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Eclipse: Unexpected Alliances

by Vionora » April 22nd, 2015, 1:43 am

In the ruins of the Gilneas countryside...
18:56:25 Vionora appears in the doorway.
18:56:49 Jaifery looks up from his journal. "I was wondering when you might visit me again."
18:57:13 Vionora looks down at his journal. Her gray eyes glow to match the gray skies. "Don't you have the sense to come out of the rain?" she inquires.
18:58:06 Jaifery chuckles. "The rain stopped bothering me days ago."
18:59:05 Vionora stays in the doorway. The wind still brushes some of the rain over her, but it's some shelter. Her blonde hair is becoming plastered to her face, closer to how she had appeared to him before; otherwise, she is much more cleaned up in appearance.
18:59:17 [Vionora]: What do you plan now?
18:59:53 [Jaifery]: It surprises me that you don't already know. I thought your mark gave you some insight.
19:00:20 Jaifery looks around the ruins to the necrotic runes he has carved. "These tell the tale quite well for one that can read them."
19:00:28 [Vionora]: It allows me to find you, to summon you, and control you. It does not inform me.
19:00:32 Vionora looks up at the runes.
19:00:39 [Vionora]: What do they say?
19:01:31 [Jaifery]: The say of a man, afraid of death. Who was willing to sacrifice everything he ever loved to achieve immortality.
19:02:15 You look at Jaifery.
19:02:22 [Vionora]: Immortality is a curse.
19:02:46 [Jaifery]: Ironic that I chose this site to be my chapel. And soon after I found his journal. It told me everything. Until now however, I did not have the power to do what he had tried so hard to accomplish.
19:02:56 [Vionora]: Who...?
19:03:23 [Jaifery]: His name is not important, his lessons however are quite the opposite.
19:03:49 Vionora makes a strange grasping motion near her waist, though nothing is there. Realizing it, she frowns and drops her hand.
19:04:06 Jaifery removes his glove revealing the mark.
19:04:59 [Jaifery]: You made this possible. Without the hundreds of souls feeding my mark, I would not have the power to do what is necessary.
19:05:22 [Vionora]: You have fed Accalia as well, you realize.
19:05:57 [Jaifery]: Let the beast ravage the world. I care not what it does.
19:06:14 [Vionora]: And what will you do?
19:07:09 Jaifery takes out the journal and flips to a marked page. "Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a lich?"
19:07:23 [Vionora]: I don't think so.
19:08:13 [Jaifery]: For the longest time, I thought it impossible to achieve. Death through unlife. An object of power imbued with your soul the only thing keeping you alive.
19:09:32 You look at Jaifery.
19:09:43 Jaifery smirks. "Though, no one actually said it had to be My soul."
19:10:07 [Vionora]: You plan to use another's soul to fuel your immortality.
19:10:47 [Jaifery]: I do. One far more powerful than mine will ever be.
19:11:45 Vionora continues looking at him, her expression unchanging.
19:11:55 [Vionora]: You're not the first to want my soul.
19:11:57 Vionora says at last.
19:12:35 [Jaifery]: I am sure. It must be a very valuable thing.
19:12:45 [Jaifery]: And I doubt you will let it go willingly.
19:13:41 [Vionora]: You should ask why I am here.
19:14:17 [Jaifery]: I suppose that would be appropriate. Why have you graced me with your presence?
19:15:05 Vionora moves out of the arch, drawing nearer to the priest.
19:15:36 [Vionora]: I no longer have need of your services.
19:16:10 Jaifery smirks. "I assumed when I heard nothing from you, this might be a possible outcome."
19:16:46 Vionora holds her right hands out, the Eclipse-marked hand.
19:17:15 [Vionora]: Come, then. Take me. If you can.
19:18:15 Jaifery quickly looks down to the book and begins to chant an incantation. He holds up his marked hand as energy begins to swirl around it. "Nothing personal." The energy leaps off his hand toward you.
19:20:09 Vionora turns her hand, catching the energy. It's absorbed into her mark with no evident harm. Her head tilts slightly, and then shadows spring from the ground to try to wrap themselves around the priest.
19:21:56 Jaifery pulls his back towards his chest blasting away the shadows with a burst of light. His voice grows more irritated as he chants the from the book once more sending forth another wave of energy.
