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[A] Hallow's End Haunt

PostPosted: October 15th, 2015, 9:15 pm
by Skylah Mac
<Differing jack-o-lanterns adorn each corner of the document with green vines to weave and flow towards the bottom; they to spread and provide the ground for a gathering of mixed races in dress and an array of playful ghouls>

Duskwood beware, ghouls and goblins creep your way, and on their arrival are they ready to party! Prepare yourself for a long and gruesome night of festivities at the Scarlet Raven Inn as the Twilight Empire hosts its annual Hallow's End Haunt! Food, drink, and -blood-, well perhaps not the latter, but all will be provided for your spooky delight as we overrun Darkshire with hordes of ghoulish spectacle and entertainment. On the evening of Saturday the 24th at 7:30, who will hear your screams? Everyone in Duskwood of course!

And remember to dust off your old or create a new costume for this years costume contest! Show off your creativity and wow the audience as you parade around as a figure of lore, a ghastly ghost, or whatever else you may think of. The top three outfits, whether solo or ensemble, will be selected as winners and receive reward in gold prizes!

((OOC info:

When: Saturday the 24th at 7:30pm server
Where: Scarlet Raven Inn in Darkshire

Event info: A costume is not required to attend this event, but we hope everyone that wishes to has had time to gather the gear needed. We are very aware of how long it can take to farm for the wanted look. As mentioned, there will be a first, second, and third place winner for favorite costume with prizes of gold. ))

Re: [A] Hallow's End Haunt

PostPosted: October 24th, 2015, 1:17 pm
by Skylah Mac
((Hope to see everyone and a wonderful array of costumes tonight))))

Re: [A] Hallow's End Haunt

PostPosted: October 26th, 2015, 11:26 am
by Mackinzie
(( Unfortunately I only got a few screenshots before the attack of Duskwood came, and then there was the infamous stabbing of Valeera; so I was a bit pre-occupied. I did manage to get our winners somewhere in these shots though. Everyone had great costumes!


Berylgreen took 1st place as a Lobstrok! Tuuroto came in 3rd as an Ethereal! Well deserved to the both, fantastic renditions.


Mackinzie and Rorrek, as Lord Alexei Barov and Lady Illucia Barov, took 2nd place! And we have Autumn rocking that witchy fel outfit, Marrus as a Gilnean nobleman... or maybe a pimp. Yeah probably a pimp knowing Marrus. *snickers* And Myaka dressed as an Ebon Blade Deathknight!


Here we see David as Admiral Taylor, before he met his dreadful demise. Skylah, done up quite nicely as Valeera Sanguinar talking with Pralea, who is a very intimidating undead Worgen, or werewolf perhaps!

Thanks again to everyone that came out, I loved seeing how creative everyone was. Skylah will be delivering the prizes to our winners soon. I'm so sorry if I didn't get a screenshot of your outfit. Please, everyone, feel free to post any shots you may have taken on your own of the evening or your outfits and share 'em here! ))

Re: [A] Hallow's End Haunt

PostPosted: October 28th, 2015, 10:00 am
by BerylGreen
((It was an awesome event, thank you for holding it. So many creative costumes! I liked the orc mage, Romarion's podling, a few others who were shifted/polymorphed. All very cool. And Tuuro...a pudgy Soul-Trader, LOL!! It was even fun to fight off the Horde, after my first two misadventures, early on. :o I mean, "Really? Attack a gal in a skirt, mask, and lobstrok claws?" (I did not transmog my PvP gear, but wised up and switched to it, finally.) Outside the BR later was a bit creepy...yay for intrigue!))