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[A, PG-13] (Cymbidia): Cymbidia Ebonthorn

Postby Cymbidia » July 28th, 2016, 3:10 pm

Something about Love and War

Born at an unmarked point during Year 11, Angelica Sampson was the first daughter of two Alliance Expeditionary Force champions. Patrick, a paladin, and Sandra, a mage, were less than enthusiastic. While they reveled in the distraction and comfort physical intimacy provided, they were hesitant to raise a child in Honor Hold.

They had little time to devote to her in between defending the keep and completing chores. Still, they did their best for being detached, busy parents, and would read to her in their spare time. The stories were usually tattered romance novels or ragged manuals about fighting demons.

Angelica's parents were relieved when she started reading on her own at age three. She spent many hours reading on the first floor of the Honor Hold Inn while her parents spent their free time together upstairs. When she was four, her little sister was born.

She was irritated to have a sibling. Her parents expected her to look after Drucinda while they lived their own lives. She would often interrupt Angelica's reading by crying. Many times, she would hit her younger sister, and many times other parents would have to console the shrieking infant. Yet, these were dark days, and the cycle continued, although now their parents avoided having more kids.

By the time she was six, Angelica had developed a fascination for demons and a propensity for the arcane. She would
often sneak out at night and watch minor demons give orders to fel orcs. During the day, she would practice cantrips, attracting the attention of Magus Zabraxis, who helped her hone her prowess.

When she was eight, her burgeoning magic would save her life. She was ambushed by two felhounds east of Honor Hold. Despite a brief struggle, she succeeded in taming them. In her mind, they were her pets, so she was infuriated when Drucinda arrived with two guards to rescue her. The guards, however, would prove to be there only for show as Drucinda, who later told her sister she had been studying under Father Malgor Davidicus, blasted the demons apart with holy magic, showering Angelica with their blood and bits of entrails.

Reaching the end of their rope, her parents tried to make Angelica study the Light, but she would have such fiery tantrums that they reluctantly allowed her to keep learning the arcane under Zabraxis. In the darkness outside the keep, she would also practice fel magic, often attracting and enslaving minor demons. Drucinda kept warning her that major demons would find her, but Angelica always told her to shove the advice up where the Light doesn't shine.

One night, during her blossoming into adolescence, she was jumped by a sayaad. In the greatest trial of her late youth, Angelica reflected enough of the demonic charm to result in their mutual seduction. For many nights, this contest happened, and each time, the warlock's power grew. After a week, Cymbidia took full control of the succubus, and though she kept a tight grip on the demon, she was in love with her and named her Delipitorae.

The warlock and succubus spent many months engaging in increasingly depraved activities until Drucinda struck again. Delipitorae and Angelica were in a dilapidated covered wagon when a bolt of white magic entered the back of the sayaad's head and exploded through her face. Her soul faded back into the Twisting Nether before her body collapsed atop Cymbidia, who rolled out from under her, fel energy already swirling at her fingertips.

Before Drucinda could react, Angelica flung a skull-shaped shadow missile at her that would have eaten into her shoulder had the priestess not conjured a divine aura in a last-minute effort. Still, the impact sprawled her on the ground.

Angelica was about to throw a more powerful glob of fel-flame at the shield, but the footmen that had been escorting Drucinda fell upon the warlock. One of them knocked her out with a blow to the temple. She awoke to find she was confined to the tower, unable to leave unless she was needed to fight against attacks on Honor Hold. Even during these times, she was closely watched by the priests and priestesses and magi.

Her imprisonment came to an end after she corrupted her guardian and fled to Shattrath during the midst of the Burning Legion's assault on Draenor. There she hid, honing her abilities as a mercenary and making a side income as a prostitute. She found this temporarily filled the void left by Delipitorae.

When she discovered bloodthistle through one of her mercenary gigs, she almost forgot her feelings for the demon. Tasked with distributing shipments from Eversong throughout Lower City, Angelica became addicted to the stuff, but her fel corruption kept her from turning into a thistlehead or growing ill from the smoke. It didn't save her from being arrested. Patrick and Sandra bailed her out of prison and enlisted her into the Alliance Military. Her family had given up trying to reform her but hoped deployment would give her dark talents proper structure.