19:22:47 Vionora dodges rather than absorbs this blast; it narrowly misses her. But then she moves forward, incredibly fast, darting up to try to seize him by the front of his robes.
19:23:57 Jaifery feels his robes tug in her direction. He attempts to halt her advance using Holy Nova.
19:24:43 Vionora flinches and drops back, stumbling, and blinded by the Light. It seems especially effective against her, as she drops to a knee.
19:24:46 You kneel before Jaifery.
19:28:08 Jaifery chants a prayer over and over. Halos of light begin to swirl around his body. Picking up speed, the first halo of light expands in all directions.
19:29:11 Vionora is struck by the first halo, but then she steps back and vanishes before the others spiral outward.
19:31:03 Jaifery 's gaze jumps around the ruins. "I know you are here my dear." He shoots bolts of light off in random directions. None seemed to have hit their marks however.
19:31:57 Vionora reappears atop the crumbling stone arch when his back is turned. A coil of shadow appears in her hands, and she throws it at him. It goes to curl around him like a lasso.
19:33:08 Jaifery 's ear twitches as the coil first appears. Another Holy Nova quickly halts his progress. He spins around and sends a powerful blast of light in her direction.
19:33:50 Vionora throws up her arms to block it, but the impact still sends her tumbles off the arch and to the earth.
19:34:22 [Vionora]: So you seek to become the new alpha, do you?
19:34:40 Vionora doesn't move just yet, watching him from where she has fallen, her legs curled under her.
19:35:01 [Jaifery]: Not in the slightest. I care not for your God. The power granted to me is just a means to an end.
19:35:23 [Vionora]: That's all any power is.
19:35:46 Vionora might be trying to delay him while she regathers her strength.
19:35:52 [Jaifery]: You know this more than most. But if I went around telling everyone my master plan. I would probably be dead.
19:36:23 [Vionora]: I'm not exactly in a position to chitchat with most. Most everyone tries to kill me when they see me.
19:36:33 [Vionora]: Including my own hunters, it would seem.
19:37:13 Jaifery chants the incantation for the third time. Energy swirls around his hand once more. "As I said. It is nothing personal. But I would rather keep my soul intact." The energy blasts from his hand once more.
19:37:14 Vionora is slowly gathering shadows to her.
19:37:58 Vionora is off like a shot, ducking under the blast as she looks to grapple him again.
19:39:16 Jaifery sidesteps letting her slide past him. A bolt of light springs from his hand in her direction as she passes him.
19:39:59 Vionora is struck again, and this time a small cry escapes her as she stumbles, barely keeping her feet. Her gaze goes unfocused for long moments before she can recover.
19:41:17 Jaifery takes a step closer. "Let this be the last." He screams the chant once more sending the swirling energy in her direction.
19:43:07 Vionora flinches as the energy strikes her. She is unable to absorb it as it latches onto her soul. He feels the connection pulled as she tries to step into the twilight realm again, but fails, stumbling and catching herself against the rune-inscribed wall.
19:43:33 [Vionora]: No...
19:44:12 Vionora reaches down to the satchel at her waist, and pulls out a black tome. It is so dark that the area seems to darken with its presence revealed, the rainclouds growing more threatening, the shadows cast by the ruins deeper.
19:44:40 [Vionora]: I t-told you... I can control you...
19:45:00 Jaifery 's body tingles at the energy from the book. He roars. "I WILL NOT LET YOU!"
19:45:07 Vionora sends a powerful compulsion through the curse connection they share, bolstered by the book, intending to make him cease.
19:47:22 Jaifery begins taking steps toward her. Her will attempting to cease his movement and bring him to his knees. His will is stronger however. Seems she underestimated him. He chants the spell once more while pressing his hand against her body.
19:50:59 Vionora shudders as he lays his hand on her. Her eyes snap open as she stares at him, her lips twisting into a smile that is half grimace. "My soul... is... already bound.." she whispers; and he can feel it then, the chains of a binding around her soul that he will have to break if he wants to take it.
19:52:28 Jaifery nods. "Do not fear my child. I will break them." He flips through the journal to another page. He skims the page until he finds a certain line. He touches his hand to her head and chants. Though the chant is not the one he spoke before.
19:54:25 Vionora flinches as the binding strains. It will take much more work to break, but it strains under the weight of his power. Her hands move faintly; she is tearing a page out of the book. Suddenly, she pushes it at him, intending to press it to his chest. If successful, it will burn into him.
