eyes glowing with fel energies and its fanged maw snapping but the whelp did not move. Standing there, afraid but unbent; he raised his hands up and shouted at the charging demon; “No!!!” but the demon only roared back at him. Anger filled the young Orc and he felt a great welling of force within his breast. He raised his hands up again and with a mighty shout, the demon halted in its tracks. The acolytes were baffled and the master warlock arrived, alerted by the shouts of fear from the acolytes.

The young boy held his hands up and did not break his fiery stare as the demon slowly backed off. Keeping pace with it, Nolzog “pushed” the demon back to the void portal where the acolytes still stood, stunned at the sight. The master warlock grinned behind his shadowy hood, his red eyes glowed from their sunken sockets, as he watched the young Orc impose his will upon a powerful demon. Nolzog only broke his gaze when the demon was back in the burning chains and the acolytes banished it back to its realm.

That night, the master warlock proclaimed that Nolzog would be his apprentice. Bringing the news to Nolzog’s parents, they were horrified to learn of what transpired but the warlock insisted that his ability to bend such a formidable entity to his will at such a young age was a rare gift, however dark it may seem. Nolzog made the choice for himself and though is parents did not want him to, he became the apprentice of the old warlock. The warlock gave his word in the name of the Horde that young Nolzog would be safe with him until he was ready but it did little to abate the whelp’s parents.
For years thereafter Nolzog studied under the old warlock and became the envy of many of the acolytes much older than him. The young Orc grew into a proud, powerful adult and readied himself to face the world, beginning at the Valley of Trials…


Nolzog has earned the moniker to his name, “Demonbreaker” because of his unusual and powerful personal willpower. To have bent a Beholder to his will, even temporarily, as a whelp took immense willpower and this has only grown more a part of his personality as time goes on. Though he at times appears arrogant towards others, this could not be further from the truth as he is actually quite humble. He knows his place in Orcish society as well as the Horde at large which is why he has devoted so much of his life to understanding and controlling the dark forces of the Legion.

His motivation towards this point is that the more control he can exert over the evil forces of the Legion, the better he can protect others from them. Rather than for personal gain, Nolzog has taken a sense of duty towards controlling these demonic forces and using them like pawns against the enemies of the Horde. While most see this merely as a white wash over darker motives, Nolzog knows that the fear of demons is justified and the suspicion towards him and others of the Cleft of Shadow will never be detoured.

Because of this suspicion and distrust however, Nolzog has few friends, even among the other acolytes within the Cleft of Shadow. This antisocial disposition has led to a sometimes hostile view towards the incriminating, threatening glares of the priesthood and their paladin champions. Nolzog believes they do not understand what it means to bend the denizens of the Legion to one’s will and that using the tool of the enemy has been one of the Horde’s most effective means of survival. Like a Shaman who uses the power of the elementals or a priest who uses the power of the spirits, Nolzog takes offense to those who call him a monster or a demon-pawn.


In Nolzog’s spare time, when not studying flesh-bound grimoires or practicing his magic, he can be found fishing hidden lakes and rivers for elusive and prized catches. He also enjoys the occasional betting on critter fights and visiting the merchants at the auction house, collecting rare and valuable relics and items from across Azeroth.
Noldain: Human Death Knight
Baltus Ravenholm: Worgen Priest
Nylaenan Oakwhisper: Night Elf Druid
Nipwick Mechaneedle: Gnome Rogue
Njolin Stonefeather: Dwarf Shaman


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