She became one of the better warlocks during the war against the Lich King, in part because she was reunited with Delipitorea, who resumed to unquestioningly serve Angelica if she vowed to call her by her true name, Nazaith. She agreed. Her most memorable battle was fought in the Obsidian Sanctum. She became obsessed with twilight dragons, even learning how to forge a likeness of one from the Twisting Nether.

After the Sanctum and Lich King fell, Angelica moved to Stormwind, where she once more became a harlot, this time for the elite of the city. Her well-connected and wealthy clients kept her out of full-time military duty, but there were periods of great conflict into which she was conscripted. These helped sharpen her warlock abilities.

They were not sharp enough to prevent her murder via the hands of Drucinda, who had turned into a powerful shadow magician. Still, Angelica always had the sense to store her soul in a stone. An acquaintance found the soul stone and resurrected her, but she spurned his advances and went back to selling her body and welding fel magic.

Eventually, her flagrant display of demon trafficking and halotry landed her in prison again. It is there she took on the name Cymbidia Ebonthorn. Now that she has been released, she craves adventure of any sort, as long as she gets to look pretty with Nazaith and torment any people foolish enough to become her enemy. She has finally learned to be more careful and is seeking an organization that could keep her balanced.
Power corrupts only the weak.

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Re: [A, PG-13] (Cymbidia): Cymbidia Ebonthorn

Postby Cymbidia » August 16th, 2016, 3:08 pm

Character Sheet

Full Name: Cymbidia Ebonthorn

Nicknames: Cym

Date of Birth: Year 11

Age: 21

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Place of residence: Shrine of Seven Stars

Place of Birth: Honor Hold

Known Relatives: Sandra (mother), Patrick (father), Drucinda (sister)

Religion/Philosophy: Agnosticism/Fatalism

Occupation(s): Enchantress, seamstress

Group/Guild affiliation: Alliance Military, Twilight Empire

Guild Rank: Wanderer

Enemies: Drucinda

Likes: Decadence, debauchery, demons

Favorite Foods: Abyssal Gulper Eel Sushi, Charbroiled Tiger Steak

Favorite Drinks: Darkmoon Special Reserve, Honeymint Tea

Favorite Colors: Purple, red, green

Weapons of Choice: Doomguard, green fire, wand

Dislikes: Exercise, children, studying

Hobbies: Practicing fel magic, making intricate undergarments

Physical Features:
While her height is average, her beauty and endowments are stereotypical ideals. She is fleshy in all the right places. There was no mistaking it: she had spellcaster's body, although underneath her little extra padding was a somewhat developed musculature.

Yet, something unsavory permeates her voluptuous figure, and it doesn't take a keen observer to realize the corrupted essence is fel magic. Cymbidia is definitely a warlock, and proud of it. Though if an onlooker were to squint, the presence of a mostly invisible succubus companion would confirm this suspicion.

She is proud of her looks, too. Not even Narcissism (with a capital N) could even begin to describe her sense of self-worth, which is evident in her haughty facial expressions and posture. She knows she is physically attractive and wants other people to know it, too. This sentiment is reflected in her armor that, while unsettling, much like her aura of fel magic, reveals quite a bit of her chest.

She supplements the radiant fel-glean of her symmetrical facial features with deep purple lipstick and eyeshadow. Additionally, her hazel eyes are rimmed with black liquid eyeliner and mascara-tinted lashes. Her fingernails are a deep purple, too.

Stitching her self-absorbed demeanor and physical perfectionism all together is a taunting professionalism that suggests she is worth more gold than could ever be offered.

Special Abilities: Summoning demonic menagerie, unwrapping Hallow's End candies with her tongue

Positive Personality Traits: Honest, witty

Negative Personality Traits: Immoral, narcissistic

Misc. Quirks: Grins with half her mouth, spins her nose ring
Power corrupts only the weak.

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Re: [A, PG-13] (Cymbidia): Cymbidia Ebonthorn

Postby vinosh » August 7th, 2019, 6:35 pm

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