19:57:09 Jaifery grabs his hand and holds it back. With his other hand he attempts to take the book from her hands and toss it across the ruins.
19:58:50 Jaifery takes a deep breath and intensified his chanting. He presses his hand against her face now.
20:02:10 Vionora tries to pull away from his grip; though she is unsuccessful, the binding resisting his efforts. It is strong.
20:03:04 Jaifery roars with anger. His body trembles with every passing moment as the binding fights his power. "I will break you!" He screams the chant once more with both his hands against her head.
20:03:54 Vionora starts to laugh. "You can't break what's been broken down into nothing." She reaches up to seize his hand in a bone-crushing grip.
20:04:57 Jaifery screams in pain as his hand is seized in her grip. "Everything can be broken again." With his other he reaches for her neck screaming the chant.
20:06:10 Vionora speaks quietly. "Nothing will break me again." Her other hand blocks his. Then she goes to seize him and slam him against the crumbling stone wall.
20:07:30 Jaifery knees her in the chest to stop the slam. He breaks free from her grip and screams the chant again. "I will not fail. I can't fail!"
08:12:51 [Vionora] Vionora was in Smithe's grip a moment ago, but she just broke it. She appears the worse for wear, at nearly half her full strength. The black book lies on the ground several yards away, discarded. Smithe is chanting as he works on a spell that is latched onto her soul, but which the binding on her soul is resisting.
08:15:19 [Malhavik] "Who tampers with my work?"
08:15:56 [Vionora] Vionora turns her head at Malhavik's voice, breaking away from Smithe and stumbling a few steps in the warlock's direction. "Mal..."
08:16:35 [Jaifery] "You must be the one who bound her soul. It was excellent work. I haven't had much luck breaking the bonds."
08:18:16 [Jaifery] "Though I could ask the same about you. I don't meet many undead interested in chatting."
08:18:27 [Malhavik] *Malhavik takes one of the shards floating around him, and holds it between two clawed fingers*
08:20:35 [Malhavik] "You will release your spell now if you wish to continue talking."
08:21:19 [Jaifery] "I do not have long in this world. Her soul was to be my salvation. What claim do you have on her soul?"
08:22:04 [Vionora] Vionora raises her right hand into the ribbon of energy still connecting her and Smithe. It is not hurting while he does not chant, but it has yet to be broken. She clenches her hand into a fist as she focuses on shattering it.
08:22:29 [Malhavik] "I have put a lot of time and effort into shaping this one."
08:22:52 [Vionora] The ribbon snaps. Vi gasps as it is severed, remembering how to breathe.
08:23:23 [Vionora] "Mal.. be careful... he is powerful.."
08:23:50 [Jaifery] Smithe seems to lose focus for a moment after the ribbon is cut. He regains focus and looks to Malhavik. "I wish not to fight you. Nor her God. I am simply a creature of survival."
08:24:54 [Malhavik] "Then you will find yourself another soul to feed on. This one is under my protection."
08:25:39 [Vionora] She looks at Malhavik, her expression conflicted. There is gratitude there, but at the same time, he holds her soul hostage. She sinks to the ground, beginning to gather the shadows to restore herself again.
08:25:54 [Jaifery] "There are none that rival her power. Believe me, if I had another option, I would be happy to."
08:27:20 [Malhavik] *slowly steps forward and leans against the rock behind him* You seem like a cordial fellow. Surely we can work something out hmm?"
08:29:23 [Jaifery] "The servants of the light hunt me. Soldiers of the Alliance hunt me. My body fights against me. The sand in my hourglass grows thin. The only option I have is what I have tried to do with her. A soul as powerful as hers does not just appear before my eyes."
08:31:26 [Malhavik] "Do you require a whole soul? Accalia comes to this world very soon. Your assistance in dealing with her would be most welcome. A strong sir like yourself could feast on her for hours while we do battle."
08:31:37 [Vionora] She looks at Mal for awhile, obviously unsure of his intentions. But then she looks back at Smithe, her expression growing neutral again. With the two of them... they could defeat him.
08:32:20 [Jaifery] "A generous offer such as yours does not often come without a price. What do you seek to gain from the defeat of this beast?"
08:33:30 [Malhavik] "Much like yourself good sir, I also am a creature of survival. I was the first to be marked, and the beast will slay me soon after her appearance."
