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This forum is used to post any stories following members of both the Alliance and the Horde, collaborative or otherwise. For stories taking place in the past, please post to the Backstories forum. For projects that might benefit from one, feel free to start an OOC companion thread in the Roleplaying forum.
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by Vionora » March 6th, 2015, 8:35 pm

Many had heard of the plague that struck Stormwind; now it had suddenly outbroken in two places, almost at the same time: Ashran, in both factions' respective outposts there, and Dalaran of all places.

As before, it broke out unevenly and unexpectedly. Some afflicted became aware of it before it was too late; others descended rapidly into a ravening state, setting upon anything or anyone with mana nearby to try to feed themselves. It killed some but others were able to keep themselves alive, if they were strong enough -- in fact, if they survived long enough, it seemed to get easier on them. The Alliance-controlled cities were quicker to establish quarantine than the Horde in Warspear, but the Horde learned quickly, and dealt with it more ruthlessly.

Word of the Curse of the Eclipse spread quickly through both factions after this. It was spoken that members of the Horde guild The Grim had been heard discussing using it as a weapon. But also that Sanctuary, the Horns of the Shu'Halo, the Blackguard, and even Borrowed Time were somehow involved. Rumors abounded.



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