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A New Dawn Rises

by DeclanRavenholdt » August 11th, 2015, 12:14 am

The Eclipse, an event that would have been cataclysmic had heroes from both the Horde and the Alliance not stood together in defense of Azeroth against the creature Accalia. Many months have passed since then. The plagues all but gone, the followers of Accalia dead, among the many whose lives were claimed. One such man was Reverend Jameson Smithe. Once believed a holy man, but was discovered to be a monster during the ending days of the eclipse. As he made his final stand in an attempt to claim the powers of Accalia for himself, many heroes turned their gaze to ensure that his plan never came to pass.

Forced to flee, he set sail grievously wounded surrounded by loyal servants of the Black Dawn. Alas they were not enough to save him from the darkness. He fell asleep one night, and never emerged from the nightmares that ensued. The Black Dawn mourned and safeguarded his body as was their custom leaving their new task to find a new grand master to guide their way. The order certainly needed one. For they had made many powerful enemies, from the crusader Stepanos to members of the Twilight Empire, Smithe let his quest for power destroy his good judgement.

Any who might try and take up the mantle of the Black Dawn would have much to do to return the order to its former glory . . .


The cold winds of the Alterac Mountains swept through the small cave sending a chill through the bones of man that dwelt there. He wore a simple brown robe, worn sandals on his feet, and a long piece of cloth wrapped around his head covering his eyes, or at least the lack there of. He had become renowned with the Black Dawn for his ability to predict the future based upon his visions. Though it came at a cost, his eyes had long since be gouged out of his eyes during a ritual gone wrong.

He sat quietly on the hard stone floor, letting his breaths flow in sequence while he dreamed as he always spent his days. The dreams had grown far different in recent days. They started with the death of Reverend Smithe, but quickly evolved into something far darker. Now all he saw was visions of death and destruction. An eerie green flame engulfing Azeroth as the man had never seen before. Each dream made his pictures more and more clear. Each one answering a question yet leaving him with countless more.

This lifestyle while cryptic and lonesome had its advantages. It kept him far out of the way of the politics that tore through both the Alliance and the Black Dawn. His life was simple, he would receive a visitor every so often usually when the order needed a prediction of the future to ensure their plans would succeed. This time was different however.

He awoke, the sounds of multiple plated boots slowly making their way across the cave toward him. He took a deep breath and prepared himself for combat readying a shadow bolt for the fight he thought would come. Yet even a seer can be surprised. Upon reaching him, they laid their weapons before him and knelt on the ground. One, who was a ranking member within the Black Dawn reached down to gently wake the sleeping seer.

The seer rose from his simple hay bed to greet his visitors. The soldier whom had woken him presented a coin bearing the imprint of the Black Dawn. Feeling the coin in his bear hands, the seer knew this could mean only one thing. The Black Dawn had chosen it's new leader.

"And what might the Black Dawn want with me today?" He would chuckle as he twiddles with a small green flame emanating from his hand.

"My Lord. The Council of the Black Dawn has requested your presence at our sanctum in Stormwind. We are here to escort you to Stormwind with haste." All the while the soldier kept his head bowed and his eyes looking towards the floor.

A slight grin grew across his face when the soldier addressed him as a lord. His suspicions were correct it seems. For the seer was by no means a lord of anything. He had been a peasant skilled in the magics of the Twisting Nether, nothing more. But for a member of the order to address him as such means a new leader had indeed been chosen, and that leader was him.

"Of course. I would be honored to be of service to the Council. Let me gather a few things then we can depart for Stormwind." The seer would reach out his hand. "Help an old man up if you will." The other two plated men quickly stand and rush to the aid of the seer. Within a matter of moments, the group was travelling down the mountain and towards Stormwind.


To All Members of the Order

The Council has been convened to determine a new leader for our Order. And we are happy to announce that one has been chosen. Thus we call all servants of the Dawn to the sanctum in Stormwind so that we may celebrate this historic event. Might I also remind those truly loyal to our cause that the good Reverend was a fool and a heretic to our cause. He has brought ruin upon our order and any caught still showing signs of loyalty will be dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

As is our duty,
The Council of the Black Dawn

This missive was sent to all members of the Black Dawn.

