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[H] Great New Moon ceremony --> 10-24-2014

Postby redeyedtreefr0g » October 8th, 2014, 1:00 pm

Shu'halo believe that the Earth Mother created the world in autumn.
We've seen An'she slowly give time over to Mu'she until they have both shared the sky for equal spans.
We've given our thanks for a bountiful harvest of corn, a treasure from the soil.

Now, it is time to renew ourselves, to become as pure as when we were first born from the shadow of the Earth Mother's arms.

The Shu'halo will be celebrating soon, undertaking a ritual of purification and feasting. Women will dance, and stories will be shared.

Horns of the Shu'halo are extending an invitation to all brothers and sisters of the horde.
Come and join us!
You may just watch if you like, or feel free to participate.

The festivities will be held at Bloodhoof Village during October 24th, when the moon is new.
A specific time will be announced closer to the date.

If you would like to participate:

Please bring a guild tabard. If you are not part of a guild, you will still need a tabard. Tabards will be available for loan to those who may forget.

Bring a food item with you to share with all. Each Shu'halo tribe brings with them the specialties of hunt and harvest from their areas of the world. This feast is one of our most diverse, and everyone is expected to contribute to the variety, for the delight of all.

We love stories! Anyone may tell a story during the Great New Moon. Expected themes include conquering an inner turmoil or conflict, succeeding at a challenge and bettering oneself, or any fable.
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