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Message for Jade Lion and Eternal Aegis

by Syreena » November 10th, 2015, 2:40 pm

An engineered recording/playback device was dropped into the middle of Lion’s Watch. Upon hitting the ground, it began to play a recording over and over:


A large, heavily armored orc filled the view, blocking most of the rest of the scene. A helm covered most of his face.

“Adherents of the Jade Lion! Members of the Eternal Aegis! Here these words!” the orc’s called. “Your goatsucking fel-sodding arses will bend the neck and lay down your arms before the Gates of Orgrimmar! Your vaunted priestess do be our gust!”

The orc moved aside, allowing the recorder to view what was behind him. Skylah Mackinzie, her face bruised, stood against a gray stone wall. A large hook was through her shoulder, under her collar bone, attached to a chain that ascended up out of view of the camera. The priestess was forced to stand nearly on tiptoes to avoid holding any more weight than necessary on the hook.

Skylah’s arms were stretched out to either side. Her right wrist was held firmly by a female blood elf. The fingers and thumb on that hand were bent at very unnatural angles. Her left wrist was held by a female Forsaken. Two fingers on that hand ended in bloody tips, the fingernails having been ripped out.

While the recording device did its work, the blood elf pressed a small dagger just beneath Skylah’s eye, digging in the tip until a trickle of blood began to redden the crease of her lower eyelid.

“The next recording may be accompanied by her pretty eye,” the blood elf warned the viewers.

“Don’t move,” the Forsaken said softly on the other side. “You’ll cut your eye out.” She jammed a pair of pliers at one of Skylah’s fingers, forcing one tip between nail and flesh. A vicious pull yanked the nail free, and the priestess’s hoarse yell followed.

The orc stepped in again to fill the camera’s view.

“These do be your terms. All of your arms on the docks of Bladefist Bay,” the orc demanded. “All of your ships lit and kindled as tinder. We do wish to see a blazing horizon in seven night’s time.”

“And if you attack Vol’mar again, you’ll find her head in Lion’s Watch the next day!” the Forsaken woman called out from somewhere in the background.

“Jade Lion and Eternal Aegis,” the orc continued. “Complete surrender or this wench do be split open like an oyster on my midsummer’s feast table!”

The orc turned and nodded. Just before the recording ended, the priestess spoke weakly.



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