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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A] (Clarrus): Clarrus Windstride

Postby alifaizankazmi » June 23rd, 2014, 1:36 am

Height: 7' 1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: Jade Green
Birthplace: Zin-Azshari
Age: >10,000 years


Clarrus comes across as a lean, well-toned night elf with jade green, windswept hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. He is neither too short nor too tall for his kind. His steps are light, his gait flowing. His pointed nose, piercing gaze, and perpetual frown afford him a grim countenance.

Clarrus usually wears light leather armour so that his mobility is not compromised, but he is seldom seen in night elf form in times of war. Rather, being a Druid of the Wild, he prefers to prowl as a stealthy, ferocious cat and infiltrate enemy ranks unnoticed to unleash surprise attacks.


Despite his harsh features, Clarrus possesses a compassionate interior. He selflessly helps his kind as well as other Alliance races in tasks ranging from menial to dire. He is not very talkative when he is the topic of conversation, but can maintain a conversation otherwise. Diction and eloquence are important to him in speech, and he strives to remain composed in tone as well as language even when he's distressed. He does, however, have a strange habit of hissing when he is displeased at something or when he's facing an enemy.


Being a perfectionist, Clarrus is never satisfied with himself. This sometimes leads him to over-think when it comes to combat and military strategy. He often finds himself struggling to maintain a balance between forethought and spontaneity, between being erudite and being savvy - the latter considered by Clarrus as inelegant.


Not much is known about Clarrus - perhaps because most people have not gotten around to asking the druid about his family, childhood etc. His friends often remark how he eschews idle conversation and only appears to be talkative when the conversation has a clear purpose, such as chalking out a military strategy, helping a friend, or accommodating a stranger.

Nevertheless, this much has been gleaned over the years: Clarrus was born to Highborne mages before the War of the Ancients. His father was a friend to Queen Azshara's advisor, Xavius, and was called to serve at the palace during his last days as a night elf. It is generally conjectured that his father, whom Clarrus only refers to as 'the Servile One', was transformed by Xavius into a satyr and that Clarrus's mother died shortly afterwards - although the identity of her murderer is not known.

It is said that Claruss disappeared immediately after witnessing his mother's death in his childhood and was not seen until a few months after the War of the Ancients, when a group of saber cats returned him to the night elf community.


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