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Eclipse: The Plague Intensifies [Open]

by Vionora » April 27th, 2015, 7:43 pm

Inexplicably, every plague victim suddenly developed acute symptoms over the last evening, all in synchronicity. Many of those barely holding on swiftly died from it, and those who had thus far staved off ravening fell to it and were forced to be subdued. The holding areas in Stormwind, Warspear, and Stormshield strained to deal with this unexpected catastophe on top of the slowly but steadily increasing number of victims over these past three months.

Today, and with no sign of abating, the symptoms persist for all those afflicted: the draining of power and life force is significantly greater than it was before.

In addition to rumors of goblins hawking a strange drink "guaranteed" to ward off howling wolf monsters in Undercity and Silvermoon, there was apparently some lunatic shouting outside the Stormwind bank a few days ago about an upcoming apocalypse to occur with the forecasted eclipse.

Of course, there is no forecasted eclipse.

At least, none that passes over any of the Azerothian continents.



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