08:33:46 [Malhavik] "I simply wish to survive!" *chuckles softly*
08:34:40 [Jaifery] "I imagine what we might gain together. If we defeated this beast. What then?"
08:35:49 [Vionora] She doesn't seem concerned by Malhavik's propositions. She watches Smithe, instead.
08:36:26 [Malhavik] "What we might gain? The possibilities are endless."
08:37:50 [Jaifery] "And you would let me siphon off energy once we defeat the beast. What would stop you from simply finishing me off?"
08:38:28 [Vionora] She licks her lips, dampened by the rain, as her gaze goes distant.
08:39:14 [Malhavik] "I will be doing battle right alongside you, and I will have many enemies there."
08:39:19 [Vionora] Eventually, she rises to her feet and crosses between them, headed over to the book unless she is stopped.
08:39:27 [Malhavik] "I will need your support."
08:41:13 [Jaifery] *He looks at Malhavik and then to the book.* "I see no reason why we cannot be associates in this matter. If all is as you say. We both seek to gain much. Now if you would control your pet, I would rather not have that book reach into my mind once more."
08:41:39 [Vionora] She stops, looking at Malhavik. Then she crouches to pick up the book.
08:42:29 [Malhavik] "She is not my pet, and I would appreciate some civility in regards to her." *Malhavik turns his masked face to Vionora*
08:42:44 [Malhavik] "What is your beef with this one?
08:43:01 [Emmerán] *Anton crouches down, pulling out a spyglass, watching the proceedings from afar
08:43:04 [Vionora] She rises to her feet, holding the book. The marks on the backs of her hands glow brightly in the rain. "I was going to remove his mark," she states simply.
08:43:13 [Jaifery] *Smithe bows his head curtly.* "I apologize for my lack of civility."
08:44:24 [Malhavik] "Remove? My that sounds like a kindness."
08:45:09 [Jaifery] "Perhaps. But the poor souls I cursed in Dalaran are all that are holding me together, I couldn't allow her to do such a thing."
08:45:49 [Malhavik] "Why do you seek to remove it my dear?"
08:46:23 [Vionora] She is different, in Malhavik's presence. She was confident, before. Now, she looks at the Forsaken every few moments, and is visibly nervous about responding to him.
08:46:47 [Vionora] "To see if it can be done. It could be useful..."
08:47:38 [Malhavik] "How so?"
08:48:51 [Vionora] She flicks a glance at Smithe. "Well, it could take away the power of someone who was trying to kill me." Is that sarcasm? That might be sarcasm. However, it's hard to imagine her managing that.
08:49:12 [Hegran] *Hegran settles into position a distance away, activating his cloaking device so as not to be seen
08:49:52 [Jaifery] Smithe rolls his eyes at the comment. "I am dying here. What do you expect me to do. Roll over?"
08:50:11 [Malhavik] "Oh my!"
08:50:19 [Malhavik] "I have not introduced myself yet."
08:50:41 [Malhavik] "I am Malhavik Undercroft, of The Grim. A pleasure sir."
08:51:19 [Jaifery] "Reverend Jameson Smithe, of the Twilight Empire. The honor is all mine."
08:51:21 [Malhavik] *Gives a bow*
08:51:23 [Vionora] "Artificer of the Eclipse."
08:51:34 [Vionora] She looks at Malhavik
08:52:16 [Malhavik] *turns his head to Vionora, but his face remains hidden*
08:53:17 [Malhavik] "Now, first things first."
08:54:02 [Malhavik] "Our cooperation should be kept secret unless absolutely necessary. I would not make any friends with our partnership being known to my guild."
08:54:28 [Vionora] "Also, he doesn't get my soul." She interrupts factually.
08:54:43 [Jaifery] "Nor I in mine. Though the Empire already seeks me out. But I would keep such an arrangement hidden for your benefit."
08:55:38 [Vionora] She crosses her arms loosely, the book hugged against her chest. She looks at Malhavik.
08:56:14 [Malhavik] "My thanks. Vionora's soul is off the table of course, but should you need assistance with other work I would be happy to lend a hand."
08:56:55 [Malhavik] "So long as you assist me when Accalia comes."
08:57:29 [Jaifery] "Sadly my attempt to woo followers of the Light into a crusade failed. Their souls would have made up for the lack of hers. And when the comes, I will stand by your side."
