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This forum is used to post announcements and advertising for upcoming RP events. There is no set format for posting, but make sure to include a time and place to maximize attendance. Cross-realm events can be posted too, as well as events that might interest the RP community despite not being strictly RP events (e.g. breast cancer gnome race.) For events that might benefit from community input in its planning, feel free to start a thread in the Roleplaying forum.
Skylah Mac
Skylah Mac
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Joined: March 28th, 2014, 10:45 pm
Skylah Mac

[A] Children's Charity Gala

by Skylah Mac » April 29th, 2016, 11:55 pm

<The parchment can be seen posted around the city and contains what appears to be an invitation>

The Twilight Empire humbly invites you to a formal gathering as we seek to aid the orphanages throughout Azeroth. Our Children's Charity Gala will take place Saturday May 7th at 7:30 in the evening. During which we will have a fifty-fifty raffle where the winner will receive half of the total funds, the rest going to aid the children. Along with the raffle, a silent auction will take place throughout the evening. Those in attendance will have the chance to bid as they desire on select items in secret, the winners to be revealed near the conclusion of the gathering.

The Stormwind nobles have been so kind as to grant us use of the Keep's Garden for our event, so let us dress in our wardrobe's best and enjoy the lovely scenery. Food and refreshment will be provided for all. Participating in the mentioned raffle and silent auction is not mandatory in order to attend.

((OOC info:

Where: Stormwind Keep Garden
When: May 7th at 7:30 pm

Event info: The raffle is fairly standard. Ticket prices are 100 gold and there is no limit to how many can be bought. When we have the total number of tickets sold, we will do a /roll and call out the winning number (i.e. if 25 are sold, we will do a /roll 25 and let it decide the winner). The silent auction will persist through out the night. Do not worry if you have to leave early. If you win on a particular item, we will CoD it to you through the mail. On May 5th and 6th, I will create a forum post to attach to this invitation that will show the items up for bid. Hope to see you there!))

Skylah Mac
Skylah Mac
Posts: 35
Joined: March 28th, 2014, 10:45 pm
Skylah Mac

Re: [A] Children's Charity Gala

by Skylah Mac » May 6th, 2016, 8:47 pm

Donated items for the Silent Auction

Shroud of Spiritual Purity
Supple Shoulderguards of the Quickblade
Wayfaring Helm of the Merciless
Razorguard Mechshades of the Quickblade

Crystalfire Spellstaff of the Savage
Magus Long Staff of the Boar
Blade of Hana
Searing Blade

Item Upgrades
Mighty Taladite Amplifier
Mighty Steelforged Essence x2
Mighty Ensorcelled Tarot
Mighty Weapon Crystal
Medallion of the Legion

Bone Serpent
Young Talbuk
Slithershock Elver

Garn Nighthowl
Coalfist Gronnling

Hexweave Bag x4

As a reminder, those who donated will receive 25% of the final sale of their item. No reserves have been given for any of the items listed.
(( Not sure if it needs to be stated, but this is a real gold auction, not IC. The silent bids will be taken throughout the evening. If you need to leave early that is quite alright, if you happen to win, I will personally mail and CoD the item to you. :) ))


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