((So. I meant to do this a while ago, but after the eclipse I decided to take a bit of a break from Ravenholdt and focused myself elsewhere in RP. But I am back now and planning on getting some serious RP done. I know some came forward with interest about the Order towards the end of the Eclipse storyline, so if any of you are still interested feel free to let me know.

Woldemar Steyer, The Blind Seer

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Re: A New Dawn Rises

by DeclanRavenholdt » August 14th, 2015, 3:55 am

The long journey to Stormwind was uneventful to say the least. A seemingly endless march for one who cannot see the road ahead as his escort can, yet silently trekking on without complaint. During the nights he sat staring off into nothingness in a trance of sorts, watching the dreams he had grown so accustomed to shoot by as they always do. Waking day after day until finally he heard the echo of the city. Hustling and bustling without restraint, constantly changing without caring for those that dwell inside.

Deep within the catacombs of Stormwind, the Council lays assembled awaiting the arrival of the one they would appoint their new master. Getting to into the city of Stormwind is an easy task, getting in without being seen is a crucible all together. None the less, the Seer and his escort crept into the city under cover of darkness and into the maze of tunnels the Council called its home.

The Council convened in the morning. Each delegation sitting in its appropriate location amidst the plain stone room. Whilst waiting for the meeting to start, the room was full of idle chatter. Schemes and plots, current and past could be heard no matter what corner of the sanctum one chose to slink in to. Though a new topic spread through the crowd like a wildfire. Until now, only the most inner circle of the Council had know the person chosen to succeed the Reverend, thus the crowd anxiously awaited this revelation.

The room grew silent as the great stone doors slid open. Four men, covered head to toe in shining black plate armor, and black capes bearing the grey rising sun that is the Order's symbol. They moved in sync step by step making their way across the room and following close behind them was the man of the hour. Clothed in a plain black silk robe strode the seer. His graze, or lack there of, never strayed from his intended location. The four men reached the center of the room and formed a circle, each facing away from one another towards the crowd. One of the councilors snaps his fingers sending servants rushing to the center carrying an ornate chair. They place it between the men and scurry off to the shadows.

The sound of the chair hitting the floor made the seer smirk. Since his arrival in this rat's nest beneath the very feet of Stormwind, he had been waited on hand and foot. Every one of his needs had been seen to whether he knew what he needed or not. Without further delay he sat down upon the chair and stared in the direction of the council leaders. Being blind meant that many thought him helpless. He was far from it however. He had eyes that none could see that only warlocks knew the secret to. He finally nodded his head towards the Council as a sign of his ascent to power. The Council responded with curt bows in his direction.

With the exchange of power complete, it was now time to deal with unfinished business. The first delegate to speak was that of the Dark Iron Dwarves. "Your excellency, it is a privilege to be of service to the Grand Master of the Order. I have a matter of great urgency to bring to your attention." The dwarf pauses for a moment looking down at some papers before him. "With the passing of Reverend Smithe, many have sworn allegiance to you. Though there are a few that have resisted and have shown continued loyalty towards a dead man. This we cannot allow. One such is . . . was one of my closest allies. Relegh. Last night we sent a pair of assassins after him in an attempt to stop him from spreading our secrets across the wind. However there was a bit of a complication. A member of the Twilight Empire, we now know as Brinnea is helping him. There is nothing we can do unless you wish an open war . . ." Before the dwarf could finish he is cut off by the seer.

"Do not worry about failure. It is a part of life." With a wave of the seer's arm one of the plated men next to him pressed forward towards the dwarf. One of the dwarf's men stood but the man was faster. The dwarf's bodyguard fell to the floor in a quick flash of blood. Followed by the dwarf himself. The man then returned to his place next to the seer. The seer waited for a moment before continuing to speak. "Now that the failure in the room has been dealt with, anyone else have anything else to say on the matter?"

They sat silently pondering the scene that had unfolded before them. Everyone knew their place though and continued on in silence. The seer smirked once more. "First, find me this Relegh and this Brinnea that protects him. No one is to engage unless first engaged by the enemy. Failure to do so will result in . . . well I am sure you all understand by now. Second prepare me an entourage. I do not wish to remain in this dungeon forever, and we all know that I can't exactly leave by myself." Without another word, the seer stands and moves towards the exit. Flanked by his escort into the shadows of the sanctum.
Woldemar Steyer, The Blind Seer


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