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Goldsworth For the first time.

by Goldsworth » December 19th, 2014, 5:54 pm

Silvermoon City 30 years ago.

Two young girls quietly climb over the top of each other for the best vantage point to peer around the corner of their parents bedroom.
Lord and Lady Dimentus stand facing each other as the wife straightens and re-straightens her husbands collar, trying to make it look just right.
Lord Pendragos Dimentus raises his chin in an heroical manor before speaking.
“Who is married to the most amazing and beautiful of all magi in all of Azeroth?”
Lady Dimentus blushes, before replying with a toothy sarcastic smirk.
“Surely, only the richest, most handsome, and powerful of Lords could win a prize such as me.”
The husband takes his wife’s hands into his own and pulls her close for a kiss.

“Yuck!” Jenasis covers her mouth, muffling her “sorry”.
Goldsworth smacks Jen in the arm and whispers sharply to her Sister “Run, you troll!”
The two young girls run through the manner as if they are being chased by starving lynxes.
They quickly reach one of the servants unoccupied bedrooms and dart inside, slamming the door behind them.
Jen immediately throws herself backwards onto the bed, interlocking her fingers behind her head and crossing her legs.
Goldsworth holds her ear to the door, listening for footsteps “Shhhhhh! Stop making so much noise!” She waits a few moments before tip toeing away from the door. “You are so embarrassing!”
Jen’s jaw drops at the accusation “Be more of a prude, Gold-coins!”
Goldsworth brushes her hair over her shoulder and raises her nose at Jenasis, speaking snobbishly “Its ‘Lady’ Goldsworth to you, and some day ‘Empress’ Goldsworth!”
Jenasis laughs heartedly at Goldsworth “Yes, in a few short centuries all of this will be yours.”
Goldsworth suddenly looks ill, grabbing her stomach and covering her mouth while and looking at Jenasis. Tears quickly fill Goldsworth’s eyes as she walks solemnly to her Sisters side.

Jen throws a pillow at Goldy, hitting her directly in the chest “Get back! Don’t get your sick on me!” Goldy falls on top of Jen wrapping her arms tightly around her “You wont be here in centuries! Your half human!”

Jen’s eyes widen and she wraps her arms around Goldsworth. She begins coughing in a sickly manner *cough* “By the Sunwell, Your right!” *cough* “I am almost twenty years of age!” *cough* “Room...getting dark...Goldy is that you?”

“That is not funny Jen! Not in the least!” Goldsworth sits up in the bed next to Jen . She gently begins combing Jens bangs with her fingers over Jen’s round and very human looking ears. “I will become a powerful sorceress one day and remove all the human from you with a spell. Then we will be together forever.”

Jen chuckles “Sorceress Goldsworth? The human servants use more magic than you. One of them made a copper piece dissappear and then found it behind my ear! ”

Goldsworth replies to Jenasis in her best school teacher impression.
“Parlor tricks! Humans can’t use magic silly girl. Their primitive bodies would just explode. Everyone knows this. That is where the expression comes from ‘only human’. It’s rather sad really, when you think about it.”

Jen sits up in the bed with a scowl on her face “So what am I to you, half monkey?!”

Goldsworth shakes her head “No, you are my Sister. I would not care if a hundred other races were in your blood. I would not trade you for anything or anyone.”

Jen smiles “We do have a pretty wonderful family.”

Goldsworth quickly adds “And I will see to it personally that we all are together forever!”

-End of Part one.
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Re: Goldsworth For the first time.

by Goldsworth » December 20th, 2014, 6:49 pm

Silvermoon City 15 years ago.

Goldsworth bangs her fist on the bedroom door of Jenasis.
“Get up slag! You are going to be late for class!”

Jenasis replies bitterly through the closed door “I have enough time to beat your face and make it to class. Go away!”

Overhearing her daughters bickering, Lady Dimentus bellows up the stairs “Is everything all right up there my darlings?”

Jen opens the door, holding a her school books. She is wearing a colorful Sin'dorei dress over black pajama bottoms completely barefoot. “Now look what you have done, Silversworth! I told you I was ready. If you upset mother your eating these books.”

Goldsworth points down at Jen’s bare feet. “Is todays class about trolls? You look the part.” Jen glances down at her feet. Goldsworth takes the opportunity to knock the books from Jen’s hand and is down the stairs in a flash to greet her mother with an endearing smile. “Nothing is wrong mother. You know my Sister, she needs lots and lots of beauty rest!”

Jen yells from the upstairs “I heard that!”

Lady Dimentus laughs softly “I want you both in the dining hall quick as you can. Your Father’s breakfast has grown cold waiting for his daughters to join him.”

Goldsworth’s smiles dissolves and her eyes look a panicked. “We kept Father waiting!?”

