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The time Takoohi lost an eye.

by Takoohi » September 14th, 2014, 3:09 am

"Tak!...come on..wake up Tak you lazy elf get up!" Cogs jumped up and down trying with all his might with his tiny gnome feet to wake the slumbering elf "They're leaving without you..your first day on the front lines and you're going to miss out!".

Eventually he got lucky and a lock of silver hair fell just in reach for him to grab and yank hard, startling the elf and causing her to fly out of bed with a dagger in hand, that had been tucked underneath her pillow, to press against the small neck. "Oh Light.." she sighed tiredly "It's only you...Come on Cogs you know not to wake me..it's rude".

Takoohi enjoyed her sleep and having spent most of her days, since reaching Pandaria, tilling a farm she was most of the time exhausted. "I know but they're leaving soon to take down Garrosh" the gnome ran around the small shack gathering up the elf's armor, placing it on a chair for her to dress herself.

Takoohi stood over the water basin, looking carefully in the reflection. Silver hair straight and long, pale skin, an unmarked face and eyes just as white as her hair. "Tell me the plans while I get this armor on and for the love of Light stop perching on my bedpost..people will think you're crazy if they ever saw you!" She adored Cogs, being one of the few who enjoyed the elf back home in Stormwind, the others found her shy and useless but not Cogs, he always tried to make her laugh...but most of the time only made her crack a smile.

While she strapped down her armor, tieing this strap to the other, Cogs went over the current state of the situation and what the generals had deemed to be the strategy for all sections of the military. With Takoohi's training as a Mistweaver by the local monks she was no longer just part of the team of engineers, she now had a purpose and she was glad she was able to bring Cogs along with her.

"I'll be running supplies to you during it, but we'll be back far enough where it won't be too much of an issue...do you want tea or milk?" Takoohi couldn't help but sigh " You know I prefer tea" Cogs would have none of that and he gave her his repeated speech while she strapped her bracers with a few tinkering devises "Milk is far more useful, Tak, it helps your bones plus...it tastes a lot better eating cookies than it does if you drank you silly tea...but fine, I will bring you tea in the fight...it will keep better anyway"

This was her moment, she had put the proverbial nose to the grindstone and spent grueling hours training and meditating. There were times Cogs would perching on her head board and watch her suffer nightmares of pain and rejection, she had to conquer her issues and gain control of her emotions and it paid a heavy toll on her mentally but through it all she came out a strong healer and finally felt useful to the Alliance cause. Just before landing on the shores of Orgrimaar Cogs looked up to Takoohi and yanked at the decorative straps of her leggings to make her bend down "Go get em Tak..." this time the elf grinned and fist bumped the gnome before rushing off to the docks.

The battle did the usual waves of intensity, Takoohi could feel every bit of her being surging with what the monks had called chi, trying desperately to extract every part of nature to her will as she sent surge after surge of healing green mist. Engulfing the hard hitters in a ball of green mist while making sure the fast hitters were safe took every bit of her concentration, to the point she barely had time to say her thanks to Cogs who would refresh her with the strong brew of tea. The sounds of swords clashing was deafening and all she could hear at this point was the sound her heart beat pounding against her ear drums, it was the adrenalin kicking in and she was evening through in a few strikes of her own. The devise she had strapped to her bracers allowed her to harness the electrical powers of nature to send a crackling lightening bolt through her fingertips to send a powerful volt through any enemy that was unlucky to be struck. It was all so glorifying, she could see why people hungered for this and as the battle raged on she lost herself in the hunger for orc blood.

Her reflexes had heightened as well, she was swiftly able to dodge past the fel magic of warlocks and mages alike, she even saw the incoming dagger that was headed straight to her skull and with a swift maneuver she ducked to the left letting it fly past her.

"Tak...." it was at the very moment the only sound she heard was not her heart beat pounding against her eardrums but the sound of blood dropping on the floor.

"Cogs! no..no no no no" She rushed to the bleeding gnome who stood there as if unsure of what had happened, before he fell she managed to cradle his tiny head in her elongated fingers "Come on..stay with me, I can hea-" her sentance was cut short by the sudden feel of pain of her hair being pulled backwards so that she arched back to get the view of the rogue that had snuck his way through the lines and his dagger that was quickly making it's way to reclaim what was rightly his initial target. The dagger felt like a piece of hot metal piercing her eye but what the rogue had not anticipated was that Takoohi's world had shattered, she was filled to the brim with anger and as she screamed in agony and hatred, all those emotion Cogs had watched her suffer through, were unleased. The dagger had little time to sink further into her skull before the rogue was blasted with a scathing rage of lightening, every inch of him had arches of lightening popping off his body and the smell of burning flesh filled the air but Takoohi wouldn't relent. The pain had long since subsided and was replaced with sheer fury, the adrenalin pumped faster in her veins and she sent surges of electricity through the rogues body.

The rogue had long since been dead before Takoohi was drained of all will to continue the electrical current, the adrenalin was gone and she was left with the harrowing feeling of emptiness. Collapsed and broken and she weakly inched her way to Cogs, blood gushed out of one eye while the other gushed tears "Cogs..." she heard nothing now...not her own heart beat, not the battle, nothing...

"What about this one?" the nurses huddled around the bed next to doctor who knew very well that this was the elf that often had gnome visitors for some curious reason. Her eye was now fashioned with a leather patch, it had taken months of recovery and rehabilitation. The dagger had gone in far enough past her eye socket to clip at the young elf's brain just enough to alter her mood. "She's quite spry this one, with therapy and rehabilitation we were able to save the intelligent side of her brain but we had to re-teach her basic functions of how to interact with others...let me show you" The doctor shoved at the sleeping elf's shoulder and without much of a fuss she woke up, yawning and rubbing at her remaining eye to wipe of the sleep gunk that naturally formed so that should get a view of her visitors. "Why don't you introduce yourself to these fine nurses" the doctor gestured towards the women and with a wide smile and a wave of her fingers the elf greeted them.

"Hi!...I'm Takoohi and I like milk!"


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