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Skylah Mac
Skylah Mac
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Skylah Mac

[A] Masquerade of Love

Postby Skylah Mac » January 28th, 2015, 1:27 am

<Parchments can be seen hanging within places of business all throughout alliance capitals and their outlying lands. The elegant hand shimmering with a pink hue, complimenting the hearts and ribbons lining the borders.>

The festival of love is nearly upon us, can you feel it in the air?! Soon our cities will be decorated with beautiful and bright colors to reflect the holiday, and the walk ways will flood with affection. In our current times we must not forget to stop and appreciate those around us, family, friend, and the simple passerby. To this effect, the Twilight Empire does so happily invite you to an evening amongst friends, a night to celebrate love and dance around in your wardrobes finest. We will be hosting a 'Masquerade of Love' on the evening of February 7th behind the Stormwind Cathedral at 8 p.m., and we hope to see a great many of you in attendance. The twilight hours will be spent conversing and enjoying the sights of those that attend, as well as a little friendly competition to be had for the cutest of couples; the atmosphere to be set with the reciting of poetry by willing participants from the audience. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and as the 7th is under 2 weeks away, try not to over work all the seamstress'.

((OOC info:

When: February 7th at 8p.m.
Where: At the Gazebo and surrounding area behind the Cathedral

Event Details: As it is a Masquerade, a mask is a requirement. This can range from a partial face cover to a full on mask.

Cutest Couple: Couples attending can enter this contest, the winners to be decided by judges. 2,000g to be awarded to the victors.

Poetry: Those that are willing, the vision here is almost like an open mic night. The poems will be read during the event to provide the surroundings with that atmosphere. No prizes here, just a chance to showcase yourself. Poems can be original or your personal favorite (or one that your toon would love), just as long as it pertains to the holiday theme.))


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