08:57:55 [Vionora] "They're watching us, you know."
08:58:17 [Malhavik] "Fantastic. I can offer you-"
08:58:35 [Malhavik] *turns to Vionora* Who is exactly?"
08:58:45 [Vionora] "The crusaders."
08:58:55 [Vionora] She raises her eyes straight up to Emmeran.
08:58:58 [Malhavik] "How many?"
08:59:14 [Jaifery] Smithe quickly takes his journal and hides it within the folds of his robe. He turns to face the direction Vionora is looking.
08:59:34 [Vionora] "I only sense one, but I doubt he is alone."
08:59:41 [Emmerán] *Anton ducks behind a rock as the Elf looks at him
09:00:12 [Jaifery] "They certainly did not follow me." Smithe looks to Vionora.
09:02:01 [Malhavik] "If there are only a few, let us be rid of them."
09:02:03 [Vionora] Her gaze lowers to Smithe. It is unreadable again. The personality she shows seems to change rapidly. "Not friends of yours, even though they also follow the Light?"
09:02:04 [Emmerán] *Anton pulls a Lightstone from his belt, speaking in a hushed tone "Hegran, I think they saw me. What can you see?"
09:03:12 [Jaifery] Smithe's tone is frigid. "The Light is no friend of mine. It is not the Light that saved me in this very spot. It was darkness."
09:03:40 [Malhavik] *Summons voidwalker*
09:03:50 [Vionora] Her head tilts as she regards the priest, who calls the shadows to him. "Do you believe the Light is a lie?" she asks.
09:03:53 [Jaifery] Smithe takes a deep breath as shadows begin to cover his body.
09:04:01 [Hegran] *Hegran muffles the sound before it can be heard "They all turned to where I left you, but I can't tell if they saw you or not"
09:04:50 [Malhavik] "Which direction did you see him? I'm afraid my eyesight suffers beneath this veil."
09:05:01 [Jaifery] "There may be power within the Light. But as the crusader Stepanos once said to me. Light has only one end in mind. Death and homecoming. Those who follow the darkness survive."
09:05:38 [Emmerán] *Anton makes his way back up the hill, to where he left his gryphon
09:05:45 [Malhavik] "Well spoken."
09:07:08 [Vionora] She moves away from Smithe, closer to Malhavik, for security. But her eyes stay on the priest. "But is it living?" she murmurs.
09:07:26 [Emmerán] *Anton whispers back into the Light Stone "Keep eyes on them, I'm going to move to another position"
09:07:53 [Jaifery] Smithe's gaze skims across the mountainside looking for the slightest motion. He pauses. "I don't care anymore. Survival is all that matters to me."
09:08:20 [Vionora] "Like how death was all that mattered to me..."
09:08:44 [Jaifery] Smithe chuckles but only for a moment.
09:08:54 [Hegran] *Hegran shakes his head before whispering his response "Don't get spotted again. There's too many for us..."
09:09:16 [Vionora] Vionora takes a step and disappears.
09:09:36 [Jaifery] "Seems she does that often."
09:09:37 [Malhavik] *Malhavik clicks his filed fingers against he skeletal arm.* "Living can be such a hard definition to nail down..."
09:09:57 [Vionora] She reappears silently on a higher ledge behind Anton.
09:10:00 [Jaifery] Smithe nods in agreement with Malhavik.
09:10:24 [Malhavik] "About time she handles them."
09:10:30 [Hegran] *Hegran whispers hurriedly into his lightstone "The elf just disappeared"
09:10:33 [Vionora] Vionora, grasping the book, summons tendrils of shadows forth to ensnare the gryphon.
09:11:16 [Hegran] "Where are you High Inquisitor? I need to know"
09:11:53 [Malhavik] "As I was saying, should you need a few souls to maintain yourself until Accalia comes..."
09:11:55 [Jaifery] Smithe sighs. "Seems I have to relocate. Now that the servants of the Light are aware of my presence here."
09:12:32 [Emmerán] *Anton falls from his mount as Shadows grasp the Gryphon
09:12:45 [Jaifery] "Those in Dalaran should suffice for now. I never intended to fight the beast. Thus why I wanted to take your friend's soul."
09:13:10 [Vionora] "Light One. Have you come to face me again? Where are your brethren?" She looks down at Anton dispassionately.