Moments later the Sisters walk side by side into the dining hall. Lord Dimentus sits in the largest, most overly plush of the chairs at the head of the table. He glares angrily at his daughters, and they simultaneously lower their heads. Taking a deep breath he stands and walks over to his daughters, both of which remain looking down at the floor. He wraps his arms around the two of them, squeezing them tightly together. “Do you really think me angry with you over some cold eggs? ” He laughs and squeezes the girls tighter. “You two and your mother are everything to me. Without you all, I would be nothing.”

Both girls sigh in relief as they return their fathers hug. Goldsworth answers him, humbly “You have given us everything we have ever wanted. The worst thing we could ever do is to upset you, or mother.” Jenasis silently nods in agreement with her Sister.

Lord Dimentus releases the girls and places a hand on each of their shoulders “Goldy, you are my first born and the heir to my house and influence. You need to start preparing yourself for this great responsibility. Today! We will go over the books and prepare you to be properly introduced to the other houses.”

Goldsworth beams with delight, smiling ear to ear. At the same time Jen looks sorrowfully at her Father. “Now, now Jen. You are to be at your Sister’s side in all things once you finish your classes.” He pats her shoulder in a comforting manner “You are as cunning as you are beautiful. Your human instincts will serve the family well. Goldy can not fail with you at her side.”

Jenasis smiles proudly at her Father and then pecks Goldsworth on the cheek.
“I will always watch out for my Sister! Now, I am late for class and I must go!”

Lord Dimentus looks fondly at Jenasis “Tell your Mother you are leaving and remember your manners in class. Make us proud young lady.” Jen smiles at her Father and runs out of the room yelling at the top of her lungs “Mother wherever you aaaarrrre...I am leaving!...I Love you!”

Lord Dimentus tries to smother a smile as he motions with his hand for Goldsworth to follow him. He walks in front of her down a long hallway to his study. Goldy walks behind him, but it feels to her as if her feet are not touching the ground. “If I am dreaming, I will kill Jen if she wakes me!”

Later, that same day, Lord Dimentus stands over Goldsworth, who sits at a large desk in the study with numerous books in front of her. Most of which are books about other noble elves family trees, their holdings, secrets, property lines, and even sections marked gossip. Goldsworth looks up curiously at Lord Dimentus “Father, do servants count as assets or-”

There is a hard knocking on the study door. “Lord Pendragus Dimentus, this is the city guard. We need to speak to you immediately.

Lord Dimentus smiles re assuredly at Goldsworth “I wonder what your Sister has done now?”
He chuckles to himself as he opens the door. His wife stands in between two city guards with a look of horror on her face “Pen, they would not tell me what this is about until we were together.”

Goldsworth’s jaw falls. She has never heard mother use her father’s common name. Thinking to herself “This can not be good!”
Lady Dimentus runs to her husbands side, followed directly by Goldsworth on his other side.
He puts his arms around his women and addresses the guards directly, with a stern look on his face. “We are at your mercy, now tell us what this is all about.”

One of the guards pulls a torn, bloody Sin'dorei dress out of an official looking satchel, as the other guard speaks. “Your daughter Jenasis, was found murdered in an alley nearly an hour ago.”
The guard shakes his head sorrowfully “It grieves me deeply to bring you this news, Lordship. Your house is well respected, and the criminals responsible will be brought to justice.”

Lord Dimentus knees buckle, his wife and daughter prop themselves against him to keep him upright. With tears rolling down both of Goldsworth cheeks, she bravely addresses the guards
“Thank you constables, our house will contact the Captain of the guard at a later time for more details.”

The guards nod respectfully “We can find our way out.”

Lord Dimentus lets his full weight bring him to his knees while crying unreservedly.
Goldsworth marches over to the desk and angrily swipes at the heavy books sending them all crashing down to the floor, tears roll down her face, but she refuses to cry.

The Mother cries quietly, wrapping her arms around her own waist. She looks helplessly at her broken Husband and rage filled daughter. “What has happened to our family?”

-End of Part two.

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Re: Goldsworth For the first time.

by Goldsworth » December 24th, 2014, 3:43 pm

Silvermoon City 10 years ago.

Lord Pendragus Dimentus pleads his case once more to the Captain of the SMC guard.
The Captain has agreed to meet with him for the last time on the subject of his daughters murder in his office.
As instructed by her Mother, Goldsworth stands silently by her Father’s side. Pendragus raises his fist in a threatening manner as he passionately declares “It has been five years! No one has been brought to justice for the murder of my daughter!” He lowers his fist and stares coldly at the Captain “You can not encompass what I have invested into this investigation.”



“Private investigators!”

"Some other things I would not dare not say aloud!"

“I have spent the last five years of my life trying to find my daughters’ killer!”

The Captain sits up at his desk, straightening a few loose papers spread about “Finished?”
He clears his throat before continuing “Not to sound callus, your Lordship, but she was half human. The offspring of yourself and a human servant, whom mysteriously vanished after her birth. Did we ever ask what happened to her actual birth mother?” The Captain gives Pendragus an inquisitive glance. “Hmmm?”

