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Twilight Empire's Grand Tournament & Anniversary

by Aryanna » January 3rd, 2016, 5:43 pm

<Flyers are posted all around Alliance towns, and have even made their way into some Horde settlements. They are written in a neat, tidy script; all are adorned with the twin golden lions of the Twilight Empire in the corners.>


To the Twilight Empire’s grand tournament!

On January 16, the Twilight Empire will be hosting a grand tournament in celebration of our eighth anniversary!

Join the lists and compete for the favor of fair maidens in the joust as well as 5,000 gold in prize!

Prove your strength and emerge as the champion of the melee—then use your 2,500 gold prize to get some new armor!

Not able to handle a giant wooden pole ramming into your chest? Not much of the fighting sort? Bet your last gold coin on who will triumph!

Try your luck with raffles for splendid prizes to be given throughout the night!

All are welcome at the grand tournament, Saturday, January 16, at 7:00 at the Argent Tournament Grounds!

Registration for competitions will begin at 6:30, with the first competition, the joust, at 7:30!

(( Hello all! As stated, on Saturday, January 16, the Twilight Empire is celebrating its 8th anniversary! We’ve decided we can think of no better way to celebrate eight years of promoting peace and cooperation between the factions then by having a tournament!

There will be two main events of the night: the joust and the melee. The joust will begin at 7:30 and will pair off opponents, with the winner of one round of jousting advancing onwards until we are left with four contestants. Our four remaining contestants will be paired off and face each other in best-of-three series, with the winners of those competing one more time in a best-of-three series to decide the winner of our 5,000 gold prize—and maybe the favor of a fair maiden.

The melee will be a dueling tournament (sadly we cannot all fight at once). The melee will begin 15 minutes after the joust has ended. Contestants in the joust may also compete in the brawl. Contestants will be paired off and compete in a single duel, with the winner advancing until one person is crowned our champion. NO HEALING OR TANKING SPECS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE TOURNAMENT (Gladiator warriors are acceptable). Duels will be fought using arena rules, so no major CDs such as Bloodlust or Lay on Hands. This also precludes items such as the Super Sticky Glitter Bomb and other Draenor items of that like. Use of any of these items or abilities will result in a forfeit.

Everyone is, of course, encouraged to bet on these jousts and duels!

We will also hold four raffles throughout the night. The first three the winner will be allowed to pick their prize from an Elekk Plushie or a set of Hexweave Bags. The final raffle, to be held at the close of the night, will be for the services of the artisans of Twilight Empire. Previous winners may enter this raffle, and the winner will receive a Stage 4 crafted item of their choosing.

In closing:

What: Twilight Empire Grand Tournament
When: January 16 at 7:00 PM (server time)
Where: Argent Tournament Grounds, Northrend ))

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Twilight Empires Grand Tournament Anniversary

by BarryNot » July 6th, 2019, 8:52 am

My God! Well and well!


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