09:13:35 [Malhavik] "Very well. Should you change your mind, I have a few troublesome horde I could lure to you."
09:14:14 [Jaifery] "Since you wish this arrangement to remain in secret. How should I contact you once our business here is concluded?"
09:14:22 [Emmerán] *Anton turns to where the voice comes from and looks up at the Elf.
09:16:03 [Emmerán] "I didn't come here for a fight, and I wouldn't think you would want to, after how the last time turned out.
09:16:06 [Malhavik] *Malhavik produced a jagged piece of obsidian and extends it to the human.* Take this, and stab it into something fleshy should you wish to speak with me."
09:16:47 [Vionora] She blinks, then smirks, amused by his insouciance. "Maybe I want a rematch." Her aura grows threatening.
09:17:05 [Jaifery] Smithe chuckles. "Gruesome yet simple." He reaches out and takes the shard.
09:18:07 [Hegran] "High Inquistor, I need you to respond and tell me where you are. Now."
09:18:18 [Malhavik] "I will remain in the area, but hidden for a while longer in case I am needed."
09:18:31 [Emmerán] "I'm surprised you felt me up here. I have to give you credit for that. I won't make that mistake again."
09:19:02 [Vionora] She kneels down to the stone, looking down at him. Her bright blonde hair is plastered to her head and shoulders from the rain.
09:19:17 [Vionora] "What was your name, Light One?"
09:19:23 [Malhavik] "I look forward to our next meeting good sir Smith."
09:19:49 [Jaifery] "I think I will set sail. I have a ship in the area carrying one of my prized possessions. And I look forward to it as well. Do stay alive."
09:20:35 [Hegran] *Hegran risks crawling around to try and find his companion*
09:20:42 [Emmerán] "Anton Emmeran, High Inquisitor of the Righteous Light."
09:21:00 [Emmerán] Anton summons the Light to push against the tendrils
09:21:15 [Malhavik] *Malhavik summons a second Voidwalker and sits down, seemingly just enjoying the weather."
09:21:29 [Vionora] Her head tilts. "You're still young," she says after a moment. "How old are you? Still in your twenties?" She simply watches as he fights the tendrils restraining his mount.
09:22:29 [Hegran] *Hegran whispers to himself "No view anywhere without exposing myself... Damn it!"
09:23:43 [Hegran] *Hegran whispers into his Light Stone once more "This is my final try, if you do not respond and tell me to stand down, I have to come and find you."
09:23:49 [Jaifery] Smithe stands at the cliffs edge overlooking the water. The fog obscures his vision from seeing farther than the jagged rocks. He takes a flare and its launcher from his robe. He places it on the rocks and fires.
09:24:27 [Emmerán] "You have an eye for human age, unlike most of your kind. Twenty-Seven" The man says as he touches the Light stone
09:24:42 [Jaifery] The crimson flare explodes into the air far above his head. In the distance, Smithe makes out the sound of a row boat approaching the shore. It was only a matter of time until he was safe.
09:25:41 [Vionora] The deadly aura seems to be fading from her. Still, she is clearly a predator; but she has no urge to prey on him right now. She looks over as a flare explodes on the distant shore. Her gaze then drops to the ruins where she left Malhavik, and can tell he is still there. Finally, her gray-glowing gaze returns to Anton. "Accalia comes soon," she says quietly. "Be prepared. In two weeks' time, less two days."
09:28:20 [Emmerán] "And we will see her end, and the end of those corrupted with Shadow"
09:28:56 [Hegran] *Hegran listens closely to the Light stone, still transmitting, and grinds his teeth*
09:29:19 [Vionora] The tendrils extend from the gryphon, keeping it trapped, but wrapping themselves around Anton's legs as well.
09:29:44 [Vionora] "Listen closely, little Light One..."
09:30:07 [Jaifery] As the row boat approaches the shore, Smithe can hear the men aboard chanting. "Stroke. Stroke. Stroke." A smile slides across Smithe's face as the tip of the boat pierces the fog.
09:30:49 [Vionora] "No eclipse passes over Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, or Pandaria for eight more months. But in two weeks time less two days, Accalia will come." She looks at him.
09:33:11 [Emmerán] Anton grits his teeth as he speaks, struggling against the tendrils "And how, Avatar, is that going to happen"
09:34:00 [Vionora] "Because the moon will be dark... darker than the sun." She gazes at him, like watching a fly trapped in a web.