Lord Dimentus opens his mouth and shuts it just as quickly. He now stares helplessly into the Captain’s eyes as he continues his rebuttal.

“Which one of our high counsel members do you think would prosecute an Elvish citizen for the murder of what some might consider an abomination?”

Goldsworth tightens her fists and yells with anger in her voice “That was my Sister, you bastard!”

The Captain raises his hands defensively “Easy, easy! I do have some moderately good news, I suppose. Depending how you look at it.”

Lord Dimentus and Goldsworth faces go completely blank, each of them raising a single curious brow.

“Jenasis Tarra Dimentus is alive...”

Tears immediately well up Goldsworths eyes and she begins to smile starkly. Her Father however looks pessimistic shaking his head in disbelief.

“...The Dark Lady has apparently raised your daughter from the grave. I have the official roster of the Forsaken Order she has joined here on my desk. The guard we sent to question her added she was quite lucid.”

The Captain now looks sternly at Lord Dimentus “Case closed.”

Goldsworth pulls at her father’s arm “Lets us go Father, we have much to do.”

Lord Dimentus allows his daughter to lead him out of the office by his arm. His demeanor is much like he is stricken with an debilitating illness and may fall over if Goldsworth was not guiding him.
“Father, we need to go to the Undercity and find Jenasis!”

He stops dead in his tracks, pulling Goldsworth back towards him, looking impatiently at her.
“No, Goldy. She is dead...That Bitch Sylvanas has ruined us.”

Goldsworth is staggered by her fathers words. She grabs both of her fathers arms with her hands “I don’t understand?!”

Pendragus lowers his head and speaks quietly “Elvish Lords do not spawn forsaken children.
The Dark Lady has taken my one sin and is punishing our entire family for it. SHE IS A CRUEL VINDICTIVE ELF!”
Realizing he is raising his voice, he hugs Goldsworth and now whispers in her ear.
“Your Mother and I must leave Silvermoon, forever. I want you to come with us.”

Goldsworth pulls away from her father. “I will not let our Empire crumble or turn my back on my Sister! If you wish to run from her and all we have built, that is your choice.”

Lord Dimentus nods understandingly “You are old enough to make your own decisions.”
He straightens himself up and looks down at Goldsworth with a most serious gaze “A word of advice...Take all of our assets and holdings to Kalimdor. Start over there. You have enough wealth to live like an Empress for centuries and with the right investments, who knows?”

Goldsworth nods “That sounds like a magnificent plan...but what of Jena-?”

Her father cuts her off “She is dead my darling. Leave her with her own kind!
That is my final bit of advice to you. You have until the Sun sets if you change your mind and wish to join us.”

Lord Dimentus leans forward kissing Goldsworth on the forehead "Now I must go tell your mother this dreadful news."

-End of part three.

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Re: Goldsworth For the first time.

by Goldsworth » December 27th, 2014, 6:20 pm

7 Years ago in Thunder Bluff.

The rich young ruler of <The Empires at War> moves to Thunder Bluff. She is welcomed warmly by its inhabitants as she moves into the Bluffs’ inn. Goldsworth pays the innkeeper for a room on an indefinite basis before walking the few paces to the bank just outside the inn. Once in the bank she fills out the paper work to deposit her families entire fortune.

Goldsworth now considers herself permanently rooted in Thunder Bluff. Maintaining a near constant presence in front of the Bluff’s inn over the past several years, she has lived quite an exciting life. Befriending the Horns of Shuhalo and years later the fabled Dark Dragons. Dating Bloodfury Soldiers and Shadowtusk tribesmen. Joining the Knights of the Icy Blade to spy on Frozil for the Order of the Forsaken.
Her Empire thrived and she had become the richest Elf in all of Kalimdor, at one time. Still the most meaningful of all events to happen to Goldsworth in her years in the Bluff was meeting her soul mate. Now gone, but the memory will be cherished forever.

With the eventual loss of Goldsworth’s Empire, due to poor financial management months ago, she has begun a new life for herself in the <Outriders>. Goldsworth now feels wealthy in ways you can not buy with gold. She will always have her memories but more importantly the Outriders have given her actual purpose once more.

Goldsworth curses the Dark Horde more than any other past threat to Azeroth for removing her from her beloved home. A General in the horde now, she is forced to constantly manage her ever growing garrison.
She visits Thunder Bluff now only to do her patrols. Staying in the city briefly on the off chance of running into any of her old friends or acquaintances before teleporting back to Draenor.


((Goldsworth was created 7 years ago to be a banker for my main. She has lived in TB since level 1. I never intended to role play her. She was a dorky bank elf I used to sell my drops, hold my gold, and shop for me while I was off adventuring.
Over the years she has won my heart and has become main. I have always had her back story story in my mind, but never really shared it. Really, who would want to listen to this entire thread over drinks?))


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