09:36:43 [Emmerán] Anton builds up Holy energy within him, pushing it out in a holy nova
09:36:55 [Hegran] *Hegran stashes his Light Stone at the mention of an Avatar and mounts his Gryphon, who seemed rather unhappy about the lack of space
09:38:19 [Hegran] *Hegran quickly spots the elf and lands on a ridge behind her, sending his gryphon to fly around the scene, awaiting the call to return
09:38:37 [Vionora] She smirks as the nova passes over both her and the tendrils, leaving both unaffected. "Not so strong without your--" she begins.
09:39:00 [Jaifery] The boat slides onto the shore with a thud. Men dressed in colors similar to the Reverend's hop off and secure the site. One sees Smithe above and yells. "Sir. The Virture awaits your command. We had better get you out of here."
09:40:51 [Hegran] *Hegran grabs his sword from his belt and throws it with astounding force at the unaware Elf
09:42:23 [Vionora] The sword strikes her, cutting her deeply and knocking her down to the level on which Anton stands.
09:42:33 [Jaifery] Smithe quietly made his way down the steep path until finally reaching the boat. The men swarmed around him covering his escape with their rifles. Once Smithe was aboard, the men shoved off and hopped aboard. Smithe and his men slipped away into the fog.
09:47:30 [Emmerán] Anton grins as the elf is knocked down and takes that time to unleash another holy nova
09:49:33 [Vionora] She ducks and rolls behind an outcropping, dodging the nova. Then she rises to her feet. Yet she does not make another attack as blood drips down her side, She looks up at where Hegran was, then back at Anton. "There is one more thing you should know."
09:54:59 [Emmerán] "And what would that be?" he grumbles as he struggles
09:55:52 [Vionora] She gathers the shadows to her. "When Accalia is defeated, it is not done... She will make you face your deepest fears. be prepared."
09:58:12 [Emmerán] "How is she going to do that after she is defeated?"
09:59:22 [Vionora] "She retreats into the twilight realm when her mortal form is defeated... and takes her enemies with her."
09:59:42 [Malhavik] *Stands up suddenly, growing impatient in Vionora's absence, he summons an eye of killrog"
10:01:43 [Emmerán] So we must defeat her in the Shadow realm then.."
10:03:15 [Emmerán] The Old God will fall, We have pledged by the Light to see it done."
10:03:19 [Vionora] "If you want to survive." She tilts her head back, her face up to the rain. Her voice grows quieter. "I survived the last time... but to say I continued to live would not be accurate." She focuses on Anton again. "You must be prepared for your worst nightmares."
10:05:32 [Hegran] *Hegran jumps down to the ledge, landing in between Vionora and Anton, recovering his blade from where it fell to and slashing at the tendrils
10:06:37 [Vionora] The tendrils vanish before he strikes them, unexpectedly freeing both Anton and the gryphon.
10:08:13 [Hegran] Do you want to see the world's end with the rise of this Old God?
10:08:26 [Vionora] "No. Not anymore." She steps back.
10:08:53 [Emmerán] Anton regains some of his composure as the tendrils vanish "What changed your mind?"
10:09:04 [Hegran] "So why are you opposing us? Why attack us?"
10:10:11 [Vionora] She smiles. "I'm not. I'm just delivering a warning. And I suggest you leave now."
10:11:13 [Hegran] *Hegran turns slightly to address Anton, keeping his eyes on Vionora "Would you like to stop being in danger now?"
10:13:01 [Hegran] "Remember, we don't know where the other two are anymore, and I saw a signal earlier. There may be more inbound."
10:13:49 [Emmerán] Anton looks at the Elf, then to Hegran, "The Lord High commander would not want us getting killed on a scouting mission"
10:14:10 [Vionora] "Spread the warnings I gave you. And remember... the moon will be dark."
10:14:16 [Vionora] She disappears.
10:14:48 [Emmerán] Anton remounts his Gryphon and nods to Hegran.
10:14:56 [Malhavik] "Shall we?"
10:15:01 [Vionora] "Yes."
10:15:38 [Hegran] *Hegran whistles and waits a moment, then his Gryphon returns flying just off the cliffside waiting. Hegran nods his head to Anton then jumps onto the back of the beast.



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